Saturday, December 28, 2013

Family Pictures

Our Family 2013

Hunter Jason Age 9
McKay David Age 6

Ashton Clark Age 2

Friday, December 27, 2013

Ash in Hawaii

On November 11th Ash and I flew from Pasco to Maui-- just the two of us.  I was really excited to have some alone time and an adventure with my ash-baby.  My favorite trip of all time was when Hunter and I went to Disneyland when he was 5--just the two of us.  It was so fun to fly on an airplane and shower attention on just one child-- and this trip was the same.  Ash was a trooper on the journey there, and slept most of the way from Seattle to Kahului.  We didn't arrive until 9 pm so with the time change he was pretty wiped when we arrived and went right to bed when we got him to the condo.  My mom had arrived earlier that day, so she picked us up and had our room all ready for us and all the groceries bought so Ash and I could just crash.  The next morning he woke up and realized where we were-- he was so excited! 
We took a morning walk to the point where we could walk out and see the turtles.

He loved climbing the rocks to get out to the water.

The turtles live under these rocks, so we only had to wait a few minutes and then--

Hello turtles!

Ash loved watching the turtles so much we did this almost every morning.

We found a new shaved ice stand-- it's our new favorite.  So yummy!

We also took a trip to the aquarium.  Maui has a fantastic aquarium, and Ash absolutely LOVED it.  Especially the sharks.

Here we are in the shark tunnel, where they are swimming all around us.

It was a great day and fun for him to see all the fish and touch a few starfish and sea cucumbers.

Everyday we went to our little beach.  The first few days he had no interest in going in the water, so we just played in the sand for HOURS. 

And climbed on the rocks.  He LOVES climbing on the rocks for some reason.

He found himself a little seat and sat there for awhile looking at the ocean. 

Day 2 at the beach:  I tried to get him in the water, but again, he just wanted to play in the sand.

Day 3:  Breakthrough day! 

We met some friends-- who turned out to be from Jackson Hole-- so funny.  These boys were at the beach almost every day that we were, and Ash became buddies with them.  They had NO FEAR in the water, so after watching them swim Ashton decided he could do it too.

He wasn't quite as brave as they were, but he began to start enjoying it.

Day 4: Couldn't keep him out of the water!  He wouldn't go very deep, but he had a blast in the shallow parts.

My mom had stocked the fridge so well we ended up eating out only once.  My sis had told me about the Tommy Bahama Restaurant, so we decided to try it since it was close.

It was SO yummy.  I'm recommending it to everyone now.  I texted this picture to Jason and told him I was eating a big bowl of poi.  He was totally grossed out.  (It was really molokai sweet potato soup with toasted coconut-- SO GOOD.)
We had to get another shaved ice-- they are just too good.

On our last night I took Ash for a walk around the condo to enjoy the air and look at the sunset.

While we waited for the sun to go down we looked through the tide pools and found a lot of treasure and A LOT of crabs. When they saw us they'd literally scatter in a hundred directions, super fast.  Ash loved it.

We found a tiny rock beach where we looked for shells and threw rocks in the water-- for like half an hour.  He never tires of throwing rocks.

Finally the sun went down-- in the water according to him.

The next morning my Mom dropped us off at the airport and we found out the flight was delayed for an hour.  So we found Pinkberry and had ourselves a little treat.

Then back on the airplane!  Ash loved it-- loved being able to watch movies and eat tons of snacks.

He talked about going on an airplane to Hawaii for a long time after that-- in fact he'll still tell you all about it if you ask him.
I LOVED the trip just because I got to focus on him, something that rarely happens with two older brothers around all the time. 
His older brothers were SO jealous, even though they've both been twice.  The last time McKay went he was 2, so he doesn't really remember.  They received plane tickets for Christmas so we can go for Spring Break, so they're happy kids.  I can't wait to take all three of them-- it will be so fun!