Saturday, June 30, 2012

10th Anniversary

10 years baby!!!!! 

10 years of marriage deserves a 5 hour flight over the Pacific Ocean, so we went to Maui for a week sans children.  It was heaven.

Of course we went during wedding season, so it seemed like everyone else was there on their honeymoons.  So EVERYONE assumed we were on our honeymoon, and we enjoyed their surprised faces when we told them it was our 10th anniversary.  Made us feel young.

My Dad happened to be on the island for some business, so he extended his trip by a day so he could take us out to our favorite restaurant, Mama's Fish House.

We had our favorite drink--- coconut mint refreshers.

After the best dinner of our lives we had the "pearl in the oyster" chocolate mousse dessert.  We had to waddle back to the car.

Since it was our anniversary we let ourselves eat out more than usual, and this trip ended up being about SO MUCH GOOD FOOD.  (I might have gained a few pounds during the week.)  Yummy sushi, local Hawaiian fare, fancy restaurants, LOTS of dessert.....
We tried out a different Luau this time, The Old Lahaina Luau and it was so fun! 

We drank so many pina coladas we weren't that hungry by the time dinner was ready, but that's ok because our dinner was in there:

Not so appetizing, but actually the food was great.  We chose traditional seating so that we could be closer to the stage, so we sat on the ground on cushions.  It was actually really nice, and at one point during the show all the couples got up and danced.  It was a nice romantical evening.

We spent a day upcountry checking out the farms and driving up the volcano.  Here we are all bundled up since it's COLD at 10,000 feet, even in Hawaii!  (See how the clouds are BELOW us?)

We cooked at home a bit too, and shopped at the farmers markets for fresh fruit and veggies. 

Jason made us his own Hawaiian version of sausage, potatoes and onions.  We bought a bottle of pineapple chili sauce at an upcountry market, and we put it on everything we cooked.  It was great on some crab cakes and fish we got at Costco too.

We spent our fair share of time at the beach even though it was too choppy to snorkel most days.  We had a good time on the boogie boards and got competitive on who could ride the wave the farthest.  I won MOST of the time, unless he got close enough to grab my board and push it backwards.  On our last morning there as we were lying on the beach Jason turned to me and said, "What if we just missed our flight home?" 
It was quite tempting.

I missed the kids though, so we got up and went to the airport like responsible married folk.  I don't know if they missed us much -- they LOVED staying at Grandma's house.  Jason's Mom was an angel for taking them, especially since Ash got a double ear infection during the week and she had to deal with that. ANGEL!

Now we're in full SUMMER swing, which I LOVE.  (I'm a summer girl, always have been!)  We are on a healthy schedule of piano lessons, homework, yard work, housework, soccer camp, and teaching the boys how to earn money and pay tithing.  I'll have to go into all of it in another post. 

Anyway, I love my hubs, more after 10 years than when I married him.  I remember before the wedding I wondered how being married FOREVER would work since the longest relationship I'd ever had before that was only 9 months.  Now I get it-- it just gets better and better.  He's my best friend and pretty much the best guy I know. 
(And one hell of a cook, but don't tell him I admitted that.)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Morning With Hunter

This morning while Hunter was having breakfast I began making his lunch for school.  He started freaking out, saying
"NO, Mom, I'm HOT lunch today!"
Me: "No, you're hot lunch tomorrow."
H: "No, it's early release tomorrow because it's the last day of school!"
Me: "No honey, today is Wednesday."
H: "No, it's THURSDAY!"
Me: "No, it's Wednesday.  Yesterday was Tuesday.  Today is Wednesday."
At this point he abandoned his cereal to come argue with me in the kitchen.
H: "No mom, look at the lunch schedule.  Yesterday was chicken nuggets.  That means today is THURSDAY!  I am HOT lunch today!"
Me: "Jason, will you please tell your son that today is Wednesday?"
Jason: "Hunter, look at my phone-- it says WEDNESDAY on it, you can't rely on a school lunch schedule.  But you CAN rely on a calendar."
Me: "Hunter, sit down and eat, you're going to be late for school.  You're COLD lunch today."
Hunter sat down and started crying into his cereal. 
Me: "If you're going to cry about a silly lunch schedule then you'll be cold lunch today AND tomorrow."
H: (angrily through tears) "But today is THURSDAY!!!!!"
We spent another 5 minutes trying to prove to him that it was indeed Wednesday, but he still wouldn't believe us.  He kept using the school lunch schedule as proof that we were WRONG.  He got so upset and wouldn't eat breakfast, so I finally said,
"Ok Hunter, when you get to school ask your teacher.  If I'm wrong, I'll take you to McDonalds after school."
McKay: "Can I got too??!!!!"
Me: "We're not going, because I'm NOT wrong."
H: "But today is THURSDAY!!!"
Me: AGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

He's at school now, hopefully not arguing with everyone there about what day it is.