Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day

Welcome school!  Welcome fall!  We missed you. We NEED you. 

Now that we're all settled we are craving the structure of school again.  Hunter thrives on structure and loves to do school work and follow rules and go to recess and you know, learn stuff.  PLUS he was excited about his fancy new school ("it has stairs and an elevator mom!"), and getting to ride the school bus with our awesome neighbor kids. 

The bus picks up at the top of our hill and it was a gorgeous day, so of course I went picture kRaZy!

 Our boys with Macy and Caden -- our across the street neighbors.

 Our house looks very far away in this picture.

Hunter had a great first day.  I picked him up since he had gymnastics after school and he was all grins.  He was almost giddy to be back in school, and then had a blast being back at gymnastics after a month break.  Then today I went and had lunch with him in the cafeteria, mostly to check out the school lunch situation and decide if he'd EVER be buying school lunches.  I have to say, I was impressed by the quality and healthy-ness ??? of the food, and we decided he'd get to buy his lunch once in awhile.  We also decided I'd come have lunch with him again.  It was fun, and I'm enjoying that he likes to have me around.  That might not last much longer.......  =(

Sunday, August 28, 2011

29 Again

Goodness I'm behind on blogging.  It's almost September and at the beginning of August I turned 29 again! 

(I might have to turn 29 again next year too.)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

...Hello Home

We got moved and things have been crazy and chaotic and well, just plain lost.  (Like my computer cords so I couldn't get pictures on here.)  What a whirlwind month!  But here's some catchup of the summer fun we've had along the way...

At the pool

At the park

And Ash has been busy honing his crawling skills

well, we're not quite sure what that is.

                                                                           Ah, the simple joys of country living

Our new neighbors are um, AWESOME.  Their kids entertain our kids almost daily.  (I think they feel sorry for us cause we don't have a yard yet.)  The other day they pulled out a slip n' slide and invited the boys over.

And once in awhile we treat ourselves to McDonalds smoothies.  They taste like summer in a cup.  Yes they do.