Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mt. Rushmore

In July we traveled to Rapid City, South Dakota to visit some friends and see Mount Rushmore!  Definitely a dream of ours, so when we realized our friends (who are stationed in the air force) would only be there for one more year we hopped on a plane and made it happen.

Ok, so South Dakota is GORGEOUS.  Who knew?  All those years living in Wyoming and we never took a road trip.  For shame!

The drive to Mount Rushmore was almost as special as getting there.  The road snaked through the forest and every so often a break in the trees would showcase the mountain.  It was so cool!

There was also several places to pull over and get amazing photos.

I have to say, the mountain isn't actually that big--- but it was cooler than I thought it would be.  The visitor center just makes you happy to be an American!

Luckily the weather was glorious, so we really enjoyed ourselves for a few hours hiking around the area.  There are trails and boardwalks all around it, each offering a unique view of the faces.

Well, we can check that one off the list!  (Grand Canyon, we're still coming for you.)

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