Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jasons Bday and Soccer

For Jason's bday this year we went to Texas Roadhouse with our best friends because Jason was in the mood for steak!  It was delicious-- I filled up on my favorite TR rolls and took my steak home.  I made sure to notify our waitress of the occasion, so they brought out the saddle and made him sit.  Yeeha!
Afterwards we went back to the house and had DQ ice cream cake with both families.  If you're wondering about the robot cake, you're not the only one.  Jason asked what was with it too, and I told him that when you request your cake the day before your bday, you get a robot.
 That's just what happens.

In other news, McKay had his first soccer game that weekend.  It was so fun, and we realized he is SO good!  (Or just super confident in his abilities, which is about the same thing at this age.)

 His team won and he scored a goal, even though he shot at least 5 others that came SO close to making it.  Here's a video of his goal.  I love that he's so dedicated to the shot he falls down in the process.
We love sprawling out in the sunshine and watching his games.  Lets hope the lovely weather continues!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mini Me

Sometimes when I look at him,
I see me. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Seahawks game

Yes!  The day Jason had been looking forward to all summer.  The opening game against the Packers.  It was such a party atmosphere and was so fun.  Luckily they were passing out earplugs when we arrived.
They had a little pre-game Superbowl winner celebration.
And at halftime we had a little Superbowl winner cake.  Luckily we won that game.  We won't talk about the one after that......

In other news, Hunter got braces.  He still has an expander on the roof of his mouth, but now he also has braces on his top front teeth.  It's really changed his eating habits and kind of got him down at first, but a trip to McDonalds for a mcflurry helped cheer him up. 

And Kay and Ash are......

 just Kay and Ash. 
We're just loving life right now!

Friday, September 19, 2014

First Day of School

School began on August 26th this year.  I won't do my usual grumbling about how school shouldn't start until after Labor Day because this year I was ready for it.  Three boys home all day long was getting old, and I was ready for structure and some ME time. 
We arrived at the bus stop at the top of our neighborhood for our usual first day pictures.  Ashton had to jump in there even though it wasn't his first day.
Hunter started 4th grade this year.

McKay started 2nd grade-- that's the one that threw me.  2nd grade????  Crazy.

Some of the neighborhood kids that rode the bus on the first day--- the rest got driven to school or missed the bus!  (It came super early which was weird for the 1st day.)

Ash had to wait a week for his preschool to start.  It was one agonizing week, let me tell ya.  It killed him that his brothers had started school and he had to wait.  Finally, his first day came and he was over- the- moon excited.

He is in Rm. 2 this year-- a room we know well!  Hunter did 2 years in that room and Kay did one, and Ash has the teacher Kay had.  (She's only called him McKay once by accident so far!)

Ash has never been very excited about coloring, so when he got his coloring page and finished tracing his name on it, I explained he had to color it now.  He didn't want to until he saw other kids  start going at it.  School will be so good for him!  I couldn't get him to do ANY school work with me at home anymore, so I'm glad I can hand him over now.

He was easy to leave--- didn't mind at all.  I went to the office and told the principal I had brought her my last child.  She replied by coyly suggesting that since our children were so wonderful, we should have more.   As I left and headed to the gym for some ME time I thought, uhhhh....no. 
I'm good.   =)

Monday, September 15, 2014

End of Summer

The weekend after we got back from Wyoming we got invited to go to Leavenworth with another couple we enjoy traveling with.  I really wanted a weekend away with Jason, so I quickly found a sitter and off we went for our last summer hurrah.
Leavenworth is a Bavarian village just outside of Wenatchee, where our hotel was.  Friday night we actually just hung out in Wenatchee--  found a really nice restaurant and went to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Then after sleeping in on Saturday morning, we headed to Leavenworth for the day.  We were lame and only took this one picture just before leaving.  I was like, "Oh we should take a picture", so our friends took one of us and we took one of them.  We were too lazy to even ask a stranger to take one of all of us.  Lame.
It was a great trip though.  We even stopped at the Aplet and Cotlet factory in Cashmere.  It's funny, I always thought Aplets and Cotlets were made in California since we always bought tons there.  Haha, it was nice to finally see where they really come from.
With the weather finally out of the triple digits, I've been out riding a lot more.  Nothing screamed "Summer is over!" louder than riding past a giant field of pumpkins.  It was a lovely little reminder to me that fall brings lots of good things.   (I always get sad this time of year.....I'm a summer girl.)
I watched the sunset as I rode home and was grateful that we have at least one more month of gorgeous sunsets!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Elephants in Wyoming?

