Monday, January 30, 2012


We had a good week of snow....and then it disappeared and spring weather returned.  But school was cancelled most of that week and all the neighborhood kids got to enjoy it together.

Except for poor Ashy.  He did NOT like the snow, not one bit.  We went promptly back inside and played with his toys instead.

It was hard having the kids home for almost a week straight.  I didn't want to go anywhere, so I had to entertain and feed them all day long.   I tried to make it fun though.  After doing a respectable amount of housework, piano, and homework, I let them have some movie time.  I even served their snacks in the playroom and let them eat in front of the TV.  They were delighted with these particular trays:

Due to the snow, Hunter's first basketball game was cancelled.  So this week was his actual first game, and it went pretty well.  Ash got bored, but was a pretty good sport.

Sorry about the poor picture quality...I'll have to play with my camera more during the next game.  We finally got our basketball hoop set up at home so he can practice more.  He had a blast and his team won even though we thought they'd get creamed, so yay!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Brighter Side

Slowly passing an illness around for a week does have some good points.  (Oh yeah, Jason came down with it shortly after I did.) 

It gives you lots of time to just lazy around, cuddle,

and feel sorry for yourself.

You can bundle up, lie around, and watch movies all day.

It's not so bad.

Ash definitely got hit the hardest.  We all caught it, threw up for a day, then got over it.  He's still lethargic, whiny, and just wants to be held all day every day.  But, at least I get to cuddle him as much as I want.

On a humerous note:
So apparently my husband didn't appreciate my announcing to the world that he ran into our garage door.  Probably because several of his buddies called to harass him about it!  (Thanks a lot, I got in big trouble!)  =)

The good news is that it looks worse than it is.  The nice garage door repair man put a new roller on it and it worked!  It just looks funky- mostly on the inside-- you can't really tell from the outside.  SO, YAY.  Don't have to buy a new door after all! 

AND, today marks the first snowfall of 2012.  It's dumping outside, and school has been delayed two hours-- maybe cancelled.  It'll be interesting to see if the van can make it up the hill out of the neighborhood.  I'm tempted not to try, and just stay in all day. 

Yep, that sounds like a good plan to me.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

No Good Very Bad Week

So, you know what happens after you announce to the world you're finally going to get it in gear?  Better yourself, eat healthy, all that? 
You have a no good very bad week. 

Oh my, where to start?  Should I make a list?

* Started smelling sewer type smells around the outside of the house.  After determining it was NOT the porta potty from the house being built next door, we called our septic system guy who informed us our pump has not been working since we moved in!  Apparently when we had our irrigation put it they cut our pump pipe.  The septic guy then fixed the problem immediately because it was only a matter of HOURS before it would have started to back up in the house.  This included digging up our yard-- and all the grass seed we had planted over that area. 

* Ashton started throwing up.  All over his bed, then all over his car seat.
* The other kids wet their beds repeatedly.  All sorts of other....bowel issues.....I won't get gross.

Then some Friday the 13th Fun:

* Forgetting to open it, Jason backed his truck into the garage door.  It doesn't look good.  Probably have to replace the whole door.
* McKay said his stomach was hurting most of the day.  I kept waiting for him to start throwing up.
* Hunter started throwing up at 4:30 this morning.  My stomach started hurting.
* I started throwing up about 9:30 this morning.  Have had an awful day, only finally just being able to keep down some toast and apple juice.  At least McKay never threw up.  (Knock on wood.)
* Just tested Ash, who feels extremely hot, and he has a fever.

So my Isagenix diet was abandoned today, and even though tomorrow is supposed to be my cleanse day that'll have to get postponed.  I'm just trying to keep ANYTHING down right now.  Oh, the pregnancy flashbacks I'm having today! 

But, there's a silver lining to all this.  Even though I'm only supposed to weigh myself once a week, I weighed myself this afternoon, just for fun.  I knew I hadn't kept any food down today and thought I'd probably have dropped at least a few pounds.  I was very happy.  Since Monday, I've lost 8 pounds!  It's more than I had hoped for in one week, but I'm sure this illness has helped.  More silver lining?  I'm getting my book club book read pretty quickly.

