Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Happenings

Our ward Christmas party was awesome.  The primary kids got to sing three songs and then we had SANTA!
(A power rangers sword.)

(A microscope.)
I was a little nervous that Ash would be afraid of Santa, but he wasn't.  We had to pull him off his lap.

Since I'm teaching McKay and Hunter piano myself, I asked my sis-in-law Angie if we I could crash her Christmas piano recital.  She said YES, so we spent the weekend in Royal so they could play at their first piano recital.  Hunter was excited, but I could tell McKay was going to be a little nervous.

They both did great.  McKay missed one note during his first song, then hopped off the piano bench and decided he was DONE.  I gave him a few moments to calm down while the other kids played, then asked him if he wanted me to play with him.  I also bribed him with a trip to McDonalds the next day, so he decided to try again at the end of the recital.  Both his songs had duet parts, but he told me weeks ago that he wanted to play ALONE, so we'd never practiced the duets together.  It was definitely not our best timing-wise,  but he DID it and I was so proud of him.  It was his first time playing in front of people and I was adamant that he get through it more than anything else. 

My eight and 5 year old pianists.  Nothing makes me happier than making music with my boys! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

My tree looked tiny in my family room last year, so this year I got a new, taller tree that looks a little more substantial in my two story room.  But I had nothing to put on it, and no idea what I wanted to put on it. 
Enter my mother!
She came JUST to help me because I'm clueless and helpless when it comes to decorating.  The boys were thrilled to have Grandma here for a few days and it was nice to have her help with the kids in the evenings.
We had already decided on the phone that the tree should be blue and brown since that's my color scheme anyway.  I had done some preliminary shopping and she brought me some of her "leftovers".  Then we hunted for a few more ornaments and poinsettias once she got here, and WOILA!  Not too bad for two days work:

These were kind of a mistake but I LOVE them anyway.  I had texted her a picture of these gold balls when I was doing my preliminary shopping and asked her what she thought.  I told her they were BIG, but I must not have gotten the message across.  She told me to get them and assured me they'd look great.  Well, they are the size of my kids HEADS.  When she got here she laughed and laughed at my stupidity and how you just can't tell how big things are in pictures.  There was NO WAY these huge heavy balls would EVER fit on a tree! 
          But they are COOL.  So they're on top of my entertainment center and I wish I had more. 
I put my old tree with the old stuff in my front room which I love because you can see the tree from the street.  I always wanted a tree in a front room that you could see when you drive up, and now I've got one!

Christmas scene over the piano:

My new dining table is ready for it's first Christmas.

Love my Christmas dishes.  (Mostly need pictures so I can remember how to do this next year.  Something I sorely wished I had done last year!)

Gifts from our elf.

He brought the boys their OWN Christmas tree for the play room so they can put ANYTHING they want on it.  Among their ornaments they have added some toys and Hunter has made some paper ornaments for it.

Now that the decorating is done I can clean up the mess and then just enjoy the rest of December.  I love the way the house feels now.  Add a little Christmas music and the smell of gingerbread or cloves and that's how you make some memories!