Friday, September 27, 2013

Jackson Hole

Every August I take the kids to visit my parents for a week.  Jason usually can't come, and this year was no different.  He probably won't be able to next summer either, but in 2015 I'm going to INSIST he come with us!  He hasn't seen my parents new house and I'd like to drive the horses up, or go camping in Yellowstone-- both of which would require his help. 
We planned it so Anjuli and her kids would be there for part of the same time we were, and her husband had already gone home and back to HIS job.  It was nice to see her cute kiddos Cardon and baby Paisley.

Ash was SO happy to be at Grandma's house!

The most IMPORTANT thing for my boys was to do the Alpine Slide on Snow King.  So on day one that's what we did.  Grandpa took us while Grandma babysat Ash and Paisley.


We also drove to Slide Lake near Kelly.  It was a beautiful drive near the Tetons.  We went on a little hike and then had a picnic.

There.  We finally found the lake!  (McKay's mouth is stuffed with cherries.)

Pearl Street Bagels.  Heaven.

This is a lake spot that Raj found for us.  Very secluded an off the beaten path, so there was hardly anyone there besides us.  Plus it was VERY shallow right on the beach so the kids could play without us worrying.  We canoed right under a nest of bald eagles.  The babies were just learning to fly-- it was so cool!

The shallow water was good for the little ones to practice canoeing.

On the way there and back we saw antelope and tons of buffalo.  We pulled over so Ash and Cardon could get out of their car seats and take a good look.

They decided to cross the road so then we had to wait awhile before we could go again.

We went to the Jackson indoor water park--- twice!  The kids had so much fun the first day we went back again another day.

Ash was glued to me though.  He doesn't realize he can WALK in the shallow water.  He would NOT let me hold his hand and help him walk around in the water.  So I held him for 2 straight hours......both days.
See--- it's shallow.  I am sitting in it.  And if I left him and went a few feet away, he would NOT walk to me.  He would just stand and cry.  It was pathetic. 

He even got tired and just FELL ASLEEP.  IN THE WATER.  Weird.

I finally woke him up because it killed me he was MISSING EVERYTHING!  

He went on the waterslides with me and loved them though.  

So much fun!
The Lincoln county fair was going on in Star Valley and we've always preferred that fair to the one in Jackson, so we drove to Afton to visit my Grandma and then went to the fair.

This was Ashton's first experience on carnival rides, but he loved it!

Hunter was APALLED that he was actually TOO tall for a ride.  WHAT?

After the rides we ate lots of junk food (deep fried oreos are da bomb), saw the animals, and were pretty tuckered out by the end.

When we used to visit my parents in Monterey every summer it was fun, but not super nostalgic for me since I didn't grow up there.  I spent half my life in Jackson, so I get nostalgic taking my kids back.  Walking around the property made me want my horses SO BAD.  (Anjuli said the same thing.)
McKay stood and threw rocks in the creek we used to swim in.  Funny how mom used to let us swim in it but I was NOT about to let MY kids do it!
It's so sad that my old barn is just storage now.  I wish I could transport it to my house.......
But of course the house I lived in is gone.  (It's ok-- it needed to go.)  Torn down to make room for the newer better one!

And now there's a PAVED driveway--- perfect for bikes and scooters.  LOVE Wyoming evenings.  We could hear the coyotes starting to howl.

Sitting on the front porch WAITING to go.

 And finally back to Washington and the HEAT.  I had to give baby Paisley some loves before giving her back.  I actually told Jason  "Quick, lets get her in the car before Anjuli notices!" 
 Totally kidding.  I'm in the "babies are fun to squeeze, but I like to give them back." stage of life now.  And WHAT ON EARTH would I DO with a girl?  I dunno.