Friday, December 24, 2010

It's a Merry Christmas because...

*I FINALLY got my computer back and in working order.  I thought it would never happen.  After taking it to Best Buy they said it would be 7-10 days, but then called a few days later and said that it would be longer due to "equipment problems."  Then they called a few days after that and said our hard drive was completely fried and we'd have to come in and pay for a new one before they could start on it.  I got SO far behind on work, blogging, and finances that it was REALLY stressing me out.  But luckily we got it back this week and I was able to just about catch up.

*Even though I'm SO pregnant, 3 centimeters, and having irregular contractions, it looks like we'll make it through Christmas.  I need to take another belly shot since this one is about 3 weeks old, but this is my most recent one, taken as I was about to go sing at Christmas party: 

*We had our least dramatic Santa experience.  Neither boy was shy, but approached Santa and excitedly told him what they wanted with no freak outs.  Hunter asked for a skateboard and McKay asked for a gun.  I dare say neither will be disappointed...

*We've had just enough snow to have some fun, but it hasn't really been too much.  Here are the men enjoying our neighborhood sledding spot.  Sadly I wasn't in any condition to join them, but had fun watching.

*Our best Christmas present this year.....the new house!  Here's some pictures of the progress. 
This is the land from the road coming into the "canyon".  Our lot is the one on the other side of the finished house with the trucks parked all over it.

Our bit of Earth, all smoothed out and ready.

Then the snow hit, and we waited and waited for the gound to cooperate...

Then voila, the snow melted enough for the foundation to get poured and the framing to begin!  We took my dad the expert out there yesterday to "inspect" the job site.

McKay was fascinated by the "working men" sawing the wood.  He's very interested in construction-- an interest that prompted a few of his Christmas presents.

*My parents are here for the duration of our Christmas festivities-- in fact, my Mom and I are about to start baking pies for tonight's feast.  She's been here for a week already, and thank goodness because my entire family came down with the flu and she was a life saver.  Then we'll just wait for the baby....

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sorry for the Suspense!

I'm so sorry to leave you all hanging!  Our computer got a virus and is in the shop for a week!  I'm borrowing internet time at my cousin's house so I can't post pictures yet, but I can finally say what the news is.

We're building a house.  After 2 years of house hunting we decided, no, we were led to the right piece of land in the right neighborhood and are beginning to build.  They were SUPPOSED to pour the foundation last week, but it started snowing so things are kind of on hold right now.  I'll be sure to post the pictures I have and any updates as it's being built!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pumpkin pie is SO good! Why do I only make it once a year?

  Thanksgiving was delicious.  I've almost eaten two pumpkin pies all by myself, but you know what?  I don't care.  The nice thing about being 8 months pregnant at this time of year is that I don't HAVE to care!  Ha ha ha!  (Evil laugh.) 
I also discovered something new.  Mixing cinnamon into the whip cream before putting it on the pie takes it to another level.  Heaven.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving at McKay's preschool with a little program and luncheon.  The kids sang some Thanksgiving songs, (Hunter joined in since he already knew the songs from his day),
and then the principal read "Stone Soup" while the kids added a bit of vegtable brought from home to add to the pot.
Then voila, the soup was "done" and we enjoyed it with rolls, apple cider, and cookies.

On a sad note, my voice teacher Elaine moved last week.  I attended one of her other student's recitals and we had a small tribute to her after the program.  Pregnant and emotional as I already am, it was quite a sob fest for me.  I realized I didn't have a picture with her, (probably because she HATES pictures), but for once I didn't care and made her pose for one.  (She is on the right and my most trusted accompianist Patti is on the left.) 
This woman taught me much more than vocal technique.  She was like having a therapist and the most talented voice teacher combined in one.  I'll miss her so much!

Lastly, winter has come early this year.  I usually love snow, but only AFTER December 1st.  The weather and roads have been so bad that we've hardly gone out much and are starting to get cabin fever.  It started Monday morning and within a few hours our yard looked like this:
The kids were thrilled and woke me up holding coats and snow boots.  They spent an hour outside before breakfast and have tried to play in it as much as possible. 

