Wednesday, June 10, 2015

McKay's Baptism

McKay was baptized about a week after his birthday. 
I gave him a new tie and took him to the temple for some pictures to send with the invitations.

The day of his baptism was perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  I was on cloud nine all day-- I was so happy.  My parents flew in that morning and the baptism was in the afternoon so I had plenty of time to prepare.  The weather was rainy, but it kind of went with my rainbow themed d├ęcor and food.  
We had so many friends and family attend it made me emotional.  The musical number was a song I found called "My Baptism Day" that Hunter, McKay, Ashton, and Kay's best friend all sang together--- and they did a great job.  I wasn't stressed about anything because I'd planned everything so well and my primary president helped a lot.  McKay was happy and glowing all day.  It was just perfect!

We had so much family come!  McKay with both sets of grandparents:

My side of the family that came:

Jason's side of the family that came:

My dad with his Boom Boom.

After the baptism the rain stopped so we walked across the street to the temple to take some pictures.

My brother and his boys came over for a little while until he got called back to the hospital in Spokane.  Then we went out for Indian food with my parents and Jason's parents. 
Perfect day!