Wednesday, May 25, 2016

January in Jackson

Mid-January I flew alone to Jackson Hole to take care of my Mom for a week while my Dad was out of town.  She was still recovering from hip surgery and not able to move around on her own yet.  She needed round the clock care and rides to physical therapy twice a week, so I left the kids home with Jason and a day-time sitter so I could focus on her. 
I was also able to complete McKay's Flat Stanley project while I was there.  He had mailed his Flat Stanley to my Mom before the accident, but once she fell she wasn't able to show him around and document their adventures.  So during the week I took Flat Stanley outside to play in the snow and showed him so of the sights. 
There was a lot of snow.  I hadn't been to Jackson during the winter since I lived there as a kid, so it was weird walking and driving in it again.

Stanley hung around with Bill the Buffalo.

He also got to visit Moos ice cream and the candy store.

After physical therapy I would drive my mom to Dairy Queen for lunch and a blizzard and we would park at the Elk Refuge to watch the wildlife and eat.  It became our fun little outing. 

It was nice spending some time with my mom without the kids and I was glad I could help her and McKay at the same time.  I also picked up some huckleberry chocolates for him to share with his class.  He was very popular at school that day!

Monday, May 23, 2016

January Fun

We returned home from California and there was a little snow on the ground.  School hadn't started back up yet, so we headed to Royal to play with the cousins at Grandma Gilberts house.  We pulled out the coats, mittens, hats, sleds, and four wheelers.  The Dads pulled the kids behind the four wheelers for a few hours, then we had hot chocolate back at Grandma's.  It was freezing, but so much fun!

Ashton's birthday was a few days later, which happened to be the first day back at school.  My baby  turned 5!

The principal came in to give him a hug and a new book for his birthday.

That night we went to Country Mercantile for dinner (his choice) and had a little celebration at home. 
He's such a character. 

He only got a few gifts, all of which were Disney themed.  The 5th birthday in our family means a trip to Disneyland, so THAT was his real gift.  But, he got some money to spend there, and a stuffed Mickey to get him excited for the upcoming trip in February. 

He really loves his Mickey.

And since he still loves Ninjas I got him this Ninjago shirt.  The next day we discovered in the car pool that our neighbor was also wearing it!  Best buddies think alike!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Years in Pebble Beach

We spent New Years at our rental in Pebble Beach with my sis and her family.  My entire family was supposed to go to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday, but my mom broke her hip just before Christmas and wasn't able to travel.  Then my brothers decided not to come either.  I was the only one who had bought plane tickets, so we went anyway!  My sister's fam drove down from Sacramento area, so at least we got those cousins together.  Here we are at chilly Carmel beach.

The husbands were supposed to be taking a pic of my sis and I, but decided to punk us with a selfie instead.

They finally got around to taking one of us.

My Dad joined us for one night where we gave him his gifts.  My idea was for everyone to give him 70 of something.  Anjuli gave him 70 packs of tic tacs (he's the tic tac man) and I gave him 70 songs on a CD.
We made lots of appetizers and fun food from Trader Joe's and then played Apples to Apples.  It was a really fun night!
We bought the boys matching shirts at Target and a supergirl one for Paisley.

My Dad had to leave the next morning and then we went to the aquarium.  Best aquarium ever with an awesome kids area.

Anjuli's family went home that night, but we had an extra day in Pebble Beach.  We drove the kids around the 17 mile drive to climb on rocks and look through tide pools. 

Ashton didn't believe there were crabs inside the shells.

Watching seals sun bathe.

We also spent an evening on the wharf enjoying our favorite clam chowder.

Watching my men and the sun set on new years eve.

New years eve dinner in Pacific Grove at a great restaurant.  (Can't remember the name but I want to go back!)

A singer and guitar player came by to entertain us and we had a great meal.  It was a really nice way to spend New Years Eve with the family. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Christmas 2015

Our December was busier than the fall, but I did pull out the camera a few times. 
Usually Santa visits us at our neighbor's house every Christmas eve, but our neighbors decided to go to Hawaii this year instead.  How rude!
Luckily Santa and Mrs. Claus made an appearance at the new Country Mercantile by our house.  We're there ALL the time anyway, so it was easy to stop by and say HI to the big guy one evening!

Hunter insists he's not too old to sit on Santa's lap. 
 Santa may feel differently though, because he asked if Hunter wanted a girlfriend for Christmas.  Hunter gets embarrassed so easily!

They had a cookie decorating station too, so after talking to Santa the boys had fun dumping as many sprinkles as they could on their sugar cookies. 

On Christmas Eve we had our usual dinner of appetizers and fancy drinks, decorated a ginger bread house, and watched "The Grinch."

We always open one present on Christmas Eve, and this year they each got a stuffed animal massager.  I sent my mom this picture and she was surprised I got Ashton a pink one.  He LOVES that pink pig-- pigs are supposed to be pink!

They set out cookies and milk for Santa, and a carrot for the reindeer and actually went right to sleep.

Christmas morning started early.  Too early.  But it was fun and relaxed.  I made croissants for breakfast and we made Christmas morning last several hours.

Later that day Jason's parents brought Grandma Great to our house for Christmas dinner.

We had a great time eating, laughing, and watching the kids perform.  The boys sang their sacrament mtg song, McKay played the guitar, and Hunter showed off his new magic trick which resulted in much hilarity as Jason's mom could NOT figure out how he did it and it was driving her crazy. 
It was probably our most low-key Christmas ever, but definitely one of the best!  Just a lovely, lovely, day with my sweet family.