Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Catch-Up

I failed to post about McKay starting Kidnergarten.  That's huge!  Here we go with that and some other catch-up stuff.  This will probably be the last post I do before the insanity hits.  I won't get into it but mostly it involves a trip and Hunter's baptism.  All that will come in a few weeks!
So I had to take his picture at the sign......just like Hunter did on his first day riding the bus to school.
And another one with our house tiny in the background. 

He had no trouble starting school.  Two years at pre-school pretty much did the trick and he's been dying to ride the bus for a few years.  He's a VERY happy kidnergartner.

And Ash and I are enjoying our afternoons together.  He usually takes a nap as soon as McKay gets on the bus, and then sometimes our good buddy and next door neighbor Nathan comes over to play.  All his siblings go to school too, so it's fun to get them together.

This last weekend my cousin Camber and her family came for a visit.  They moved to Gig Harbor a few months ago which is a mere three hours away! 

They brought us a special gift--  a bucket of live clams that Jerry had just dug up that morning.  So we barbequed them and made clam chowder!

It was kind of weird.  The clams slowly open as they cook and then you know they're done.  They were pretty tasty in the chowder.

We took a picnic to the park down by the river and guess who happened to be there?

Yep.  Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.  We still don't know what brought him to the park that day, but he was more than willing to take pictures and converse with the kids.  Ashton tried to hand him his sippy cup, but then when spidey picked him up he did NOT like it!

It's that time of year, so we went apple picking with them.  Here's Grandma teaching McKay and Porter how to pick the apples off the tree "gently." 

Yes, those are LARGE apples.  And they are especially delicious.  In fact, I just got done making a pie for my darling husband.  It was a birthday request, and even though his birthday was on Wednesday I finally got it done tonight!  Love you honey!  Sorry it took so long!  (He's fine....we had cheesecake.)
His birthday turned out to be kind of hectic, so I didn't get any pictures.  But I do want to note that my parents sent buffalo meat which pretty much made his whole day.  Also, the boys got him a Batman t-shirt.  He jokes with them that before becoming a police officer he was Batman, but he had to give that up once we had kids.  So it was a fitting gift.   
Which reminds me!  (This is getting random.)
I finally went on a ride-a-long with Jason last week.  I had never gone mostly because I have kids to watch constantly, and secondly because I wasn't sure I wanted to see what he does every night.  My friend Nicki whose hubs is also an officer finally convinced me that I needed to go and even offered to watch my kids overnight. 
So I went.  It was so fun!  And interesting.  I mostly just loved being WITH him and watching him in his element.  (I miss him A LOT when he works nights.) His fellow officers were great, I was having fun, so I didn't get home until 3 am even though I was planning to leave at midnight.  He rolls his eyes when I tell people it was our "date night", but that's what it kind of felt like.  (Except with guns and bullet proof vests.)  =)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Off to 2nd Grade

Hunter started 2nd grade this week.  He loves being back at school and we're really happy with his teacher this year.  I was ready for school to start, even though I'm not ready for cold weather.  (I'm never ready for cold weather.....)
We drove him to the bus stop the first day of school to take pictures by the neighborhood sign like we did last year.  I think we've created another tradition.

And then another with our house WAY in the background.
I got him a new backpack this year.  Black and green with a bastketball on it.
Here's some of the neighborhood kids all together--- it'll be fun to pull out these pictures when they're all teenagers!

Off they go!