Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Rest of Spring Break

So after McKay's birthday we mostly just hung out. 
And were reminded of why everyone LEAVES Jackson in the spring. 
We brought snow clothes.....there wasn't much snow left.  We brought swim suits to take to the indoor water park......it was closed for spring break.  And there's a reason it's called MUD season in Wyoming this time of the year.
Don't mistake my joking, it was totally awesome to do NOTHING but visit the grandparents.  Their house is fun and stocked with toys.  My Mom is also in the process of going through things after the move and giving or throwing away the unnecessaries.  I had the kids use old piano books of mine, activity books, and regular old book books that I haven't seen since childood.  I don't remember these sombreros, but she saved them for me since she knew Hunter was disappointed Jason and I hadn't brought him one back from Mexico.  What I'm going to do with them I don't know.
We of course drove to Star Valley to visit my Grandma Clark.  She had a little bit more snow and the boys thought it was GREAT FUN to shovel it. 

Hey, whatever floats their boat.

Hunter gave his Grandma Great a piano concert while we were there.

Then we decided to go somewhere for NO FAIL anytime of the year fun.  Bowling!
Oh my goodness this was so fun. And funny. 

This was only McKay's 2nd time bowling, but he did great.  He didn't even want to use the dinosaur looking thing to help roll the ball.

Hunter was pretty consistent, but he was disappointed he didn't get a strike this time.
Grandma got a strike and a couple spares.

I came in 2nd. 

Of course my Dad came in first.  He even gave me some pointers that helped me get better.

And Ash just wanted to climb on the dinoaur thing.  (Anyone know what this thing is called?)

Then we went out for Pizza.  Pretty great day.

Most of the week the weather fluctuated between sunny spring weather and dumping snow.  The first day it dumped snow if was kind of fun.

Then the teasing and tempermental weather just became cruel.  Spring or Winter?  Make up your mind already!
Sunday was General Conference so we drove back to Star Valley (through snow, hail, fog, then sunshine) to watch it with my Grandma and Uncle Jeff's family.  Jeff stole my phone and decided to take pictures while I wasn't looking.

(See all the snow in the background?  That came down while we were watching conference.)

(These pictures are pre-snow.)  All of a sudden a herd of deer wandered into the yard so the boys abandoned conference to run out and see. 
Hunter:  I want to shoot them!

Jeff:  Ok, here's my gun.  Pretend to shoot them.

It's in their blood I guess.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

McKay's Birthday

McKay's birthday was on April 2, which always falls during spring break.  This year Jason had to work most of spring break, again, so instead of sitting home like we did last year we decided to visit my parents in Jackson Hole.  So the day after Easter we celebrated McKay's birthday with Jason, then my Dad came and got me and the kids to spend the week with them. 
I LOVE flying into Jackson and right past the Grand Tetons.  This sight out the plane window always welcomes me home.

Some of us were too tuckered out to enjoy the view  =)

We left 60 degree weather to come to Wyoming.  Brrrr!

Tuesday was McKay's birthday and my parents gave him a present to start the day.

Power Ranger action figures!  

They also gave him money and took him to the local toy store where he picked out this cap shotgun.  He then proceeded to shoot all the caps he had bought.  We had to go buy more the next day. 

That night we went to dinner at Chinatown.  It was pretty funny listening to 5 chinese waiters sing happy birthday with chinese accents.

McKay doesn't like cake, so I made him an icecream cake.  It kind of slid in the freezer and looks pretty lopsided, but it was delicious and we ate it all within 2 days.

The grandparents sure made McKay's 6th birthday a special one. 

I love this boy so much.  McKay is so special to us!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Our Easter was surrounded by gorgeous weather, so it was nice to have an outdoor egg hunt at Grandma's house with all the cousins the weekend before.  Here's the gang with Great Grandma Gilbert in the middle:
The hunt:

Dying eggs the day before:

Easter baskets the morning of:

The before church picture:

The weather has been so nice Ashton has been in heaven walking around the neighborhood and visiting all the animals.  He especially loves the horses and chickens.

Baby chicks:

The weather has made me excited about planting some trees, bushes, and flowers this year.  We planted 10 fruit trees a few weeks ago, and then got our rock in around the house so we can start planning our plants now. 

Me and Ash decided to help too.

Yay!  The yard is coming along!  Now if only the pasture would grow so I could get a horse in there.....
In the meantime, here's the cute little Arab gelding that my neighbors are letting me excercise for them.  His name's Aladdin and he's just my size. 
He's only 14 hands high but he's quite the strong little endurance racer and is SO sweet.  I am totally in love with him.
I love being back in the saddle!   (This is our shadow.....I guess I should get a real picture of us, but for now this is all I've got of me and the only guy that competes with Jason for my affection=)