Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sneak Peeks

We drove out to the new house this week and for the first time found it completely devoid of trucks or workers.  It was somewhat clean so I decided it was a good time to take lots of pictures.  Want to see a little of the inside? 

When you walk in the front door:

Fireplace with guest bedroom to the right:

Dining nook with office behind:


Master bedroom with balcony:  (The balcony was a dream of ours!  We'll be able to stand out there and spy on the horses.)

Master bathroom:

Play room:

Stairs with dining room behind and music room to the left:

Well, that was a pretty poor tour but it's hard to tell what's what at this stage anyway.

Savior of the World Update:
The show is going great!  It's been both draining and fulfilling at the same time.  (How does that work?)  It's been rough having a new baby and having to be at rehearsal 5 days a week, but it's already been an amazing experience.  Last night we rehearsed the scene in the upper room where Christ appears to the apostles for the first time.  Sarah and I were in tears as we watched the looks on each mans face as they reached to touch his hands and feet.  It's just impossible not to cry at every rehearsal.  I mean, how do you watch a scene with Mary Magdalene singing a song about her grief and not need tissues?  Note to self: Get waterproof mascara.

We gave the stake a little sneak peek at a fireside on Sunday night.  We had the orchestra play, some of the leads performed an upbeat number in costume, a short dance number, and then a few speakers.  Our dramaturg spoke on the traditions and culture of the time, the temple president spoke about the temple rituals, and I spoke on the purpose of the angels.  We had it on the stage which isn't quite finished but is looking awesome.  Here's a few pics I snapped at rehearsals this week to remember the placement of characters:

The Women of Christ:
 The Shepherds visit Mary and Joseph:
 The Shepherds on our shepherds hill:
 More women of Christ:

Here's me with my co-director Sarah on the right and our Stage Manager Aimee on the left:

And my assistant director asleep on the job!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blessing Day

Sunday February 6, 2011
Ashton Clark Gilbert was blessed by his father in the Desert Hills Ward in West Richland. 

We were lucky enough to have lots of family attend, including Great Grandma Gilbert and both sets of Grandparents.  Then we had a lovely luncheon at the house afterwards.  It pretty much mirrored what we've done in the past with the other two kids, so I guess we had to keep the tradition going. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011


So after I posted this picture of Jason and Ash, Anjuli emailed me a picture of Brandon with Cardon as a newborn.  It almost looks like the same picture.  Cool, huh?