Monday, February 16, 2015

Jan/Feb Happenings

It feels like nothing big has happened lately-- just been busy with everyday stuff that the kids have going on.  Ashton's preschool took a field trip to a gymnastics place.  It was pretty fun watching him explore.  He goes on the preschool Tumblebus once a week, but this was so much bigger!

Hunter and McKay have been busy with basketball.  The other day they had team pictures, and Hunter was happy he got to hold the ball.

McKay's pics turned out a little too dark, and I haven't been good about taking pics during his games for some reason.  He's been having quite the season though-- of course he's good at any sport he tries.

Hunter is a Weblo now, so this was this last Pinewood Derby.  He wanted a missle car, but we talked him into a nasa space shuttle instead.  The car did well, but he just barely missed placing by taking 4th. 

Ash's teachers asked me to come help with the class Valentines party on Friday, so I got to stay and run the sugar cookie decorating station. 

Which was basically a lets-see-how-many-sprinkles-we-can-dump station. 
Everyone passed out Valentines, and the rest of the parents got to come in and open them with the kids.

Here's the one Ash made for me.  I love love love anything with their handprints.
Happy Month-o-Love!