Thursday, March 20, 2014

Basketball is Over

Hunter was ready for basketball to be over.  After a few games where he got hit in the face and his glasses went flying, he was a little tired of it.  He powered through though, and had a great season overall.  It was fun to have coach Downard for the 2nd time, and at the end of season party he had some nice things to say about Hunter.

Jason was one of McKay's coaches this year, and that came with some challenges.  McKay seemed to act worse than normal because his Dad was the I'm not sure if we should do that again.  This was Kay's first year of ball, and he loved it overall.  Had a couple great baskets-- esp in the last game. 
I was really bad about taking pictures during games.  It's hard to get good shots when the kids are running so much.  And of course I have Ash to deal with at each game.

It was a good season.....for all my men at least.  I'm hoping sports gets easier for me as Ash gets older.  (Sigh.)
Now on to baseball---- everyone's favorite season!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Last Snow

The 2nd weekend in February we had a lot of snow.  Like....a blizzard.  And I happened to be driving home from Royal City in it on Saturday night, which was about the scariest and slowest drive I've ever had.  In one night we went from having no snow on the ground to church being cancelled and a winter wonderland for the kids to play in.  It was our last chance to have a sledding day, so we went to our friends house to sled with their family.

Once Ash figured out he could eat it, he wouldn't stop.  I figured it wouldn't kill him.

We hiked down the street to a big hill, and even I got pulled into the sledding.

2 days later a warm wind came in and it was all gone.  In Wyoming it takes months and a few weeks of mud for the snow to go away.  Here?  Just a few hours and it was like it never happened.  We were grateful for our weekend of fun though. 
Until next year snow, next year.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Pinewood Derby

This year Hunter wanted to turn his Pinewood Derby car into a hammerhead shark.  I think Hunter and Jason did a pretty darn good job.

It was an awesome night!  I think we ended up getting 6th out of 20 something kids.  Not too bad!