Thursday, July 25, 2013


We took a quick, last minute trip to Silverwood just before memorial day to take advantage of their memorial weekend special.  Police officers got in free and their immediate family members were half price, so we thought if we made the trip in one day it would be super cheap for a fun day riding roller coasters.

It thought it was well worth it.....but then when it comes to theme parks, Hunter and I are BOTH little kids in heaven.  Jason let Hunter and I run around to the biggest coasters we could find while he hung out with the other boys and our neighbors (who were there for a marimba band trip), because he does NOT like roller coasters.  He has decided that theme parks are not for him-- he just lacks that inner child that I'm still holding onto I guess.

Riding the train--- McKay's very favorite thing to do.


Brooke (next door neighbor.... future wife?) and Hunter

Nathan and McKay  (best buds)

McKay saw this and BEGGED to do it.  He even spent his own money to buy balls to shoot at water boats.  The catch is that the boats shoot water back!  We got a little wet.

Ash didn't mind waiting around as long as he had snacks. 

I insisted Jason do a ride with his boys.  Doesn't he look thrilled?

We also saw the magic show, shared a funnel cake, and then just before we left I surprised the boys by giving them each a dollar to do this:

(McKay's jacket got wet so he is wearing mine)

Definitely worth the 3 hour drive!  It was too cold for the water park to be open, but we can't wait to go again in August.  Hunter and I are already planning to go on the biggest water slides.....

Saturday, July 20, 2013

End of School Hair

I am FAR behind on our lives.....which usually means we've been busy making memories and haven't had time to write about them.  I have a brief few weeks of low key summer, so I figure it's time to catch up!
The annual end-of-school carnival was awesome, and the kids came back with some souvenir hair to prove it.

A pretty rainbow we saw during a rainy day.
And some random cuteness from Ash.  We were taking pictures of furniture we needed to get rid of online, and Ash INSISTED we take pictures of him.  He smiles and yells CHEESE!  until we take pictures of him.

2 Trips and 4th of July posts coming soon!