Monday, May 20, 2013

Horse Love

Waking up the kids:
Get up boys!
                                                              Good Morning Sleepyhead

McKay's been begging for a ride, so I let him have a turn before my workout.

I let him and Ash take turns leading him around, but Aladdin really just wanted to eat the grass.

Gorgeous boy. Love this horse!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

At the Ball Park

It's Baseball Season again!  This is my favorite sport of the year because the weather's nice, we get to be outside, and Hunter and McKay BOTH get to play.  This year's even better because I got them on the same team.  So I'm running around to practice and games a LOT less than before.  So nice!

McKay is doing SO much better than last year.  Last year he refused to bat half the time, and I felt like I was wasting both our time and getting so frustrated.  I figured putting him on the same team as Hunter and his best friend Carson would help--- it did!  He's been a little ray of sunshine at every game.

No hesitation this time!  Especially with Carson's big bro Brendan helping him up to the plate for the first game.

And Hunter just fell back into it with no problem.  He's really whacking the ball hard this year and running so fast!  Last year it was kind of funny because neither one of them really knew what was going on, but this year they both understand the game and are having a lot more fun.

Ash can't wait until it's his turn.  He grabbed this batting glove and a stray ball and insisted that my friend Nicki played catch with him.