Tuesday, June 17, 2014

End of Baseball

Baseball season is finally over.  I'm so happy.  Having Hunter and McKay on different teams this year kept us running, and after awhile it got old.  McKay's team was finished first, and we celebrated by having a pizza party at Hubby's pizza.
The coach awarded the kids trophies and Big League Chew, since the team was obsessed with it and chewed it all season. 

Hunter's team lost their first two tournament games and was out of the tournament fast.  (I was doing a little jig inside when they lost their last game.  Is that bad?)
Our next door neighbor volunteered to have the team party in their backyard which was nice and convenient for us, except for it got really windy.  Ash took cover under a blanket with some cute twins he knows from nursery.

Hunter's coach gave a little speech and awarded trophies, then we took a group picture.

We really had some awesome kids on his team! 

But I'm glad it's over.  After every sports season I feel like I need therapy.  And my therapist isn't very sympathetic!  ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I am a Disney Princess

Sometimes my life is straight out of a Disney movie. 
That's right, I am a Disney princess. 
I must be, 'cause I wake up every morning to birds on my balcony who sing me awake.  I don't know what kind of birds they are, but they sure sing pretty. 

They even built a nest on top of the balcony.  ON TOP!  So every spring we have a perfect view as the Mama bird lays her eggs and waits for them to hatch. 
I happened to check on them right as two of them had just hatched!  Magical, right?

And now that summer is here and the sunshine is out I run outside every morning to say hello to the horses.  They can't wait to come greet me! 

And then I come out of dream land and realize that I AM NOT a Disney character, and that the horses are hurrying toward me 'cause they need water, cause the trough is empty and I'm a slacker who needs to fill it more often.  And that the only reason I'm up early is cause those dang birds start making noise the minute the sun is up at 5 am, and every time I try to go on my balcony they freak out like I'm going to hurt their nest and start dive bombing me. 
NOPE, they don't help me get dressed as they sing to me......they wake me up early and then dive bomb me.
And then I REALLY come out of fantasy world when I am dealing with this guy.  He insists on stealing my boots when we go outside.  And yes, he's cute, but you must realize that I had just caught him doing.....
THIS.  Yes, he dragged my vacuum outside and was trying to suck up ants. 

No, Disney princesses don't deal with this.  What a little monster!

Ok, I wouldn't trade being a mom, even with a not-so-Disney perfect life!