Tuesday, April 28, 2015

McKay's Birthday and Easter

McKay turned 8 over spring break. When he woke up that morning he found his "torture pile" on the kitchen table.  The Special K products are a family joke, since that was McKay's nickname as a baby.  Recently he decided he LOVES all things Special K.
He wanted to dye Easter eggs and have a friend over, so that's what we did!

Then that night we went with another friend and his family to Red Robin for dinner.

He liked that he got a special ice cream for his birthday.

After dinner we went home for ice cream cake and presents.

He's not a fan of cake, so we got a DQ cookie dough ice cream cake in Seahawks colors-- he was pretty darn happy about that.

A few days later it was Easter and conference weekend.  We usually host the neighborhood Easter egg hunt, so I had to do it between conference sessions on Saturday.  Luckily the weather was gorgeous and most of the neighbors were in town.  It was a big hit again.  (Although I think the kids gave up too easy this year.....we're still finding plastic eggs all over the yard.)

After the big boys had their allotted 20 eggs, they dumped everything out and began to trade candy. 

After the 2nd session of conference we drove to Royal to spend the rest of the weekend with Jason's family.  The kids were concerned the Easter bunny wouldn't find us there, but I promised he would.  Mom is always right.

It was a lot of fun for the boys to have a sleepover at Grandma's with their cousins, but they didn't sleep much.  They all ended up napping through the last session of conference, but I have to admit I didn't mind at all.  It was nice to have some quiet!

Even some of the bigger kids fell asleep.  :0

After conference and a delicious Easter dinner, we had another egg hunt at Grandma's.  All the uncles hid the eggs, and some even had money so the kids were excited.

The eggs were a little harder to find-- the uncles got a bit creative-- but finally they all found their eggs. 

After Spring Break it was back to school, baseball, and new to McKay-- scouts!  He was welcomed in as the newest Wolf at Pack meeting.  Hooray!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy to be Home

I returned home to spring in the tri-cities.  I LOVE SUN!!!  This weather makes me feel like:
And we get to play with our friends outside.  Getting together with friends to practice baseball is so fun!

And basketball:

And shooting BB guns:

The second grade also put on a fun spring musical called "Bugs."  It was ADORABLE.

I was happy to be home but still missing India.  I made the boys wear the shirts I brought them to church the next Sunday.

And cooked A LOT of Indian food that week.  The boys didn't complain though, they love it!

I brought home a lot of grocery items this time, so I made my first gulab jamun while texting my aunty for tips.  I made a few mistakes so they didn't look perfect, but they were still so yummy.

Jason got home from SWAT training right when dessert was ready and joked that his little Indian wife was finally doing her job. 

Ha.  Ha.