And they loved playing swords with the icicles they picked off of Jason's truck:
Yes, little kids in hats and mittens is adorable, but I'm still not loving this weather.  It's not just the fact that I'm huge and have to walk on ice and snow with NO sense of balance.  There's another reason, but I can't get into it tonight.  I have a big announcement to make and more pictures to post, but I have to go to bed now.  (I'm already pregnant, so what could it be???  Hee hee hee...  more evil laughter.)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Soccer Wrap Up

Tomorrow will be the first Saturday this fall that we won't be trekking off to soccer first thing in the morning. The boys are a little bummed, but this tired momma is ready for the break until Spring.  (I finally got to take my mini van to soccer practice though!  I'm officially a "soccer mom!")
For our first soccer experience, this season couldn't have gone better.  Before we began I worried that Hunter wouldn't be a team sport kind of guy.  He's always been a lightning fast runner, but I was afraid he wouldn't be agressive enough to ever go for the ball.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  He is definitely Jason's son!
This year we have seen a new Hunter.  At school, gymnastics, and soccer he has become a confident and competitive little firecracker. 
Every week he proved to be an impressive forward and scored several goals.  For some reason though, he LOVED playing goalie!

McKay wasn't signed up this year, but the coaches let him warm up with the team using an extra ball.  He's GOOD too! 
Once the game started he was happy to sit with me and help cheer for his brother.  On Halloween weekend my parents were visiting and came to watch the game.  Both boys loved showing off for their grandparents.

With soccer over, I'm even more grateful for gymnastics!  Hunter's really loving it this year and McKay's enjoying his first taste of it in the 3-4 yr old class.

I've just been so impressed with their athleticism this year, and am glad they have outlets for their energy.  They like to pretend our family room is a gymnastics studio or boxing ring, so I'm seriously considering covering the play room in our next house with wrestling mats!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Guilty Tooth Fairy

   I figured Hunter would start losing his baby teeth at any time, but hadn't really been focusing on that with everything else going on.  Then suddenly I noticed one day that he had a permanent tooth growing behind his front bottom teeth--- with no sign of any baby teeth falling out.  I took him to the dentist on Monday and they said he had another one growing next to it, and that each permanant tooth was the size of two baby teeth.  In short they'd have to remove his front 4 bottom teeth to make room for the two new ones.  Thankfully they didn't have time to do it that day so we made an appointment to return on Tuesday.  I was grateful for this because I wanted Jason to take him, what with my pregnancy nausea and weak stomach.  He needed someone strong to go with him! 
Here's a picture of his perfect baby teeth the night before:

The poor kid didn't really know what was coming.  Jason said he did fine during the procedure-- they drugged him up pretty good and he watched a movie.  But once he got home the pain and realization kicked in, and he was kind of a wreck.  He was upset that he missed an entire day of school and gymnastics, was upset by the sight of his teeth, was upset by the blood and drooling, and began acting angry at us for letting this happen to him.  We gave him tylenol, finally convinced him to lay on the couch and relax, and got him some soft food to eat.  After a few hours he was fine and delighted by the smashed up food and pudding he received.  Mostly he was excited by the promise of a visit from the tooth fairy. 
Here's his new smile before bed that night:
His teeth are in that little blue treasure box, and he was thrilled to put them under his pillow.  The tooth fairy felt AWFUL about everything he'd been through, so she was extra generous (out of guilt) and gave him $1 per tooth plus an extra for being so brave.  (This was all explained to him in a note she left with the money.)
Hopefully he doesn't expect this kind of generosity for every tooth he loses, or else the tooth fairy will go broke!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm a Proud Daughter

Just more evidence of why my Dad is amazing and why he's probably the person I admire most.  Go HERE to read an article that Deseret News wrote about him.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Time

The best part of fall is definitely the pumpkins.  What makes them so endearing?  I dunno, I just love 'em. 
We're always excited about our annual field trip to the pumpkin patch and harvest festival.  Here's the boys with Hunters old and McKay's current preschool teacher, Miss Felicia. 

They had a blast in the straw bale maze,

the petting zoo,

the straw pyramid,

and then finally got to ride the wagon out to the pumpkin patch!

McKay found a teeny tiny one and asked if we could bring it home for his baby brother.  Awwww.....

Finally they each found the perfect pumpkin.

Then last night we had our annual FHE pumpkin carving and Halloween treat. 

While Jason worked on the big pumpkin they colored all over their little ones. 

The finished product:

Then Hunter designed this cylops pumpkin with our wooden decorations:

With the lights turned off:

For our treat we attempted these adorable candy corn parfaits:  (Thanks Kirsten!)

It was a lot of layering of Halloween goodness, and we may have gotten a little carried away with the pudding.  They were still delicious, though not as pretty!

All around it was a thumbs up night!