Sunday, July 25, 2010


 My parents offered to harbor me and the kids for a few weeks in an attempt to lessen my pregnant misery.  I jumped at the chance to escape the heat and my messy house in exchange for some ocean air and distractions.  The kids had been pretty bored sitting at the house watching me get sick and were thrilled to go to Grandmas house.

So I packed the kids up and off we went!
(Ok, not literally.)

65 degree weather.  A big yard to play in.  Oh the joys!

We went to the beach and it was really too cold to swim, but that didn't stop McKay from trying.  I should have known and just put him in a swim suit--- he did the same thing last year.

We went with the family of one of my Dads friends that happened to be in town on vacation.  He was my Dads partner from BYU when they were doing their Masters thesis project in engineering.  He knew my Dad before he joined the church and before he married my Mom.  It was fun to hear stories and spend the day with them. 
We spent a day at the aquarium of course...
After a week at my parents house we decided I was feeling well enough to visit my sister in Pasadena.  My boys were anxious to see their new cousin so my Mom drove us Southern Cal to see him.
Then the next day we decided to drive to San Diego and take the kids to the Zoo and Sea World.  Here's McKay at the petting zoo.  He turned into quite the little goat whisperer and we had to drag him away.
We finally convinced him there was more to see than just goats.
Sea World was awesome.  I hadn't been there since I was 6 years old, and I was just as giddy as the kids were.  We all got a little too much sun, but it was fun to see the kids so engrossed in the shows.
After a few days in So. Cal we decided to head back North and began the long drive back to Monterey.  We took the 101 along the coast and stopped in Solvang-- a Danish themed tourist town.  We spent about an hour exploring and had lunch at a small Danish restaurant and had their famous abelskivers for dessert.

Sorry about the lack of pictures.  Yes I was on this trip, but I really didn't feel like getting my picture taken since I feel awful and henceforth have been looking awful.  My mom and sis were also there but I was just a bad picture taker this trip.

We're back home now and dealing with 100 degree heat.  We immediately pulled out our kiddie pool and the kids have spent everyday in the backyard splashing and swimming while I attempt to unpack and do laundry.  (I took pictures on my phone but they won't load.  Grrr....)   

I also went to church today for the first time in awhile and tried to deal with primary.  I'm the new primary chorister and haven't got a clue what I'm doing.  The pianist is the former primary president, the president is the former chorister, and her counselors have all been in the Stake primary presidency (did you catch all that?), so they don't really feel the need to explain things to me even though I haven't been in primary since I was 12.  It's pretty embarrassing when all the teachers know the songs better than me, and I'm scrambling to lead birthday songs, welcome songs, article of faith songs, practice songs, reverence songs, and then 20 minutes of singing time.  I came home from church and collapsed-- it was exhausting!  Now I only have 6 days to come up with something fun and exciting for next week, and the primary program is just a month away......

Anyone had this calling before?  Help!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holly and Devin's Wedding

Jason's littlest sister--the baby of the family-- got married just three weeks after his brother.  (I think they wanted to see if they could give my mother in law a nervous breakdown.)   Aren't they a beautiful couple? 

They got married in the Portland Temple and the weather was perfect.  It made for a nice outdoor reception too.  I wasn't feeling very good so these were all the pictures I got. 
By the way-- we like Devin, he's a good guy even though he's taking Holly away from us for the next 4 years so he can go to medical school in St. Louis.  A little selfish, but, I guess we understand.  =)