Sunday, February 24, 2013

Family Bowling Night

I made a major Mom mistake..... I forgot about a birthday party Hunter was supposed to go to.  About an hour into the party Hunter and I realized he had missed it and he started BAWLING.  I felt awful.  He'd been looking forward to that party ALL week, and we both got distracted and forgot.  (In my defense, I was out horsebackriding and lost my phone on the trail.....then had to go BACK and FIND it!)
The reason he was so excited was because it was a bowling party.  So of course out of guilt we took the entire family bowling the next day after his basketball game. 
See--- happy boy!

McKay's first bowling experience-- he wasn't quite sure how to do it at first.

But he got the hang of doing it "McKay style."

Ash was a good sport and watched.

Then we went to Burger Ranch where Ash had a little more fun.

I even gave up a few quarters so Hunter and McKay could play while waiting for our burgers, tater tots, and ice cream.

Good times.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pinewood Derby

This was not just Hunter's first Pinewood Derby, it was MINE too.  Luckily Jason knew what he was doing because I was pretty useless, other than finding the Superman stickers.  Jason got kind of stressed out about this and I didn't know this REALLY such a big deal?
Turns out, yeah, it is.  Totally weird to me how these GUYS get so stressed about this when they make fun of the women for getting stressed about our things!  But that's another discussion.......
When all was finished we ended up with a pretty AWESOME car. 
It was a lot of work for both of them but such a good experience.  The only part I witnessed was the painting.

The big night:

"Good luck buddy."

Some of Jason's family came to support Hunter-- here's Grandma and cousin Gabby:

Uncle Alan holding Gabby and Ash:

They really like each other!
Jason was nervous for his Dad to come because he's an amazing car builder-- real or derby!  I'm sure he thought our car was up to par.  =)

The track:

After racing several times against 20 other cars Hunter ended up coming in 4th.  Not too bad for his first year!

He also got an award we though was pretty appropriate:

"Best Paint Job"

Waving goodbye!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Puerto Vallarta!

Jason and I left the kids with our cousins for a week and flew down to Mexico for a mid-winter vacation. 
We met my brother Omar and his wife Tiffany and stayed in an amazing condo right on the Malecon (boardwalk.)

This is the the Malecon as seen from our 10th story condo. 
The condo was so nice and the views were so amazing that we spent most of our time on the wrap around balcony just soaking up the gorgeous weather and views.

This was my favorite spot during the entire vacation.  This lounge chair on the balcony just outside our bedroom.  I read an entire novel either on this chair or laying on the beach.  It was heaven.
Felt like I was floating on the ocean.

It was a great place to watch those amazing sunsets we had every single night.

Our other favorite place to watch the sunsets was from the pool.  I am standing in the pool, watching the sunset over the Malecon and the ocean. 

This is a view of the pool from our condo.  Well, part of the pool.  It wrapped around the building on both sides--- great for lap swimming.  That little rooftop in the middle is an bar with underwater bar stools.
We spent a little time IN the condo as well-- just a little! 

Out walking the Malecon.  There were sculptures, mimes, artists, living art, stands selling food and goods, and of course the famous arches.  I loved all the art and culture stretched along the coastline.
We also loved the beach and swimming and boogie boarding.
Jason saw some cops strolling the beach and HAD to go talk to them.

And Oh My Goodness the FOOD.  We ate out more than I thought we would because there are SO many good and affordable restuarants in PV within walking distance of our condo. 
This restaurant is caled Casa Fantasia and is only half a block from us.   
Jason got the shrimp fantasia that was served in a pineapple cream sauce inside half a pineapple.  We ate here twice because Tiffany wanted to go back and order the same thing.

We ate at a few nice restaurants and several cafe types for lunch.  The was my favorite lunch-- we got a huge platter of meat, tortillas and guacamole. 

We spent more time shopping than I thought we would.  I never thought Omar and Jason would be up for much shopping--- until I realized they had turned bargaining into a sport.  They enjoyed the bargaining WAY more than the actual purchases.  Since they both speak Spanish Tiff and I just sat back and watched them work their magic for anything we wanted. 
We got these slingshots for all our boys-- good price!
Omar fell in love with this Mayan Calendar.  It took him three days to bargain with the owners (we kept leaving and going back) but he finally ended up taking one home.

One day while in a t-shirt shop I just sat down and watched them go at it with the owner.  I took this little video since I was enjoying the show:
They were able to bargain a good price for ziplining ($25/per person!) so we spent one day up in the jungle with a zipline tour.

Of course we have no pictures of the actual ziplining since they don't allow you to bring cameras and then try to charge you $80 for pictures and a video at the end.  I thought it would be scarier than it was, but I think because we were going so fast and you can't see the ground, just the tops of the trees beneath you, it wasn't scary-- just a rush!
Hanging out in the jungle after the ziplining.

Trying to be Tarzan.........

Maybe not.......
Jason didn't want to get his shoes wet so Omar tried to pull him to shore. 

Didn't work.
We found this yummy panderia that we visited for breafast a few times.  Choices, choices......

On our last morning we walked around the Malecon and little and onto the new pier.

This scarf was MY one bargaining triumph.  $5 baby!  (The trick is you HAVE to walk away.  They will come after you with a lower price!)

On our last morning we walked around, bummed we had to leave.
It turned out to be one of our best vacations ever.  It was so fun to hang out with Omar and Tiff--- we might do it again next year.   Even though they live in Spokane we have to go to Mexico to see them!