Monday, February 22, 2010


"I'm Luke Skywalker"
he said.
Have a far out day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

V-Day Weekend

Hunter's preschool invited parents to come in and read Valentines with the kids at the end of their Valentines Day party.  He got a bag full of treats and cards from his classmates and was thrilled.  Really, he was thrilled.

See, here's his thrilled face:
(Goodness, he acts like smiling for a picture is torture.  All of his smiles look forced and pained.)

Friday night we went to Chuck E Cheese with Craig and Angie for Jack's 2nd birthday.  I didn't take many pictures since Jason and I were busy chasing the boys around and playing a few games ourselves.  (Jason and Craig played video games and I indulged in a little skee-ball.)
The boys had a blast playing air hockey and everything else. 
Happy Birthday Jack!

Overwhelmed by the romantic atmosphere of Chuck E Cheese, we decided to skip our v-day date this year.  Actually we exchanged cards but didn't do anything else in order to save money for an upcoming trip.  So that was the extent of our Valentines fun this year.  I didn't make cookies or pull out any decorations or anything.  (I think I'm still burnt out from Christmas!)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well it hasn't snowed again, and we've been pretty sad about that since most of the boys Christmas involved getting sleds, snow pants, snow boots and gloves.  In fact it's starting to feel like Spring is coming.  We've had a lot of sunny days and the weather has been hovering around 50 degrees which is wonderful unless you have kids who dream about sledding and building a snowman. 

The up-side is that they've gotten to use their jeep more than I thought they would.  Well, until it broke down.  Right now it's in the shop getting fixed.  That's right people, there are power wheels mechanics who specialize in fixing these things.  Apparently we are just waiting for a new radio since on top of everything else that was broken too. 

I know.     


Here are some pictures I took the day it broke down:

Hunter was thrilled to be driving his "own car" and got pretty good at staying straight on the sidewalk.  He even insisted on stopping at the stop sign. 
We decided to drive to the park since it was such a nice day.  Everything was peachy until it was McKay's turn to drive.  Hunter didn't have much patience with Kay's lack of driving skills.  He got pretty frustrated.  I think this is what my Dad looked like when he was teaching me how to drive:
He got happy again when we got out to play at the park.

Of course on the way back home the darn thing broke and I had to push it  (that's right, push it!) back to the house.  Hopefully we'll get it back soon and continue drivers ed.  =)