While in Wyoming we spent a day in Afton to visit my Grandma and go to the Lincoln County Fair.  We like going to this fair better than the one in Tri-Cities or Jackson because it's so low key and never very crowded.  You don't even have to pay to get in.  Our first stop was to find some yummy lunch.  We love carny food! 
On the way to the fair my grandma mentioned that there was some "elephant thing" this year.   I thought she meant like a Dumbo ride at the carnival, but when we got there I was shocked to see (and smell) real elephants!  IN STAR VALLEY?  No kidding.
What's funny is that the kids had enjoyed looking at pictures of Jason and I riding elephants in India, and had JUST been asking us about it. I told them they'd have to wait until we went to India to do it.  When I found out you could pay to ride these elephants I told the kids "We are riding an elephant today!"
McKay was super excited, but Hunter decided it was NOT going to happen (no matter how hard we tried to coax him), so I handed McKay some money and he hopped on with a group of girls. 

He LOVED it.  Look at the pure joy on his face.

Once it was over he BEGGED to go again.  Thinking I could get Hunter to go I said, "Only if you can get your brother to go with you."  He started begging Hunter, and that's when I realized my mistake.  Hunter was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, NOT going to do it.  By this point he was starting to get embarrassed and actually faked leg pain to get us off his back.  I should have known better--- we've gone through this with the horses about 100 times.  Duh.
So I decided to go with McKay.  Once I started walking away Ashton piped up that he wanted to go too.  That is, until we got close to the elephant and he realized how gi-normous they are.  He started freaking out and crying, but the elephant worker just grabbed him and threw him on.  I quickly hopped on behind him, and once I had my arms around him he calmed down.  McKay hopped on and off we went!

I had Ash reach down and pet her head (her name is Cindy), and stroke her floppy ears that were draped over our feet.  By now he was in heaven and having a great time.  Naturally, my two animal lovers were in their "zone."

I made Hunter feel better by making him the photographer.  I handed him the camera and I think he did a pretty good job!  (Plus Grandma bought him a few more carnival tickets so he could go on the giant slide.)
Before we left we had to try some fried delicacies.  Grandma HAD to have her funnel cake, and we HAD to have fried Oreos.  This year we also tried a fried Twinkie.   We were in deep fried HEAVEN.
(Next year we'll try a fried snickers bar.  =)

It started raining on us, so we headed under the tent and watched some calf judging for awhile.  I also snuck over to the arena and watched part of a Western Pleasure competition.  My throat got tight and I suddenly had extreme nostalgia.  Seems like a million years ago when I was showing horses at the fair in Jackson.  Some of it I miss, some of it I never want to do again.  (I.E. grooming, hoof painting, and shining leather--  blah!)
It got rainy and we were done with the fair so we went bowling!  Grandma sure knows how to keep the grandkids entertained! 

Ashton won with the help of bumpers, which really displeased his brothers.  Then we had pizza at the bowling alley/movie theater/arcade/pizza place.  (Gotta love a small town.)
The next day (maybe? Actually not sure which day-- it's all getting blurred in my mind) we went to Snow King to ride the Alpine Slide.  This is the one thing Hunter INSISTS on doing, but I'm still not comfortable enough to take Ash up a chair lift, so we left him home with Grandma and brought Grandpa instead.  This was our first day of real sunshine, but there were still clouds hanging around so the view wasn't as nice as usual.   When I mentioned that Hunter reminded me that we weren't there for the view.....we were there for SPEED.  (Won't ride an elephant or a horse, but loves to go on fast rides and rollercoasters.  Can't figure him out.)

McKay and I went down at the same time-- he was a little scared to go fast so I just kept pace with him so he wouldn't feel alone.  (I think Hunter set some sort of record with his pace. =) j/k

Of course once we were done, they begged to go again.  Grandpa is powerless against these two, so more tickets were bought and up we went again!

