Sunday, March 25, 2012

Toddler Mayhem

There's a toddler in my house.  Isn't it obvious?  Here's just one example of the daily fun I get to have:

I walk into the kitchen AT LEAST twice a day to find this mess.  And where's the culprit?  Dragging pots and pans around the house of course.  I find kitchenware in the strangest places (under the piano bench for instance). 

But how do I get mad when I see this cuteness?

I followed him back into the kitchen where he discovered I had cleaned up his mess.  He could not have that!  Back to work......

And we do it all over again...........

Thursday, March 22, 2012

We're Looking Good Around Here!

Hunter lost his front tooth, which is exciting because it's his first tooth that the dentist didn't have to yank out.  In fact, the poor kid thought the dentist was going to have to pull out all his teeth eventually.  Boy was he relieved when I explained that we could wait for that wiggly tooth to come out on it's own.  It didn't EXACTLY come on it's own though- it got some help from McKay's fist.  (That's another story.  Sigh.....)

Yes, it snowed this morning.  Spring keeps popping up, then leaving.  What a tease. 

Hence the heavy sweater in the next picture.  I'm kind of in a diet rut right now.  I've lost between 15-18 lbs since I started but last week was the first week I didn't lose and I'm feeling kind of bummed.  Of course I haven't been excercising as much due to being SO busy , but still I need to get motivated again.  I never took a BEFORE picture back in January because I was embarassed about how much weight I gained over the holidays, but I should have.  So here's a mid-progress picture I guess. 

Feelin' good makes me feel a little sassy!

I'm getting there.  I got at least 10 more lbs to go, and they always say it's that last 10 lbs that's the hardest! 
I've been turning on music now and then to get dancing, and I'm not the only one.  Check out McKay's moves!
Love those faces and the "ninja" dancing!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Few Moments of Panic

 I keep hearing about my friends' kids getting seriously hurt or dying, and it's made me a little edgy about the safety of my own children.  So the other morning I panicked when I couldn't find Ashton.  I was upstairs and thought, "It's TOO quiet."  McKay was in his room, so I enlisted his help.  I said, "Where's Ash?"  McKay didn't know, so we both started hunting for him.  Usually I can hear him doing something, somewhere in the house--- but it was silent.  A million horrible images passed through my head-- he choked, he hit his head, etc, etc. 

We checked EVERYWHERE, and couldn't find him.  He wasn't answering my calls, and I was starting to really freak out.  I kept walking by the closet under the stairs-- it was open so I knew he wasn't in there.  He wouldn't have gone to the part where I can't see, the part where it gets small, because it's dark under there.  Or would he? 

Well, he would, and he did.  For an early nap of course!  Once I made sure he was breathing I got the camera, then let him finish his nap in peace. 

The same day, a few hours later..........

Same thing happened again!  I couldn't find him, it was too quiet, etc.  I checked under the stairs and he wasn't there.  I never dreamed he was in my office, lying among the mess:

Sound asleep.  So weird.  This time I picked him up and took him to bed!

Same day:  The weather was warm so we went outside to join all the neighbor kids.  Having taken two good naps he was off and running with way too much energy!

Gotta love this age-- you never know what you're gonna get!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Last Basketball Game

Hunter had his last basketball game of the season on Saturday.  And he made his first basket!  It was adorable, afterward he did a sort of happy dance/run.  SO cute. 

It's been quite a season-- he learned a lot and got a lot better.  Here he is with his buddy Brendan:

Grandma Gilbert came to watch-- and Ash loved it.

                                             McKay with his Nintendo sitting with Keaton.

After the game the team went to Round Table Pizza to celebrate.  The coach got up and said some nice things about each player and awarded them a trophy.  He said that Hunter was eager to please and always did what was asked of him.

Happy Boy!

   Now he's got a few weeks to rest before baseball starts.  (Or I should say I have a few weeks to rest.)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last Night:

HUNTER:  "Mom, my team has been winning a lot of games."
ME: "Yeah, I know!"
HUNTER: "So, pretty much I'm going to be a professional basketball player."
ME: "Pretty much?"
HUNTER: "Yeah, pretty much."

                                                                     HAPPY MARCH!