Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Busch Gardens

We spent 2 days at the Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg.  The first day was freezing!  It was kind of nice though because there was almost no one else there and no lines for anything.  Busch Gardens is kind of like a mix between Epcot, Sea World, and Magic Mountain.  There are huge roller coasters, animals, and the park is broken up into countries.  We started in England, which was exciting for Hunter because we are taking him to England next summer. 

Our first order of business was to get some hot chocolate.  It was so cold we almost considered leaving. 
In Ireland we went on the Europe in the Air ride, which is like Soaring over California at Disneyland.  We loved it and went several times since there were no lines.

We also saw an incredible Irish show that was like a musical version of River dance.  McKay really wanted to meet the stars after the show, and they were nice enough to take a picture with him.
We loved that there were animals all over the park.  We got to see all sorts of reptiles and birds including eagles, owls, and hawks.

There was even a wolf show with a trained wolf!   Never seen that before.

France was probably my favorite country.  It was so charming and had beautiful flowers everywhere.  We also ate some delicious crepes and I bought a small paining of the Seine river in one of the cute shops.
It also had a crazy roller coaster!  I went on it once and was DONE.  And I love roller coasters.  Hunter and my Dad went on it again and again though!

On the bridge between Ireland and Scotland.

In Scotland we got to see the famous Busch Clydesdales.  Here are the horseshoes demonstrating the difference between a pony, a horse, and a Clydesdale's feet.

They're so pretty but so BIG.  I can't imagine trying to mount one!
Germany was fun and had some great rides.  We ate yummy sausages and saw a musical about a beer brewing competition.  I guess that's what you get when you visit a theme park owned by a beer company.  =0

Italy was my least favorite country.  No exciting food to speak of and not as beautiful as the rest of the park.  It did have some fun rides though, and a whole section of the rides are devoted to Leonardo DaVinci's inventions which is pretty clever.

Tempesto was a pretty crazy roller coaster that goes backwards and upside down.  We did it a few times.
Pompeii was  really fun boat ride that has been there since I was a kid.  It's still great!

We missed Jason but he's not a fan of theme parks like the rest of us. 
 He had his own fun riding around in the LAPD Swat helicopter...... that's HIS idea of an fun ride.  I guess it worked out for both of us. =)