Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Summertime Recap

We had a fantastic summer!  In July we took our annual camping trip to Silverwood Theme Park.  We usually camp in Farragut State Park, but due to the fires this year we were kicked out.  The day before our trip we scrambled to find something, but everything was taken except for spots at the Silverwood RV park.  Yuck.  It was awful, but we made the best of it.  We went with another family we love, and the boys all kept each other busy playing with rocks and kicking a soccer ball.  We made campfire tacos over a stove (no fires allowed), and it turned out great. 

The next day we spent our time enjoying Silverwood and didn't leave until closing time since our campsite was less than desirable.  Love that place!

We took another two weeks to do swim lessons this summer, and everyone improved.  Ashton made the most progress which made me super happy.  Swimming every week at the neighbors house helped too.

Whenever our neighbors go out of town we try to help out by feeding their animals, and vice versa.  This year our neighbors got some adorable baby goats, so we got to bottle feed and play with them in their absence.  SO CUTE!  And hilarious.  They sucked those bottles down in less than 30 seconds.

McKay started guitar lessons this summer.  He's been begging for awhile so I finally found a teacher.  He loves his new guitar and is getting really good!  He's able to play songs I can sing, and I'm loving it.

He's also my horse man.
And an awesome weed puller. 
Actually, all three boys have gotten pretty good.  (They haven't really had a choice.=)

I enjoyed a few sunset rides this summer as well.  We really have the most gorgeous sunsets.

One of the best things that happened this summer was our fruit trees!  We finally let the fruit grow this year since the trees were mature enough, so I was excited. 
Unfortunately, the birds ate every single one of our cherries and apricots, and Jason accidentally destroyed our apple tree. 
Not a good start.
Then the peaches came on...... and the nectarines.  Those were FABULOUS.  We lost a few to wasps, but were able to get tons off our 4 trees.

The pear tree had a few pears, but not many.  They were tasty so I hope more come next year.

I often miss my California citrus, but ya know, Washington fruit is pretty awesome!