But I'm glad this week is over.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Me in 2012

Child bearing takes a toll on me. I love my children so much it hurts, but for each child I've gone through almost 2 years of frustration because of the way I feel. Jason and I morbidly joke that if we lived in pioneer days I wouldn't have made it through my first pregnancy and he'd be onto his 2nd wife by now-- someone a little tougher. But it's modern times and he's stuck with me, the woman who will NOT be giving him the 5 boys required to make our own basketball team.
Looking back, my best times have been the years between nursing and the next pregnancy-- that's when my body gets back to normal and I'm at my healthiest and happiest.  It's that time again, and I'm giddy with excitement to feel that way again.

It's just that I'm so tired all the time.

Ok, so I'm busier than I was before-- uh, like WAY busier.  I have more children, for starters,  a bigger house and a nice spread of land that all need a LOT of TLC.  Work has never been busier and I've never had to spend so much of every day in a car, driving someone somewhere. 

I know, some of you veteran moms are thinking, "Welcome to the rest of your foreseeable future."  That's what I'm thinking too.

So I've started a month-long Isagenix cleanse that my doctor brother Omar recommended to me.  Him and Tiffany swear by this stuff, and after reading about it I'm convinced it'll make me feel healthier and lose some weight. 
I am currently on day 3, so I don't have much to report except that it's nice having a checklist of things to eat during the day.  It's actually making my life easier, not having to figure out every meal and how many calories I'm consuming.  It even has little boxes to check every time I drink a glass of water, so I can track that too. 

I start with a few ounces of an antioxident liquid in the morning that I drink like herbal tea.  Then breakfast is a shake with a metabolism booster pill that's full of natural ingredients like ground cayenne pepper.  There's some snacks I can eat before lunch, (one of which is a square of dark chocolate full of good mood boosting ingredients), and then I get to eat a healthy lunch.  So on and so forth.  I get 6 days like this and then I have to have a cleanse day, where I only get to drink the cleanse liquid and eat a few snacks.  I am not looking forward to my cleanse days.

I am committed to getting healthier though, and so am determined to stick with it!  I'm sure I'll be posting updates, and probably some whining after my first cleanse day. 

So, I've also decided to do better on some other things too.  Self-improvement things, ya know.  Like, reading my scriptures and ensign more, going to the temple more, having more fun with the kids, keeping the house cleaner, etc.   I make this same list every January and September, but I'm hoping that the Isagenix will give me more energy to actually stay on top of these things in 2012. 

To drive my commitment to a new me really home, I chopped my hair.  Ya know, because it was the thing to do. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ashton is 1!

1 year ago today, I was in SO much pain.  Because of this little guy: 

And now he's become:

Gene Wilder. 

 At least, that's what Jason started calling him.  So I decided that for his birthday he was getting a haircut!  1st one. 

Ahhhh, much better!

The festivities had to wait until Hunter got back from basketball practice, but then Ash got all our attention--- and attention is something he LOVES.  This was his face while we were singing to him.
 He got his own little cake
 and dug in with fork AND hand.

 Grandma gave him this awesome penguin, which he already loves.  It's like McKay's Bozo the Clown, (which you can actually see in the background of the picture above with me and ash-- weird coincidence), something they can abuse over and over and it keeps coming back for more.  Those seem to be our best toys.  Hmmm . 
 Mostly, he got oodles of toddler snacks and yogurt drinks, which is one of the few things he gets crazy excited about.

 And a jumbo box of goldfish.  Life is good.

Ashton in summary:  *21 lbs
                                  *90th percentile for height
                                  * Favorite thing to say is "Oh yeah!"
                                  * Loves yogurt
                                  *Repeats words like "thank you"  and "love you"
                                  *Goes to bed at 8:00 and gets up at 7:00
                                  *Gets excited and clenches his fists and growls like a wild animal

And for any child of mine, the one year milestone is also my release from nursing.  I'm FREE!  Yippee!