Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ashton's Birthday Party

Ashton turned 3 on January 4th.  We'd never had a birthday party for him before, and he actually has friends, so I wanted to have his first friend party this year. 
The weather was yuck, so I knew we'd be stuck in the house.  Since all the invitees were 2 or 3 year olds, I kept it to an hour which turned out to be perfect for that age.  We pulled out our big yellow jump-o-lean that has been in the garage since Hunter was 3, and it basically WAS the party!
Jason and I blew it up and put the balloons in it the night before, so when Ash woke up the next morning he was SO surprised, and so excited. 

Almost all his friends from his playgroup and a few neighbors came, so we had a full house.

An hour of jumping, throwing balloons, eating cake and fruit, opening presents, and we were done!  It was short, sweet, and perfect.  Ashton was SO happy-- and that means success. 

In all the excitement Jason and I forgot to give him OUR present that was hiding in the garage.  The next day we gave him this four wheeler-- and he LOVES it.  I'm hoping he'll be able to keep up with his brothers on their bikes this year.

I can't believe my baby is 3!  At 3 Ashton weighs 35 lbs, loves breakfast foods, is completely potty-trained, super independent, loves to "snuggle buggle", read books, and play with legos.  His favorite toys right now are little ninja action figures, and he HAS to sleep with his elephant pillow pet every night.  He's such a goofy little character, but he is also very sweet and kind.  I really love this special kid!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Christmas was a beautiful, no-stress, stay home affair this year.  The month wasn't nearly as hectic as it has been in years past.  Not sure why.....I just didn't seem to have much required of me this year.  I had no responsibilities at school parties and no travel plans, and the gifts seemed easy to buy this year and we got it done early. 
Musically it wasn't that bad either.  I directed the Stake Children's Choir for the gigantic Stake Christmas Choral Concert, but that was over early in the month.  I also had to sing at the RS party, but that wasn't bad either since I provided my own accompaniment and never had to practice with anyone else. 
So I had lots of time to enjoy the kids and the season this year.  It was lovely.
On the 23rd we went to Grandma Gilberts house to have our Christmas with the cousins.  We did our big dinner and gift exchange, and Grandpa read everyone a Christmas story.

On Christmas Eve we had a fun family dinner of appetizers.  We had meatballs, taquitos, pizza, mozzarella sticks, sweet potato rolls, salad wedges, and bubbly drinks.

When we finished dinner our neighbors texted us that they were ready, and we headed across the street to spend Christmas Eve with them.  This has become a tradition that we're grateful they include us in.  We sing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs while hanging out around the piano.

Our wonderful singing always summons a special visitor.  This year he brought his wife and an elf!

And they always bring one gift for each person.

McKay and Hunter got notepads and pencils.
Ashton got a sticker book.

When we went back home it was time for pajamas and we set out milk and cookies for the big guy.

Each kid was allowed one hug to say good-bye to our elf, Gilligan.  They were a little timid since they're not allowed to touch him the rest of the month-- only on Christmas Eve.

Then once they were in bed Jason and Gilligan had their own fun. =)

The kids were good and slept until 8, so the sun was well up before we began Christmas morning.

Each kid received a large container of gum in their stocking.
Ashton got some too -- I hope that wasn't a mistake.

The kids got MANY Lego sets, this Lego book, a Polar Express train set, and the new Skylander game with many Skylanders. 

Needless to say, everyone was happy!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Seahawks vs. Saints

These are the pictures I was trying to find on Jason's phone.  After Thanksgiving my Dad took Jason and I to the Seahawks game in Seattle while my Mom stayed home with the boys.  My Dad had an IN and we were in the Costco box with some great people and yummy food.  (You'd think the hotdogs would be from Costco, but nope, they weren't.  Funny.)
This was my first pro-football game.  2 years ago my Dad took Jason while I stayed in the hotel with a nursing Ashton, but this year my Dad insisted I come and try it out.  I have to say, it was pretty fun. 
Yes, this was the game where the crowd broke the volume record.  We were sort of protected in the box, but at one point my ears started to hurt.
And for Jason, this is pretty much heaven. 

He yelled......A LOT.  Everyone in the box kept laughing at how enthusiastic he got.  Naturally we were the youngest ones there and Jason was definitely the most excited. 

Luckily someone in the box had some binoculars they shared with us, so I was able to see quite well.  (I have a hard time following football that's not on TV where the cameras show you what you're supposed to be looking at.)

I am not much of a sports fan.  I mean, I enjoy the party atmosphere, the food, and some of the game, but I just think that every game is TOO LONG.  At BYU games I used to leave at half time because I was so bored and cold.  (Yes, Jason knew this about me BEFORE we got married.) 
But with the excitement of this particular game and all the comforts in the box-- the food, the bathroom, the soft seats, the blankets someone handed out, the TV's etc....
it still felt long.
But not NEARLY as bad as usual!  If I'm
going to go to a football game this is the only way I want to do it!  I mean, it was freezing cold and started raining during this game and I was watching the thousands of people sitting on the hard bleachers getting drenched thinking "I would be SO outta here!" 
Football fans are nuts I tell ya.
And I married one.  So what does that make me????