Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Finally Here!

So remember how last weekend I mentioned Jason was flying to Utah to pick up our new minivan?  Well, it didn't exactly work out that way since he was flying standby and didn't get on a flight.  So I had to wait another week for my van, but now it's finally here!

Meet the newest member of our family:
2009 Kia Sedona
--The vehicle that will transport me through the next ten years of momhood--

The boys like it too.  They had fun climbing all over it and Hunter kept saying "We can fit 7 people in here!"
Now we're ready for our roadtrip to Utah in May!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Am I a Bad Mom?

I mean, I usually don't think I am.  But tonight....well, tonight I've been bad. 

I'm talking about the S word.  That's right, sugar.  That evil substance that seems to be in everything we like to eat, usually hiding in some long word that ends in "ose."  (aka. sucralose, glucose, etc...) 

I've been pretty good about limiting sugar lately.  After Christmas I felt like the boys were addicted to candy and treats, so I've been trying to limit their sugar intake ever since.  Their Easter baskets will be mostly books this year, and I'm insansely proud of myself about that. 

But tonight I lost all self control and gave into every whiny request that was thrown at me.  The boys and I went to Yokes tonight to mail a package, but they're signed up for the "kids club" so every time we go they get a treat bag.  Usually it has a granola bar, fruit snacks, or a capri sun in it.  One time they got a bottle of water and a tootsie roll.  These are the kind of treat bags I don't mind, and they are usually delighted about whatever is given to them. 

But tonight when they received their bags and  peered inside I saw confusion and disappointment on their faces.  Hunter quietly (and heartbreakingly) looked at me and said, "Is there anything else for me?"  I looked in his bag and he had gotten a small pad of paper with an Easter theme on the front.  I thought it was a good prize, but apparently the boys were expecting something edible. 

Now, if I had gotten screams, demands, or tantrums of any kind I would have sternly marched them straight out of the store and lectured them about gratitude.  But they didn't act like that.  So naturally, I felt obligated to buy them a treat.   (This is where I disappeared and push-over mom took over my body.) 

Usually McKay's treat of choice is a donut, but when we got to the donuts they were all gone (being that it was 5:00 pm).  He put his hands on his face and began to cry.  "Mommy, who took all the donuts?" he kept asking.  Push-over Mom was filled with pity and rushed to his side.  She hugged him and said, "Look honey, there's a box of donut holes over here we can get."  (See, this is how I know I wasn't present.  I would have realized that bringing a box of donut holes home is a bad idea because I would end up eating most of them.)

Hunter got excited about the donut holes and proceeded to put them in the cart.  McKay on the other hand noticed the fancy decorated cookies behind the glass in the bakery section and decided that's what he wanted.  Most of them were way too expensive but I found a few cookies for .99 cents.  Push-over Mom asked McKay, "Do you want one of these cookies, or the donut holes?"  McKay wanted a cookie.  Hunter wanted the donuts.  I realized that if I bought McKay a cookie he'd want donut holes too, and then Hunter would feel gyped. 

SO.  (This is the part where I was very, very bad.)  We bought two cookies AND the box of donut holes. 

OH, and I forgot to mention that Hunter's preschool teachers had given him a "Enjoy your Spring Break" cupcake to take home and on the way out gave me one for McKay as well.  They had both eaten these cupcakes minutes before we left for Yokes. 

Yeah.  I'm awesome. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Nephew

Here he is--
Cardon James Boyce. 

I want to jump on a plane to hold this little muffin so bad!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lucky and Unlucky

St. Patrick's Day is supposed to bring luck, but we've had our share of bad luck over the last few days too.  Here's a little list of the highlights:

Unlucky: A pesky leprechaun has been terrorizing Hunter's preschool classroom this week by leaving messes.
Lucky: Each kid in his class made a special leprechaun trap to get rid of the problem! Here's Hunters:

(He put his pirate treasure inside to lure the unsuspecting creature!)

Unlucky: Jason had to work yesterday so we couldn't have our traditional crockpot corned beef and cabbage dinner.

Lucky: We made up for it by having it a day late.  I made irish soda bread and pistachio cake to go with it.  It was SO delicious.

Unlucky: Under the threat of not getting any pistachio cake Hunter forced down too much corned beef and cabbage resulting in mid-dinner vomiting.

Lucky: Jason and I had already eaten our fill.

Unlucky: Our seat cushion, part of the carpet, part of the couch...

Lucky: Hunter gets to be Star of the Week at preschool next week.

Unlucky: After getting a pencil to fill out his Star of the Week questionaire, Hunter had the pencil stolen from him by McKay who then fell on it.  It went up his nose and then blood started pouring out.

Lucky: He's okay.  The bleeding stopped and we decided there's no major damage.

Unlucky: Jason has to get up to catch a 5 am flight in the morning so he's going to bed early which means I have another evening alone tonight.

Lucky: He's flying to Utah to pick up our new minivan!

                           And Finally-

VERY LUCKY: My sister Anjuli had her baby today!  On her due date!  YAYAYAY!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


And where did he come from?

I dunno....

Monday, March 8, 2010

Las Vegas

Jason and I escaped to Vegas this past weekend and it was a much needed trip.  It was great to have some alone time but I have to admit, it made us feel a bit old.  We walked a lot, ate a lot, stayed up way too late, and even though we didn't drink a drop of alcohol, ended up feeling like we had a hang-over.  Maybe it's mandatory to feel like that in Vegas!

I was not good at taking pictures on this trip.  I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of our evening with Morgan and Derek-- our college friends from BYU that live in Vegas now.  We spent an evening at their house meeting their kids and eating In N Out Burgers and fancy cupcakes.  It was SO good to see them and revisit old memories.  I love you Morgan! 

Here's where we stayed on the strip--

Here's the Paris hotel that we headed to the minute we got hungry.  I KNEW we'd find some good French food somewhere around there, and after checking out EVERY menu on the premises decided to pay the
money for the buffet.  IT. WAS. WORTH. IT.

Watching the fountain show at the Bellagio-

Outside Caesar's palace is a copy of my favorite statue in the world, The Winged Victory.  Had to get a picture. (Who needs to go to Europe when you can get all this in one place?) 
The other thing I was amazed by was the flower arrangements in the hotels.  Amazing right? 
We also caught some shows including the Excalibur dinner show and KA, a Cirque Du Soleil production that amazed us. 
If it weren't for the gambling, half naked women, and cigarette smoke it would have been a perfect
weekend.  (Well, and the fact that I came home with a sinus infection.)