Friday, November 30, 2012


Football and Food.
That pretty much described our Thanksgiving this year.  We had a neighborhood football game that everyone was invited to play in.  (Although I didn't since I had to run back to the house and check on my potatoes every once in awhile.)  But Hunter had fun running around with all the big people.

Jason's parents came in time to watch the game.  Here's the girls that live next door with McKay and Grandma.

Grandpa and Ashy.

Morgan helped Ash learn how to kick a football.  Reminded me of Lucy and Charlie Brown.

The table.

Ready to feast:

It was fun having Grandma and Grandpa stay for a few days.  They had fun playing with the boys and Jason and Grandpa taught me and Grandma how to shoot our guns.

So much to be thankful for!

Monday, November 12, 2012

You Know You're A Work-at-Home Mom When.....

about half of your notes are written in CRAYON because somehow, that's all you can ever find on your desk.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hunter started Scouts a month ago, and he's loving it.  Here he is with most of his wolf pack at last night's pack meeting.
Giving the wolf howl.

Hunter earned his Bobcat, so here he is getting presented with it.

Pinning it on me:

Ashton escaping from Jason and joining us:

His first Scout outing was to the Kennewick Police Department since they have an IN.

The interrogation room:

With all the Wolves and Bears:

I know nothing about Scouting, so I'm learning quick.  Hunter's having a blast and I have no doubt that he'll fly through all his requirements.  So many good boys for him to hang with!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our October

This month FLEW by, I can't believe it's November.  This is crazy.  Here is the hightlights of October in one post!
Our neighbors have a huge garden and pumpkin patch, so they had a Harvest Party and invited the neighborhood over to play games and pick pumpkins.  We all brought a pot of soup and a treat and it was a blast.  Our neighbors are all our best friends-- family almost, so it was our favorite people and kids together for a fun night of fall fun. 
The kids had a mummy wrapping contest.  They got teams together and had to make the best mummy, and then the parents had to vote on their favorite.  Hunter was elected to be his team's mummy.
I've never seen him stand still this long without a book in his hands.

The parents weren't supposed to know who the mummy's were, but Hunter's glasses kind of gave him away!

Ashton with his buddy Nathan watching the hilarity.

It is so fun getting the whole neighborhood of kids together and watching them play.  They will all be teenagers together someday......but I don't like to think about that.
Last weekend our non-neighbor bestest friends The Davis' invited us over to carve pumpkins and have dinner.  It was so fun!  We took our pumpkins over and had Chinese food and decorated the best sugar cookies in the world.  Seriously.  I cannot resist Nicki's sugar cookies and frosting.

Even Ash helped clean out his own pumpkin.  Jason carved him Mickey Mouse ears.

All the finished pumpkins together!

Halloween Night: At our ward trunk or treat.  Putting our souvenirs from Harry Potter World to good use!

Our friend Heather was Hermione, so we had to take a picture with her.

Ashton figured out that Nathan was in the Batman costume.  He kept repeating "Nathan!"  "Man!"  (All superheroes are simply "MAN!" to Ashton.)

The Bishop and his wife showed up on their motorcycle as long haired bikers.  It was hilarious.  Ashton wanted to sit on it so Sister Flint let him.

After the trunk or treat we went home to wait for Jason to get home.  The boys wanted to go trick or treating with their Dad, so he quickly changed, ate some dinner, and we hit a neighborhood close by including the Davis's, who gave us more sugar cookies.  (Man!  I have no self control around Halloween!)

Ash quickly figured out how to say "trick or treat" and "more candy!"  all night long.  His favorite are the lollipops for some reason.  (That's fine, I'll take his chocolate.)
I think we got plenty of candy.  (This is just McKay's.  Each kid has a bowl full.)

That night while tucking him in bed, McKay happily asked me how many sleeps until the next Halloween.  I laughed and said, "365."  He said, "Is that more than 100?"  I nodded and he said, "Aww man!"