Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Cowboys

McKay has been my most enthusiastic horse lover, but this summer all three boys got more comfortable.  They've also become obsessed with movies like "The Man From Snowy River" and "The Black Stallion", and now have a desire to really get good.  Almost every night for a few weeks they would ask me to saddle up the horse and give them a ride.  Once in awhile I'd agree.

Hunter actually learned the most and I was able to literally hand over the reigns. 

Hopefully at least one of them will become my riding buddy.  I'm always happiest on a horse, and it's fun to share this with my boys!

Tidbits from Hubby's Phone

I looked at the pictures on my hubby's phone and found quite a few gems that I didn't know existed. He's much better at snapping the everyday pictures that I miss because I get too busy.  For example.  Ash in a Viking hat with a gun stuffed in his pullup?  Priceless. 

Or Ash in a cowboy hat riding his dragon? 

As Batman?

Or Super Viking?

Learning how to say "Hang Loose" with the hand signs.

Or when he took Hunter and McKay to a Dust Devils game. 

Helping Dad with work in the pasture. 

Ah, here's a nice one of me on a knee board I didn't know he'd taken.  That was a fun surprise.

How do you keep warm on a chilly fall day?  Snuggle with a horse of course.  (That may be the title of my first children's book-- no one steal that.)

A rare moment at Grandma's house where the grandkids are all HOLDING STILL.

Sort of. 

I need to check his phone more often.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Funny McKay

Keep in mind that during the following we were having a serious case of the giggles that only got worse as this went on.  So maybe it's not that funny--- or you just should have been here.......

Me:  "McKay, stop being obnoxious." (Or something like that.)
Kay: "I'm not nauseous"
Me: "Yes, you are."
Kay: "You're nauseous."
Me: (Laughing)
Hunter: "Mom, he's saying nauseous, not obnoxious.  What does nauseous mean?"
Me: "It means you feel sick."
Kay: "You're nauseous!"
Me: (Laughing more) "It's OB-noxious.  Oh McKay, you're funny."
Kay: "I know, I'm funny, I tell jokes."
Me: "Yeah, you do.  You're funny."
Kay: "What's that on your finger?  BLAH!"
Me: "Was that a joke?  That wasn't funny."
Kay: "Yeah, but you're laughing." 

Monday, October 7, 2013

All Ashton

Ashton is.......
What can I say when I try to describe this ball of energy?  He's so clever, funny, sweet, maddening, stubborn, endearing, hilarious, adorable, and tiring. 
He's a total ham, a character, a charmer, and a dress up king.
He's Ashton!
(Every picture here was taken by one of his brothers.)

I didn't get much time with him alone this summer, but I did get a fun date with him toward the end of August.  Jason's mom had all the kids starting school have a slumber party at her house the weekend before school was to start.  I met her in Othello so we could all visit Great Grandma at the assisted living facility she was at after her most recent fall.  We visited with her for awhile, then I handed Hunter and McKay off and headed home with Ash. 
I decided to do something fun with him, so we stopped at Country Mercantile and sampled the chocolates, chips and salsa, and walked around for a bit.  We ran into some friends we haven't seen in awhile, then shared a bowl of honey walnut ice cream. 

It was a good date!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Camping and Silverwood

This year because of Jason's schedule we ended up going on our camping trip the day after the kids and I returned from Wyoming.  I had waited too long to book our campsite at Farragut State Park, so we ended up at Round Lake instead.  It was nice-- we liked it, but I'm still going to try to get us in Farragut next year.
We drove East about 3 1/2 hours to beautiful Northern Idaho and quickly pitched the tent and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows before it got too dark.  Then it was bed time, and everyone actually slept pretty well.  The weather was warm, although when we woke up it was mostly cloudy.  We cooked pancakes and bacon, although the pancakes were a little bacon-y since we'd forgotten butter and had to cook them in the bacon grease.  They were still good--- or maybe it was being in the woods that made us not-so-picky.  =)
We were headed to Silverwood that day, but we had the morning to play since the park didn't open until 11:00.  So while Jason and I slowly cleaned up the boys hunted for and chased the many squirrels that were scavenging around the campsites.   Anytime we spotted one we'd quote the movie Up and yell "SQUIRREL!"

Ashton got obsessed and mercilessly chased every squirrel up a tree. 

Hunter eventually gave up the chase and disappeared for awhile.  Finally I found him in the tent doing his favorite thing.

Finally we headed to the park and hopped on the train.  This is McKay's favorite ride, so we always make sure we do it FIRST.

And we always do the carousel because that's Ashton's 2nd favorite ride. 

For some reason McKay doesn't like the carousel.  Last summer he wouldn't even ride it.  Which makes NO sense to me since he's our most eager horse back rider at home.  So I sat with him on a bench since he'd agree to do that at least. 

This is Ashton's 1st favorite ride.  The tiny train roller coaster!

He got pooped pretty fast and took a good nap in the stroller. 
And then that was the end of my picture taking for some reason.  Probably because we headed to the water park half of Silverwood and spent the rest of the day swimming while the camera sat in the locker.  Yep, that's probably what it was. 

The next day we decided to check out Round Lake.  It's a pretty small lake but very pretty and has a few docks that were fun to jump off.  We swam for a few hours, chased fish, and ate cheetos and poptarts on the small beach.

On the way home we stopped at Cabelas at the state line.  I gave the boys a few dollars to play at the shooting range. 

And then after 3 of the longest hours of my life, we finally LEFT Cabelas.  And I'll just leave it at that.  (Grrr.)
Despite that, it was quite a successful annual trip!