Friday, May 30, 2014


This year I decided to host a neighborhood Easter egg hunt in our yard.  I had everyone bring filled eggs to my house before the hunt and then the day before Easter I woke up early to toss them around the yard.  We ended up with 600 eggs!
We had donuts and juice, then gathered the kids for a picture.  It was a big hit and everyone asked me if I was going to make this an annual thing.  I said, "Absolutely!"  Hopefully the weather will be just as gorgeous next year. 
Here's Ash with his buddy Jace.

That night the Easter bunny came.
My mom sent these shirts and ties for the boys to wear on Easter Sunday.

Then (because I forgot to do this earlier in the week), we dyed eggs after church.  This year I bought each kid their own carton to dye.

It was a very successful weekend!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring Time Stuff

On our way back from Maui we stopped in Salt Lake ---VERY BRIEFLY, on our way home.  Grandpa had a meeting in temple square, so we hung out for about 3 hours until he was done.  Spring had arrived while we were gone and it was GORGEOUS.

Once we got home baseball season was in full swing.  The very next day McKay's games started.  He has developed a love....or an obsession.... for all sports.  This year his baseball skills really developed and he became quite a little ball player.

He also loves playing catcher.....many kids won't play it (including Hunter), but he's a brave one.

Ash got obsessed too and loves it when we play together in the backyard.  He can't wait till he's old enough.  He always says, "When I'm big, I can play baseball?"

We hit Tae Kwon Do hard again, and Hunter was finally eligible to test for his yellow belt.  Test night was a success, and he earned it!

Both boys also participated in a breaking event all day one Saturday.  A world champion breaker came and taught a workshop and gave a demonstration on breaking.   When I picked them up that night they were so excited to show me their medals and the boards they broke.  The teacher signed them, and also signed pieces of cement that he had broke in the demonstration. 

As the weather got nice we started hanging out outside more and more, which means on school days Ash and Nathan (next door best buddy) get to play together almost everyday.  We can't pull them apart for lunch time, so sometimes we have an outdoor picnic.  They love packing their lunch boxes and eating on the grass.

I love that now they can just be outside and be boys.  Like looking for ladybugs on the fruit trees and chasing butterflies.

And yes, it's horseback riding season.  Hopefully we'll start riding the REAL ones soon!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

McKay's 7th Birthday

McKay turned 7 while we were on Maui, so we tried to make his birthday special since he didn't get to be with his friends at home.  It's not like he was complaining.....I mean, we were in Hawaii. 
Grandma and Grandpa took us to Mama's Fish House for a special birthday lunch.

We had a SPECTACULAR lunch, and McKay was very happy.  He had breaded Mahi Mahi (the best kids meal in the world) with a fancy umbrella drink and their fancy "pearl in the oyster shell" chocolate mousse. 

After lunch we walked outside for while to enjoy the gorgeous little cove the restaurant sits in.

After some pool time and naps we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's for cake and ice cream.  McKay was excited he finally got to touch his presents-- they had been sitting there the whole week torturing him.
Someone was a little jealous.

We picked up this cake from Costco earlier that day.  He LOVED it.  We had a tsunami warning from the earthquake in Chili the night before, so McKay said this was him surfing the tsunami wave. 

Then he insisted we cut "HIM" out of the cake to be his piece.  It was a little large for him to finish.

After cake and coconut and macnut ice cream, he got to open his presents.  Grandma and Grandpa gave him his own box of chocolates--- something he loves.

They also gave him a tiny box with some more spending money in it.  He was so happy!

He was a pretty spoiled birthday boy.

Luckily he is also a grateful kid.  He thanked everyone for his gifts.

The next day we went to the aquarium-- we decided to save this for AFTER his birthday so he could use his spending money there.  Not only is it a wonderful aquarium, but it has an awesome gift shop.
I grew up going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium every year, so yes--- we're picky about aquariums.  This one is awesome though-- it has all the tropical fish you see when you're snorkeling, plus really cool things you don't.  My mom loves going too since she never snorkels but likes to see fish.

The coolest part is the shark tunnel, where you are inside the shark and ray tank and they are swimming all around you.


Ash loved the touch pools and this open tank where a few fish liked to show off and jump when people came around.

On our last day we went to Lahaina to see the banyan tree and finish our souvenir shopping.  We also had to stop for shave ice one more know, for Grandma.

Yep, so spoiled.