Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: Big Year for the Gilberts

Savior of the World,
Building our Dream Home,
Jason Transferred Departments,
Three Kids,
McKay 4th birthday party,
Sold our First Home,
Turned 30,
First Grade,
Hunters Basketball party,
Saying Goodbye to Old Friends,
Country Life,
Making New Friends,
Seahawks Game,

(photos by Karen Gilbert Larsen)

Goals for 2012: 
1. Lose Weight
2. Organize and Decorate my Office
3. Catch up on Scrapbooking
4. Learn to play guitar
5. Aquire Blinds for new home
6. Go camping
7. Learn to shoot a gun
8. Aquire couch for new home
9. Aquire bar stools for new home
10. Be nicer and more patient

Monday, December 26, 2011


Christmas was perfect.  Our greatest gifts are, of course, our children.  I can't describe the joy they bring us.  I mean, look at this little face.
And they love each other.  They are such special sweet little creatures.
 Christmas eve was a blast.  Jason had to work until 7:00, so our neighbors invited me and the kids over for dinner and to join their large family gathering.  Not only are they the nicest EVER, but they celebrate Christmas up right.  There was a large dinner, everyone had fun opening the English Christmas crackers I brought, we sang Christmas songs so loud you could probably hear us a mile away, we watched a nativity video, shared a gigantic platter of cookies, and then Santa showed up with presents for everyone.  Jason came just in time for Santa and games, and we ended up staying much too late!

(They made us.)

We went home, quickly got ready for bed, then put out milk and cookies for Santa.  The boys were making a big effort to be angelic, so they'd deserve lots of presents.

Maybe not....

Christmas morning began at 6:30, which was ok with us because Jason had to leave for work at 9:00. We had plenty of time to open everything and have a nice breakfast before he had to leave. 

They boys ran into our room yelling "Dad got coal in his stocking!"  Which is true.  Among other things he got a bag of "coal", (which was actually chocolate), because Santa had no choice.  Jason had been pretty naughty, especially this last month.  He's been teasing Gilligan (our elf) a lot and even knocked him down once, resulting in hysterics from Hunter and McKay. Jason made it better by apologizing to Gilligan (which I captured on camera and can use as blackmail at any time), but coal was still in order.

Ash was a little out of it since he's not used to being woken up so early, but he quickly got into a good mood and started playing with whatever got dropped on the floor.

One of our big gifts was this basketball hoop.  Hunter starts basketball this month, and now he can practice with a decent hoop.
And McKay got his gun.  Doesn't matter that he already has several toy guns, he was thrilled to get another and starts playing with it even before it's out of the package!

I got some great jewelry, slippers, and a step stool that was labeled "To the little people, from the land of the giants."  Ha ha.

Jason got money for an AR-15.  The boys were like, "See Dad, when you're naughty you get nothing but coal and paper for Christmas!"

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Cheer

The holiday spirit has been abundant in my heart and home this year, but I've neglected taking many pictures or posting anything.  I finally realized Christmas is in 5 days and I better get my booty in gear!

Last year I was having a rough time, feeling like I was in labor for weeks, worrying about the show, trying to make decisions about the house, and wondering if I was going to make it through Christmas.  This year we're in our new home, Ashton is happy and adorable, I have the show on DVD playing in the background (bringing back nothing but happy memories), and Hunter and McKay are at the BEST age for Christmas fun.  Life is GOOD!

I worried about putting up the Christmas tree with an 11 month old, so we put it on top of the coffee table and it worked beautifully.  Hunter and McKay decorated most of it themselves.  (And continue to rearrange the ornaments daily.)

McKay was a reindeer in his pre-school Christmas play.  What's funny, is that exactly 2 years ago Hunter was a reindeer in the same play, and wore the same shirt! 

Here's a little snippet of the play.  I love the kid who plays Santa-- what talent!

We love Miss Teddy.  She had Hunter for 2 years, and McKay for 2 years. 

Oh, did you notice something different about Hunter?  That's right, now he looks like the smarty pants that he is.  New glasses. 

(He's adjusting.)

More Holiday Fun: 

Our Elf on the Shelf brought us a gingerbread house kit to put together for FHE tonight.  After delivering goodies to the neighbors we sat down and created our best gingerbread house ever. 

More holiday cheer still to come!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My friend that passed away was Haley Jo Morales, a girl I met when I moved to West Richland 7 years ago.  Her and her husband JJ became good friends with Jason and I, until they moved to New Jersey where we kept in touch only through the internet and Christmas cards. 

Her funeral was lovely.  Sad and happy at the same time.  Her family has an amazing attitude, because they all know she is with her Heavenly Father and that they will see her again.  It was obvious they were also in a lot of pain, because they miss her and they feel for JJ and her 5 kids.   

It's funny how you start to remember little, seemingly insignificant things about a person after they've passed.  Like I remember how much she like to read, and how she gave me a Jane Austen novel for my birthday one year.  I also remember being annoyed at her because she was the first person to ask me "When are you going to have another baby?"  when Hunter was a year old.  And how we used to play volleyball with her and JJ, and we'd roll our eyes at each other because our husbands got SO competitive. 

She was a beautiful person, and we are praying for her family.