Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm a Cooker

We went to Jason's sisters house to watch the Super Bowl and celebrate her son's 4th birthday.  At some point during the night some of the girl cousins dressed Ashton up.  He kept yelling, "I'm a cooker!"

3 adorable cookers: Clara, Justine and Ash

And here we are after the game......happy happy!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Adventures of Flat Hunter!

Anyone who has grade school kids probably knows about the Flat Stanley books.  Stanley, the protagonist, is a young boy who gets flattened paper-thin, and uses his thin-ness to have special adventures. 
Hunter's 3rd grade class each made their own Flat Stanleys, then mailed them around the country to learn about different places, then share what they learned with the class.  Hunter decided to mail his to Grandma and Grandpa Husein who live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming....
Meet Flat Hunter! 
Grandma and Grandpa happily agreed to help Hunter with his project, and showed Flat Hunter around town.  (After many nagging text messages and phone calls from the REAL Hunter.)

Grandpa even took Flat Hunter skiing at Snow King.

And Grandma took him shopping around town square.

Hunter requested that he be taken to our favorite ice cream shop,

and the best candy store ever.

Grandpa told us that by the end of the trip Flat Hunter would be FAT Hunter!

They even took him sledding.

And introduced him to Bill, Grandma and Grandpa's buffalo head.

When they had showed him around and written a report about their adventures, we received a wonderful package back from Wyoming.  It had a folder with the report and pictures of Wyoming on it, postcards from Jackson, Flat Hunter WITH a snow hat, sweater, and ski's that Grandma had made him, two calendars of Yellowstone --one for Hunter and one for his teacher--, and enough Huckleberry chocolates for his entire class. 
Boy did I have an excited kid on my hands. 
After his presentation at school, his teacher emailed me about how prepared he was and how special everything he shared was.  All thanks to Grandma and Grandpa!