Monday, June 28, 2010

A Visit to my New Nephew

It was killing me that I couldn't go when he was born or for the blessing, so I decided to go right when we got back from Wyoming and Utah.  Of course when I booked the ticket I felt great and fully intended to fly down there to help out.  Luckily Cardon is an angel baby because Anj ended up having to take care of me!

The minute she picked me up from the airport she started feeding me well.  In the car she handed me a bag full of food she thought might help me get through the day.  She cooked and baked for me and even took me to the Huntington tea room for lunch one day:
I'm seriously jealous of how good this baby is!  He let us drag him around town and hardly complained.
He even sat patiently in his car seat while we got pedicures.

I didn't feel good most of the time and wasn't much fun, but it was nice to just relax and hang with a mellow baby instead of my unruly and exhausting boys.  Thanks for the sista time and for taking care of me Anj!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yellowstone was exciting for the boys.  Hunter had seen pictures from an old scrapbook of mine and had been begging to go for awhile.  He was fascinated by the mountains and the hotpools and geysers. 
The Grizzly and Wolf Encounter in West Yellowstone:
There were tons of Buffalo in the park.  The kids thought it was weird that we were eating Buffalo jerky in the car while we were watching Buffalo on the side of the road.  McKay thought they were cool but Hunter was able to read all the warning signs of people getting gored and they made him deathly afraid of them.  You can hear him in the video telling us not to get any closer.  His comments are priceless!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jamming with Uncle Raj

Once we left Utah we headed to see some family in Wyoming. We stayed at my Uncle's house in Star Valley (and failed to take pictures) and then headed to Jackson Hole to stay with my brother Raj.  The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE their Uncle Raj because he's way more fun than Mom and Dad......Duh!

They spent a lot of time on music appreciation....
and had some jammin' sessions!
Watch this video to see a major drum solo!  (After which Hunter declared -- I'm VERY good at this!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visiting Friends and the "Y"

Hunter has known where he is going to college for the last 2 years...BYU of course!  We promised him we'd stop and show him the campus while we were in the neighborhood.  I remember visiting campus with my parents when I was a kid and I know that helped me feel comfortable there.  He loved the "Y" on the mountatin.

We had to stop and get ice cream at the creamery.

And visit the new Alumni building.

I asked Hunter if he liked the campus, and he told me he loved it!  Just 12 more years before he can go!

We also got to go out to dinner and spend the evening with some of our favorite people!  My friend Becca and her husband LeGrand from Fresno live in Springville now, and we got to go hang out for a night.

Becca and I had fun catching up while LeGrand and Jason threw a football around the yard. 

The boys thought that Brayden was pretty cool too. 

I also got a chance to meet up with some college friends-- Alisa and Morgan.  We had a good ole' time letting our kids play and sending the husbands out for food to feed their starving pregnant wives.  Here we are showing our pregnant bellies.  Alisa's very pregnant, Morgan's pretty pregnant, and I'm just a little pregnant.  Morgan and Derek totally rocked and watched our kids for us while we went to the temple for Holly that night.  Gosh I miss seeing these gals all the time!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Alan's Wedding

Jason's brother got married in the Bountiful Temple on May 28th, so we took a road trip to Utah so we wouldn't miss it!

The view from the temple is beautiful-- even though it rained most of the day it was still nice.

The happy couple...

Jason's sister Holly went through the temple the night before so she could come to the sealing.  She's getting married next week!
The boys love Uncle Alan!!

Hunter seems to be saying, "Have a nice honeymoon!"

The next day we hit temple square so we could fulfill one of Hunter's requests.  A few months ago there was a picture of this Christ statue on the cover of the Friend and he told me, "Can we go there?"  Luckily we already had this trip planned, so I was thrilled to tell him --- "YES!"  And here we are!

Temple square has so many awesome new exhibits that I'd never seen before, so we had a special day. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Misery is...

Feeling constantly nauseaus yet needing to eat constantly in order to keep from vomiting.  Sometimes I fail at eating enough to satisfy the new occupant in my body, and then I end up heaving over the kitchen sink in agony for the rest of the day.  Because once I lose the battle, the rest of the day is shot. the way, I'm pregnant.

I really wanted to announce this in a cheerful way, but it's hard to be thrilled about something that's currently making you miserable.  To add insult to injury, my due date was pushed back after an ultrasound that showed I was only 6 weeks along, rather than the 8 I had calculated.  That really bummed me out.  But now I'm 9 weeks along and the end of the morning sickness is in sight......hopefully.  It lasted well beyond the first trimester with my previous pregnancies, but here's hoping. 

And I will not be singing in NATS Nationals in July. 

I know.  I don't want to talk about it. 

I've had a rough few weeks, trying to get through the end of school, my student recital, and packing up and going on a 8 day road trip through Utah, Wyoming, Yellowstone, and Montana.  I actually did pretty good on the road trip until our last day, when I was forced to literally spill my guts on the side of the freeway between Missoula and home.  In the rain.  Twice. 

That night at home and the entire next day (yesterday) were awful -- the worst I've had.  Jason actually threatened to take me to the hospital this morning because I was so weak and miserable, but I protested and forced some food down.  I remember my hospitalization when I was pregnant with McKay too well, and I WILL NOT go through that awfulness again.  (I just CAN'T do IV's.)  And yes, I'm on medication.  They gave me the good expensive stuff right away this time, but it only works if I eat on this kids schedule.

Today has been better.  I've forced lots of food down and Jason has made me about 10 smoothies with lots of ice to get my fluids up.  He's been an angel.  Whatever I want he gets for me, or does it.  He pretty much did everything on our trip and is doing everything at home now.  And he's doing it all with only one arm!  He injured his shoulder in Utah and is home from work for awhile, but he's hardly getting a vacation.  He's really been amazing. 

I have so many pictures from the trip and great stories (we really did have a blast), but I can't dive into it yet.  Give me some time....I'll eventually get to it.  For now, here's a quote from Hunter that made me laugh after eating breakfast at our hotel in West Yellowstone:

ME: "Well Hunter, we came, we ate, we conquered!  Right?"
HUNTER: "No mommy.  We came, we ate, and I got a stomach ache."