It was a ton of fun, but a crazy thing happened.  We were about to go on the second ride when I spotted some friends from California I knew in high school and college.  They happened to be on vacation and in Jackson for the day.  It was so awesome that we happened to be at Snow King at the same time, what are the odds?  We had to take some pictures.

Had to get all (minus Ash) our kids in the pic too -- they now have 6!  You don't realize how much time has passed until you see how big someone's kids have gotten.  It was so fun to run into them!
After the slide we had to rush into town so I could meet with a pianist to practice a song my Dad asked me to sing in his ward on Sunday.   He didn't tell me until after I'd arrived that it was the pianist for the Jackson Playhouse.  I had just heard him play a few nights before at the show, so I was excited because I knew he'd be awesome, but suddenly very nervous because he was used to working with some serious talent.  Then it got worse.   I found out he was also a theory teacher at BYU which then TERRIFIED me.  WHY?  Because the song my Dad asked me to sing was my own arrangement of his favorite hymn. A difficult hymn.  And never having been much of a theory whiz, I was SO scared to hear what he thought of my arrangement.  So like an idiot I started apologizing for it immediately, explaining how I never took formal theory at BYU 'cause I thought it was boring, blah blah blah, I'm an idiot, blah blah blah, sorry if there are parts that don't make sense, blah blah. 
Luckily he is the nicest guy IN THE WORLD.  He was very complimentary and very kindly made a few suggestions about some octave markings--- and that was it.  I told him he could tell me what else was wrong with it, but he just shrugged and said it was great.  Either he's just super nice, or I'm a lot more awesome than I thought.  ;o  (Hmmm.....which is more likely? )
While I was rehearsing at the playhouse, Dad took the boys to town square to Moos, our favorite ice cream spot.

By the time I walked over to meet them, they were all done.  I was kind of bummed--- I love Moos ice cream!  Of course Dad offered to get me a scoop, but I declined.  I'd already gained like 10 lbs at the fair!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Rec Center going on our favorite slides over, and over, and over. 

They also had to show off to Grandpa how they learned to dive this summer.  Needless to say we all slept VERY well that night.

On Saturday Mom and I headed off for some girl shopping-- just the two of us.  The farmers market was going on in the town square, so we wandered around trying homemade huckleberry pies and jam and lemonade.  I LOVE farmers markets!   We ended up buying some raspberries to go with our  huckleberries for ice cream, and some lavender sachets and lavender gift sets of jelly, tea, and honey.
That evening my Dad grilled steaks and we played outside in the yard.  Grandma pulled out some bubbles and water guns she had, and the boys had a blast playing king of the hill. 
The real King got attacked by bubbles!
After dinner we ate ice cream drizzled with huckleberries and raspberries on the hill.  When we were done I felt like we should burn some calories, so I suggested we race.  We were shocked when McKay started beating Hunter.  We noticed during baseball this year he'd become quite a speed demon, but Hunter's always been the runner in the family.  Now he's got some real competition!  He was not happy when little brother beat him-- he's determined to run hard this year.
  We goaded Grandpa into the race.  My boys were so sure they'd beat him.  HA!  Little did they know he runs everyday.
He beat them twice, then we played a game of soccer.  Hunter and Grandpa vs. Me and McKay.  Hunter and I played goalie while we watched McKay go toe to toe with Grandpa.  It was hilarious to hear them talk trash to each other.  McKay kept calling him an old man and Dad kept teasing him back.  I think it ended up being a tie-- I can't really remember.  The game ended up getting silly and the rules were a little loose.
Another night of awesome sleep.  =)
On Sunday morning:  (Ashton's faces kill me!)

After church we drove to Afton to see my Grandma one more time--- and maybe for the last time..... we just don't know.  So I made sure we got some pictures.

A deer walked across the lawn behind us just as we were finishing.  They're actually as common as  neighborhood dogs in Afton.  Gotta love Wyoming.
Actually I DO love Wyoming, and really, really miss it sometimes.  It even smells different than anywhere else--- like forest and wildflowers and snow all mixed together.  Love it.
But I have to say it was really great to fly into the Pasco airport and see a Pasco police car waiting for us.  Man I missed my hubby!  He was able to swing by between calls and give us hugs and help me load the kids and luggage into the car before he was called off to fight some more crime.  I had to wait until he got home at 3 am to give him a proper hello. ;)     (TMI?)