Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

It's been awhile due to technical difficulties, but I'm finally updating on the last month.  I don't know if it's blogger or my computer, but finally I got it to work!   So here's my Christmas post.
My parents and Grandma Clark came for Christmas this year.  (See ALL those stalkings hung by the chimney with care?) 
On Christmas Eve we had our usual special FHE.  We all crammed into the music room for some music and scriptures.

Ash became Ash-Man!  He wears a super hero mask or cape or both about 50% of the time, but especially when he wants to show off for Grandma-Great.

Hunter played his Christmas songs;

So did McKay.

Then Hunter read the Christmas story from the scriptures and we sang some songs.  After that I made everyone watch a few relevant scenes from my "Savior of the World" production. 

Then we headed across the street to the Egli's house to join their HUGE family gathering.  We were just in time for a special visitor!

Santa came and had a special present for each kid.

Ash couldn't get enough Santa, and kept going back for more lap time.  Our other boys were scared of Santa at 2 years, but not Ash!

The whole fam.  I tried to get my parents in this picture, but I guess they're too old for Santa. 
I guess we didn't wear Santa out, because he still had time to come while we were sleeping.


A police station AND fire station in ONE?  It blew their minds.

Combat gear!  Perfect for McKay.

A REAL BB gun?  Oh yes.  (That was Jason's doing.)

The drums were my doing, but uncle Raj's fault for introducing them to McKay.

Ash even got his own.  I must be insane.
Santa came through.  Hunter got his microscope.

Yep, yep.  =)

Ash is our animal lover, but I'm not ready for real dog yet.  But he LOVES this one!  It barks and walks and doesn't do anything disgusting.  My idea of a perfect pet.

Grandma Great gave Jason and I these hats--- perfect no?

We had croissants for breakfast and then a big Ham dinner later that day.  The best part?  That morning Grandma (who lives in Wyoming) said, "It just doesn't feel like Christmas without snow."  Well she must have magical powers because about noon it started to snow and didn't stop all night.  So we even had a snowy Christmas after all!