Saturday, November 22, 2014


It's almost Thanksgiving and I never posted about Halloween!  Yikes, I've been busy.  I hosted a baby shower, a friend's birthday brunch, and have been planning our ward Christmas party/play, so the time has passed quickly.
Here's what I remember of Halloween this year.  It was an INSANELY busy day packed with fun.  The night before Jason carved pumpkins with the boys while I went with some girlfriends to the new Nicolas Sparks movie (Blah! Didn't care for it.)  So the kids showed me their finished pumpkins that morning before school.
Then Ash and I dressed up and headed to his pre-school Halloween party.  Here he is with his two best buddies, L and T.  (He's the ninja.)

I went as Batgirl, and snapped a pic with a few of my other superhero buddies. 

The whole class.  There were a lot of Frozen princesses.

I stayed to help out with stations-- we did crafts, games, and sugar cookie decorating. 

After preschool I raced home, grabbed my witch hat, and headed over to a witches luncheon my friend was hosting.  I didn't even have time to change out of my bat costume.  Oh well, it was crazy comfortable so I didn't care.

After the other boys got home from school we hurried through an early dinner of frito tacos-in-a-bag, then put on their costumes to do some trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. 

After hitting a few houses of non-members in our neighborhood, we headed over to the church to set up for the trunk-or-treat.  I grabbed my tote of Harry Potter d├ęcor, hoping I could do something with it.  I grabbed Jason's Professor Snape wig and cape and he threw them on.

We met up with my friend N-- who did her own makeup and it looked awesome-- and hilarious with her pregnant belly. 

She did her son E's makeup too, which totally freaked out Ashton at first. 

We ate donuts and hot chocolate, and once it got dark we hit all the trunks.  People out-did themselves this year, and it was the best trunk or treat we've ever been to.  Our Bishop and his wife always have the best costumes.  Last year they were a biker couple and brought their motorcycle.  This year they dressed up like characters from Duck Dynasty.  Awesome.