Friday, March 31, 2017


Our brother in law graduated from the Police Academy in June, so we went a day early so we could be tourists in Seattle.  The kids had never been in the Space Needle, so we started there.

We bought tickets and then waited in a long line for the elevators to take us to the observation deck.  It was a typical gloomy Seattle day, but the views were still great.

We also headed over to Pike's Place Market and browsed all the shops and produce stands.  We watched the famous fish market workers throw fish around, but we didn't end up buying anything.

We also took a few hours to explore the Pacific Science Center which happened to have a special exhibit of art made from Legos.  We could not resist!

We were amazed at the classic works of art the artist recreated from LEGOS!

At the end of the exhibit each kid could write their name on a Lego brick and add it to an ongoing creation.

The rest of the science center was fun too.  There were tide pools, an insect and butterfly exhibit, space exhibits, dinosaurs, and much more!  We didn't get to everything so someday we'll have to go back.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


 Summer finally decided to get warm, and we began enjoying our flowers and fruit trees.  We beat the birds to a few of our cherries and actually got a few handfuls.  (Last year we were too slow and got none!)  

But our newest venture this year was our chickens!  My friend Mary and her family decided to move to Florida and offered us her rather large flock of chickens.  I talked Jason into it and he got to work building a chicken coop that would fit 10 chickens.  Well, when we went to pick up the chickens, we found that there was new chicks!  With how busy Mary was with packing, she hadn't sent her kids out to collect eggs for awhile and since they have a rooster..... ta da!  MORE chickens!

But they're so cute, so how could we resist?

We kept the babies and their momma separated from the rest for awhile, and then slowly introduced them into the big coop.  The boys spent a lot of time with the chickens for the first few weeks, and treated it like a play house, climbing in and around it.  The chickens are pretty friendly and most of them let the boys pick them up or pet them.  

Sadie is quite the bird dog, so she was drawn to them as well!  We had to make sure there were no holes in that chicken wire to keep her and the coyotes away!

You couldn't keep McKay away though.  Those chicks were HIS babies and he played with them daily.   I even caught him climbing into the nesting box on occasion.

He named them all, and called this one with the funny hair "Nigel",  and the biggest of the babies "Smalls."  

The great thing about adopting adult chickens is that we got eggs right away!
Delicious, organic, colorful, eggs!

SO yummy.  We will never go back to store bought eggs!