Friday, October 7, 2016


Before we left Virginia we decided we had to try a pancake house.  There seemed to be one on every corner and a few on every street.  It must really be a THING there, so we googled which one was the "best" and hit one up for breakfast our last day.    It was awesome--- so many breakfast items on the menu.  And since breakfast is my kids favorite meal and IHOP is basically their favorite restaurant, they were in heaven.  Especially since Grandpa ordered them each a hot chocolate.  With whip cream.  Oh boy.
We went to Yorktown and toured the museum and battlefield. 

There was another musket demonstration and the boys got to hold one and see how heavy they are.

There was a soldiers camp replica where the kids got to play in tents and learn about tools and medicines.

There is a drive you can take around the battlefield with stopping points, so since it was a gorgeous day we drove through some of it. 

And then ran through it.

It was a very interesting trip and made McKay excited about someday joining the army.  When we got home he played like this for several days.

Heaven help us!