Wednesday, July 6, 2016


For spring break the boys and I met my parents in Williamsburg, Virginia to explore the colonial living history town.  Jason was supposed to come, but he ended up getting sent to LA to train with the LAPD SWAT team the same week.  (Bummer for me, but it was like Disneyland for him. =)
We flew into Richmond and then spent a week in Williamsburg-- a trip that my sister and I had done with my mother when we were kids and never forgot.  I couldn't wait for my boys to experience it and maybe learn a little history in the process.
We started at the Visitor's center and then walked through an old farm on our way to the Revolutionary city.  It was fun to walk through the gardens and slave quarters and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

We spent a few days exploring the colonial town, looking through old home where the founding father's dined and made plans.

All the workers were dressed up and even spoke the way colonists did.  The boys thought it was so cool!

Outside the courthouse the boys couldn't resist putting themselves in the stocks.

The Capitol building:

The museum was very interesting and had a wonderful little café where we enjoyed lunch, but the boys were only interested in a few things so we didn't spend more than an hour in there.  Guns were on the top of McKay's list.

McKay also enjoyed visiting the Gunsmith's shop where he learned how the guns and ammo were made back in colonial times.

My little soldiers were VERY interested in the weapons of the day.

One day my parents were wiped out and Hunter felt sick, so I took McKay and Ash to the Governor's palace by myself.

They really like the way the walls are decorated!
The house was lovely but the boys didn't like having to walk delicately through the fancy house without running or touching things.  Luckily there were large gardens and even a boxwood maze to play in.

During the week we ate dinner at a few themed Taverns.  I remembered Shields Tavern from my youth, so we decided to go back--- it was ok.  Not like I remembered, but the décor was fun.

We also saw a few of the evening shows.  Our favorite was a comedy variety show, where the actors were just plain wacky.

I also signed the boys and I up for a soldier training camp.  We learned how to march and follow orders and got yelled at a lot.  It was hard to take pictures because I wasn't supposed to move out of place, but I snuck a few.

Not only did we participate, but we got to see a musket demonstration and the drummer spoke about his job and why it was the highest paid and most important position in the army.  It was fun and informative, but I was glad when it was over.

We are always traveling on McKay's birthday because it's always during Spring Break, but he never seems to mind.  I got the hotel to make this special sign to greet us when we came down for breakfast in the morning.

We went to Dunkin Donuts and brought Donuts and hot chocolate back to our room, and then Grandma and Grandpa gave him a card with some spending money.

Which he promptly used to buy a toy gun.
That night we went to another tavern for dinner, Christiana Campbells, where George Washington frequently ate.    It was probably our favorite meal and had delicious spoon bread.

Christiana Campbell even came by to wish McKay a happy Natal Day (birthday) and gave him a special hand written card.

Earlier in the day my Dad and I had found a grocery store and bought an ice cream cake since he's a crazy child and doesn't like regular cake.  He was pretty happy with his birthday.

While in the area we also spend a day at Historic Jamestown, where the first settlement, ships, and Powatan Indian village replicas are. 


First we visited the Jamestown fort. 

The houses were furnished and quite detailed.
There was even armor for the boys to try on.

We also got to explore two ships which were very kid friendly-- they were allowed to touch everything and even climb in the bunks.

Last was the Indian village, where again, everything was very kid friendly and detailed.  There were games for the kids to play and they could even help carve out a canoe with oyster shells if they have the patience.  (Mine did not.)

It was another gorgeous day and we really loved visiting Virginia in the spring!