Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm a Proud Daughter

Just more evidence of why my Dad is amazing and why he's probably the person I admire most.  Go HERE to read an article that Deseret News wrote about him.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Time

The best part of fall is definitely the pumpkins.  What makes them so endearing?  I dunno, I just love 'em. 
We're always excited about our annual field trip to the pumpkin patch and harvest festival.  Here's the boys with Hunters old and McKay's current preschool teacher, Miss Felicia. 

They had a blast in the straw bale maze,

the petting zoo,

the straw pyramid,

and then finally got to ride the wagon out to the pumpkin patch!

McKay found a teeny tiny one and asked if we could bring it home for his baby brother.  Awwww.....

Finally they each found the perfect pumpkin.

Then last night we had our annual FHE pumpkin carving and Halloween treat. 

While Jason worked on the big pumpkin they colored all over their little ones. 

The finished product:

Then Hunter designed this cylops pumpkin with our wooden decorations:

With the lights turned off:

For our treat we attempted these adorable candy corn parfaits:  (Thanks Kirsten!)

It was a lot of layering of Halloween goodness, and we may have gotten a little carried away with the pudding.  They were still delicious, though not as pretty!

All around it was a thumbs up night!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Church Callings

***Warning!  This is a long one, but I need to get it written down.*** 

Someone asked me how primary was going, and I realized I haven't updated on that. WAS going great.  I was really getting the hang of it and loving the children.  The primary president told me I had the best calling in the church, and I slowly began to realize how true that was.  Plus Hunter and I loved being together during singing time and I always got a big hug from him before he headed off to class. 

Our primary program was early this year-- September 12th-- and it was wonderful.  I had "bribed" the kids with a big silver gift box tied with several colorful ribbons.  Each ribbon represented a song we were singing, and over the weeks we tore the ribbons off the present as they perfected each song.  At the bottom of the ribbons was a large gold ribbon-- the program ribbon-- the final ribbon they got to take off once the program was complete.  Inside they found a note that said,
"You sang so sweetly today!  Here's something sweet for you."  Besides a rose for the pianist there was tons of candy and primary stickers inside.  They absolutely loved it. 

The very next Sunday was my last Sunday in primary.  Hunter cried and cried.   He still tells me how he needs me in primary, and acts sulky when I don't go with him. 

So what happened? 

Another calling of course.  A rather large, demanding one.  Our Stake has decided to produce the stage production of "Savior of the World" in April, the musical that was written and performed by the church during the Salt Lake Olympics at the new theater by the conference center. 

When I first heard about it I was frustrated by my pregnancy, thinking "bad timing" and that I wouldn't be involved at all. 


I'm directing the dang thing.

Now I don't want you to think I'm insane.  I DID protest.  I spoke to the producers on the phone, letting them know I could be an acting or vocal coach, but that I'm having a baby.  A BABY.  I gave them advice on how to run the show, auditions, etc, and thought I was clear that I was willing to help but could not be counted on.  Since I'm due Jan 5th and the rehearsals begin the next week.... well really this should be a no brainer, right? 

A few weeks went by and then I got a call from the Stake President.  He wanted to come to the house and speak to Jason and I.  We set a time and then Jason and I speculated which one of us was in trouble.  Deep down I knew what it was about and prepared my rejection speech.  He was prepared for it.  They had come up with a solution, he said.  I was to have a co-director and everyone would be very understanding of my situation.  I agreed to do it.  Jason agreed to support me.  And that was that.  I waited until the primary program was over, and dove in. 

The script is beautiful, the music is so touching, and the commitee members are wonderful.  We've been having regular committee meetings, my co-director Sarah and I have been meeting once a week (and emailing and texting constantly), the set design is almost perfected (and massively ambitious!), and now we're in audition week!  (Which is probably what made me think to start documenting all this.)  We've already had two nights of auditions and tonight is going to be another long one.  Then there's callbacks, orchestra auditions, casting decisions, a cast fireside, technical meetings, and hopefully a few chorus rehearsals-- all before Christmas break. 

Stressful?  Massive?  Overwhelming?  Absolutely. 
Worth it?  Definitely.

It's been a long hard pregnancy, and I've gotten into a bit of a spiritual funk lately.  In the beginning when I was shying away from this project I was also thinking, "maybe I need this.  Maybe this will get me through."   Studying the script, the history, and the music has been wonderful.  Everyone in the cast is going to be challenged to read Jesus the Christ, and I began reading it this week.  Auditions has also been quite an experience.  At the end of each person's audition we ask them to share a brief testimony of the Savior with us.  It has been amazing to hear the testimonies and receive revelation about certain people and the parts they should play. 

SO.  If you're in my stake and haven't auditioned yet....there's still time.  If you're going to be in the Tri-Cities area the two weeks before Easter--- you must come!  It will be quite a show.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Jason and I took a much needed break and escaped to Maui for a few days.  We figured it was our last chance before we become sleep deprived and covered in baby goop.  It was very nice except for the fact that I swelled up like a baby whale.  (Don't expect any swim suit pictures.)

We had to go to Mamas Fish House, the best restaurant in the world, for our favorite drinks-- coconut mint refreshers.  Oh how I dreamt of these when my nausea was at its worst!

Among other delights we had Mahi Mahi in a coconut sauce that was divine, and this chocolate caramel pie for dessert.  Heaven.
(I will be reliving this meal whilst in labor-- it will be my happy place.   =) 

We had to check on Hunter's banana tree:

And snorkel with the turtles.  

If you think that being preggo stopped me from boogie boarding and snorkeling you'd be wrong.  (But if you think I felt like an old crippled lady while doing them-- you'd be right.) 

We visited the Banyan Tree in Lahaina at sunset-- when all the Minah birds were squawking their heads off.  (Jason may have gotten bombed.)
You can listen to how loud they are -- if you want. 

We took a hike in beautiful Iao Valley (Didn't help my swollen feet),
Drove past the lava fields,

and enjoyed the ocean. 

Yes, definitely my happy place.  =)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

While You Were Sleeping

McKay frequently sneaks out of bed to try to watch TV with us.  It's a common sight to find him sound asleep in the hallway.

That can't be comfortable.

Friday, October 1, 2010

With my Bare Hands

Boys, Boys.....
That's my life.  Sword fighting, wrestling, punching, shooting-- everything becomes a weapon in our house.  (As I'm typing McKay is using a hanger and pretending to shoot arrows from it.) 

Last week we moved all our furniture to get our carpets cleaned, and while we were waiting for the carpet man to come we used the family room as a fight zone.  The guys were wrestling and sword fighting, but McKay got serious and decided he didn't need a weapon to take down Dad.
  Take a look:

AND.... Happy Birthday to my little sister Anjuli!!!