Wednesday, June 29, 2016


We spent our last two days at the Disneyland and California Adventure parks.  We really liked Bugs Land and Cars Land--- they are so detailed!

We loved the cars ride so much, we ended up taking turns going in the single rider line so we could go over and over.  Someone always had to stay with Ash, so I took him to meet some of his favorite cars characters while we waited.

Cars land was even better at night with all the neon lights.
We spent way too much time in Tomorrowland due to the new Marvel/Star Wars exhibits.  It was like walking onto the sets of the marvel movies--- so cool!

They had some character meets so we decided to meet Spider man-- who actually spent a few minutes talking to the boys. 

The Star Wars exhibits were amazing too-- it was like a really cool museum from all the movies.

We also got to meet Kylo Ren......who was actually pretty terrifying.  The boys didn't make a peep as he talked to them.  It was hilarious how timid they got--- but he was very realistic.
Well done Disney.

Couldn't make it through without a Dole Whip break.

The Zootopia show was fun and got us excited to see the movie.  I had no interest in it until we saw the preview and realized it was about a cop.  And has hilarious sloths that work at the DMV.  Genius. 
60 years of Disney!  It's funny how my boys could care less about the castle or pricess-ey stuff.

I however, will never stop caring.  I think I might love Disneyland more than they do.  They boys are wondering if we are ever going back since there's no one in the family left to turn 5.  Little do they know I need my Disney fix every few years and will PROBABLY make it happen again soon. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sea World

While in So Cal we also decided to hit Sea World.  It was awesome, better than I remembered!  Right when you walk in they have some touch pools where you can touch fish and lemon sharks.  The boys felt like complete studs petting sharks.

We loved the polar bear in the Artic exhibit-- we watched him for a long time while he was fishing underwater. 

Outside the orca pool-- we were lucky to see them before they disappear from the park forever.

The Dolphins were fun-- we paid extra to spend some alone time with them.  A trainer helped us do tricks with them and feed them.

Playing hide and seek:

The trainer handed McKay and Hunter fish out of the bucket to feed her, and then when it was Ashton's turn she handed him a big nasty squid!  He really didn't want to touch it, but he got brave and did it.  Our time with the dolphins went too fast, but the kids loved every second.
The shows were the best part of Sea World-- we really enjoyed the hilarious Sea Lions and the Pet show.  We only went on one ride-- Manta, which was really fun for Hunter and me, but it was a little too intense for McKay. 
The weather was perfect, and we had a great day.

Having fun makes you tuckered out!  Ash fell asleep about a minute after we got in the car.

Before heading back to the LEGOLAND hotel we stopped at a Nepalese restaurant I had found online that served Momo.  I had been craving it ever since Kathmandu, so I was excited to have it again!  It was just as delicious as I remembered. 

A happy way to end a happy day!

Thursday, June 23, 2016


In February we finally took Ashton's birthday trip to Disneyland and LEGOLAND.  We started at LEGOLAND and stayed at the onsite hotel, which was probably the best part.  It's like a kid's paradise, and the night we arrived we just enjoyed it.
There's a huge play area in the lobby, along with legos to build EVERYWHERE, and a scavenger hunt you have to finish to open a safe in your room that contains.....MORE legos!

We stayed on the first floor in the kingdom themed rooms, but that didn't stop us from riding the disco elevator up to see the entire hotel. 
It was like sleeping in a cartoon, but the kids LOVED it.
The park entrance was right outside the hotel, so after the best breakfast buffet ever we just walked outside.

The rides were ok, but we really liked all the lego models that were EVERYWHERE.  Especially this Taj Mahal and the way the sunlight was hitting it that morning.

Ash was pretty disappointed that Ninjago Land wasn't ready yet--- I guess we'll have to make another trip back in a few years.
Some of the rides are for little tikes, but Hunter and McKay enjoyed themselves anyway.  Ashton, who doesn't like fast rides, was in heaven.

The boys couldn't help yelling "Spaceship!" when meeting Benny.

Our favorite part was probably the Star Wars miniland.  We spent the most time there admiring the details of the models.

Hunter had just finished a massive report on Albert Einstein, so we had to get a picture with his face.  It's the biggest model in LEGOLAND.

And we had to get a picture with the policeman figure-- of course.  McKay said to him, "My Dad's a police officer!", but he didn't seem to react. =)

The Miniland cities were awesome-- we went there at the end of the day so we could look at them again.  Next time we go to LEGOLAND I think we should skip the rides and just look at models.

A great day for my Lego obsessed children!