Tuesday, August 27, 2013

4th of July

We returned from Maui to this sweet little face.  How I missed these cheeks!

It was the 4th of July when we got home, so we just had a fun day hanging out in the pool. 

Then we went to a fireworks stand, let the kids load up a basket, and after $80 worth of guilt for leaving them, we had ourselves a fun night!


We sat on our driveway and watched the hill by our house burn.  There was a big fire, you can see all the smoke and the orange glow from it.

We had a pop-it war with the neighbors who decided to join us, then lit off our big fireworks.  It was fun, we didn't have to fight a crowd, and when ash was tired I was able to put him to bed.  The perfect night!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Maui 2013

The last few years I've tried to coordinate our Maui trip with our anniversary.  This year we went the end of June just after our 11th anniversary.  Here we are in our favorite spot after almost 12 years together:

I am SO IN LOVE with this guy.

This is the first time we have a lot of pictures of us together.  Usually I have a bunch of him and a few of us together that nice strangers took of us.  But this year we took our best-est friends Nicki and Trevor with us, and they have an awesome camera.  So they became our designated photographers, which was great because they also took new pictures of the rentals for me.  Of course Jason had to make it as difficult as possible.....

Since this was their first time to Hawaii we showed them all our favorite spots.  Here we are all together at Mama's Fish House:

Oh how I dream of this place and the coconut rice, and the coconut mint refreshers.....

And Jason got his lilikoi crème brulee.....happy, happy day. 

C'mon guys.....even cops smile when they're on vacation.

We decided they needed to try a luau too. 

And we took them to Warren and Annabelle's in Lahaina.  Seriously, best magic show EVER.  This was our second time and I was still amazed.

And every day we snorkeled and boogie boarded.  Oh how hilarious the boogie boarding is--- the way we do it at least.
Yes, that is my hair flying.

Jason trying to cheat and pull me back.  Yes, we have a competition to see who makes it up the beach the farthest. 

We don't even need boogie boards to do it!  We found a random beach in Hana and just decided to go for it. 

On a particular windy day when it was too choppy to snorkel, we drove down to La Perouse bay to look at the lava fields and hike around the bay.  It made for some beautiful waves. 

Then we sat and watched the local boys surf the gigantic waves.
Checking on Hunter's banana tree:

Driving the road to Hana was a special adventure....Jason's driving kept us on our toes.  We love stopping at all the food stands.  This time we bought LOTS of coconut candy, sugar cane juice, banana bread, coconut/pineapple bread, and of course--- Coconut Glen's coconut ice cream.

I could eat this stuff ALL DAY LONG.  Jason thinks this is worth the long drive up there--- I am inclined to agree.

We made it all the way to the 7 sacred pools which had more water in them this year.  So I couldn't help the urge to jump off of something!

Jason couldn't let his wife do it alone:

We also took the long drive up Haleakala.  10,000 feet to the top!  Nicki says this drive was scarier than the road to Hana with Jason behind the wheel.

Trevor felt the need to show off his huge muscles in almost every picture:

Of course he was also the one that talked us into stopping at Krispy Kreme. Those cops and their doughnuts!  (Which is funny since these two are so health conscious they never TOUCH doughnuts while on the job.)
One day we decided to pick up some potatoes to make for dinner, and look where they're from--- Kennewick, Washington!
And then I about choked when I saw the price.........
We had so much fun getting away from the kids and being together and with our friends.  We are lucky to have such good babysitters and grandmas to take good care of our kiddos while we were away.  We left them for 8 days, the longest we've ever left them, and I was ready to come home to them.  We are so, so, blessed.