Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Month in One Post

I have never been so behind on, well, basically EVERYTHING.  I've always been so proud that I've kept up on scrapbooking and blogging but these last few months have been the CrAzIeSt my life has ever been.  EVER. 

Crazy but Wonderful. 

So here's one month covered in one post. 


So fun!  We went to Grandma Gilbert's house after church for dinner and easter egg hunt. 

Mothers Day:

  It was so cute to see the boys in their matching outfits go up with the primary and sing for me.  McKay also wore it to the Mothers Day Tea at preschool the Friday before:

The house has been coming along.  Hunter had fun helping us choose our paint colors:
We took a trip to Seattle to pick out Granite.  After comparing our cabinet and paint samples to a ZILLION different slabs we chose this one:

We picked the stucco, trim, and rock from TINY samples and crossed our fingers that they would look good.  We got lucky!

Getting rid of all the junk we've collected the last 7 years!  We had a big yard sale last Saturday and it felt good to let some stuff GO.  Hunter and McKay begged me to let them sell lemonade and cookies.  I had them make the sign and help with the baking.  Those little kiddos made over $20! 

So there ya have it, all caught up.  Brief, but that's all I have time for.  See ya!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Post Play Depression

This post has been a long time coming.  I've been avoiding it partly because I've been so busy, and partly because it seemed so overwhelming to try to summarize what this has been for me.  At first I was in kind of a "funk", a post- partum- play- depression, if you will.  I feel like I've been living in a spiritual bubble and have finally had to come back to real life and focus on some hard stuff I've been avoiding.
The cast party was bitter sweet.  The stage has been dismantled (sledge hammers was the only way to get it out of the stake center) and the men have all shaved their beards and cut their hair.  I had to be honest with them -- I don't like it!

I finally decided I don't have to record this whole experience on this blog.  I have a ""Savior of the World" journal, a picture souvenir book, a poster, a jumbo cast picture, an enlarged souvenir photo of the upper room scene, and I even have a piece of the stage, so I'm covered!  I'll just share a few snippets and a few random pictures out of the thousands that our photographer took. 

Here's the comittee heads with the Stake President in the middle.  We joked in the beginning that the Stake President didn't really know what he was getting us into.  By the end we were admiring his inspiration for embarking on this remarkable project.  It was truly an amazing blessing for our Stake and for the community.
Each committee went above and beyond my expectations, turning this into the most amazing production I've ever been involved in, and combined with the powerful spirit that we had, it became one of the most amazing productions I've ever seen.  We were on a spiritual high every night.  In fact, at the end we were all afraid for the performances to end.  So many people felt lifted and blessed (and even healed from illnesses and physical ailments) during this experience (including myself) that we were afraid for the blessings to end.   This was definitely one of the highlights of my life, and after reading my patriarichal blessing I realized that I had been unknowingly preparing for this since I entered the Theater program at BYU.

 The way I direct is to create pictures.  I'm always asking myself, "If I pressed pause on this scene would it look like a nice picture?"  With the combination of all the inspired elements of lighting, set, costumes, and makeup, the entire show became a gallery of beautiful artwork. 

                                        I'm not going to share some of our very tender experiences.  I've been deleting things for the last few minutes, so I'm just going to say that we truly felt that the Savior was walking among us.  In our home lives and at the show, we've never felt him so close.  As a cast (hopefully the audience as well) we had to ask ourselves, how would we feel if he stood before us? 

Our beautiful angels and dancers:

The live orchestra was a challenge, but worth it in the end.  I really didn't want our ensemble to have to follow a music track.  The live music really made it special. 

Our wonderful stage manager Aimee.  The real muscle behind the show!

I can't tell you how much I love the men that were a part of this.  They were so dedicated and even grew real beards.  ALL of the beards in the show were completely real!  It was so much fun to work with Cleoplas and the Disciple-- their scenes became some of my favorite.

Zacharias' beard was one of the best!

My parents, Raj, and Anjuli's family came up to see it.  (My Dad was the one snapping all the pictures.)  I was glad to have their support and to finally show them what I'd been dedicating all my time to.

On the final night of performances Sarah and I put on angel costumes after intermission and went back stage. We didn't tell the cast we were going to do it, and I wasn't sure how they'd react. As they began coming down from the colonnade and saw us some of them cried and hugged us, and all of them beamed at us. Once there was room, we went up onto the stage with the other angels. I was planning to stand in the back and not get in their way, but when they saw me they grabbed me, pulled me to the front, and hugged me. Everyone was in tears. And I got to see the upper room scene from the colonnade, which was my goal. The atmosphere was very temple-like, and I felt like I'd crossed to the other side and was being greeted by my friends.  Jason was sitting in the front row and I could see him smiling at me. 

Then I joined the angels for the finale, who surrounded the audience to sing the final number.  I panicked slightly when the lights didn't go down after the curtain call.  "Why didn't the lights go down!!! What's wrong?!!"  I thought.  That's when the Stake President got up and presented all of the committee heads with a framed photo of the upper room scene.  I came forward to accept mine, in my angel costume, and felt overwhelmed and humbled by the recognition.  This was not my had truly been the Lord's the whole time. 
Since it was the night before Easter, we asked the audience to join us in singing "Jesus Once of Humble Birth" one more time.   Everyone pulled Jason up to come stand by me and we got to hug each other during the last song.  The feeling in the room was undescribable. 

So depression it is not, but post-play SOMETHING is what I'm feeling now.  Like coming back to earth after walking with angels.

I actually feel busier now.  It finally hit me that I have three kids.  I've been able to escape to rehearsal or performances for months, and I've never been Ashton's mom without also directing this show.  It feels weird and a little overwhelming, especially since things with the house are getting hard.  We're having to make a lot of decisions about flooring, counters, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, etc.  Plus I've been trying to pack up and sell the house we're currently in.  Oh, and did I mention Jason transferred to another PD?  And he's working TONS of overtime? 

I'm NOT complaing, really.  It's all good stuff, it's just A LOT of good stuff all at once!  A major transition to the next stage of life.  And I have the best most beautiful 4 month old baby ever, so I'm really a lucky gal.  I really do feel very happy and VERY blessed for having done this show.