Friday, October 30, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

First Jason went to the pumpkin carving night at the preschool where the dads were invited to help. They came home with a scary looking pumpkin.

Then for FHE we carved pumpkins and made cupcakes.
The boys were so excited.
They got ready...

And then waited for Dad to get all the "yucky stuff" out... (McKay acted like he was gagging)

Then decided where the pumpkin face pieces were going to go...

Decorated some cupcakes...

Then went outside to admire the final products.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Perfect Pumpkin

It was field trip day at school and so we headed to the pumpkin patch to hunt for the perfect pumpkin!This is our favorite fall activity and we usually return at least once every year. We were lucky too--the weather had been rainy and SO cold, but that day the rain stopped and it hit about 65 degrees. Perfect pumpkin weather!

After a fun wagon ride and about 10 minutes of hunting the boys found their perfect pumpkins. McKay likes the tiny ones. (He likes tiny everything. He will only eat tiny vegtables like baby corn, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, and mini bell peppers! And yes, he begged me to let him eat the tiny pumpkins.)

We stowed the pumpkins safely in the car and then enjoyed the rest of the fall festival.

(The sour look on his face is due to the intense smell in the barn that was just too much for his sensitive nose!)
Cookies and punch and then time to go home. They were sad to go so I'm sure we'll end up going back with Jason!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Busy, busy...for me, anyway.

I've been running around so much lately I haven't really caught up on day-to-day stuff. Since September life has been crazy busy! (Well, for us at least. You might scoff at this post and think "girl, you don't know what busy is"-- it's all relative.) Anyway, here's a rundown of what we've been up to:

Hunter's been a pretty busy 5 year old lately and he loves it. Every night he asks where he's going the next day and even started keeping his own calendar so he knows what's coming.

*Pre-kidnergarten Mon-Thurs
*Gymnastics on Mondays
*Speech Therapy on Tuesdays (dealing with some mild verbal problems he has)
*Spanish class on Tuesdays
*Piano Lessons and practicing

*Wants to do everything Hunter does and throws a fit when he doesn't get to
*Learning his alphabet
*Testing my limits


*Teaching seven voice students (5 old, 2 new)
*Working part time from home for my Dad's management company
*Preparing 12 songs (in 5 languages) for a NATS competition
*Studying up on my French, Italian, and German pronunciations (since apparently my accents leave something to be desired...)
*Constantly practicing the piano (I CANNOT get enough practice time in...and I still mess up.)
*Teaching and planning activities for Young Women's
*Daily speech sessions with Hunter
*Running Hunter around for all his stuff
*Oh yeah, and don't forget planning and fixing meals, cleaning, changing diapers, reading stories, singing "Popcorn Popping" 100 times a day, grocery shopping, changing out summer wardrobes for winter clothes, trying to convince McKay that the potty is not evil, trying to convince Hunter that McKay is not evil, christmas shopping (almost done!), Halloween planning, and feeling guilty that the months keep going by without my visiting teaching getting done.
*Fighting the urge to do nothing but make comfort food, eat, and curl up in my pj's watching DVR'd episodes of Castle. (Ok, sometimes I lose that battle.)


*Flag Football
*Fantasy Football
*Yelling at Football on TV
*Hunting preparations
(Hmmm...on paper this isn't looking so good for me...)
*Oh, and yeah, a little thing called work.

So basically, that's our lives in a nutshell. Busy is good, especially for Hunter. I've found that keeping his brain occupied is important and I enjoy watching him experience new things.

This is definitely the busiest I've felt since becoming a mom especially since Jason's nocturnal crime fighting leaves me feeling like a single mother. So I apologize for not checking and commenting on all your blogs as often as I'd like. I still love you all!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wickedly Awesome

I'm about a week behind on blogging-- not too bad considering my life lately. The weekend after DisneyLand Jason and I escaped by ourselves to Seattle to see the musical Wicked. I've had these tickets for months and have been dying to go for awhile--all I'd heard from people were rave reviews. It was great and the talent was amazing. I'm sure I'll end up buying the score and learning the songs.

We ended up making a weekend out of it. (Yes, I know it was conference weekend-- we DVR'd the Sat session.) The show was on Saturday but we headed up Friday morning and made it in time to meet my Dad for lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant in Bellevue. We also hit Trader Joe's and stocked up since we don't have one in my beloved Tri-Cities.

Then Jason wanted to visit the Police Academy to relive some memories and catch up with his TAC officer who we were also staying with. We ended up sitting in the back of his new class and laughing at the new recruits as they were giving their biographies. It was a hilarious afternoon laughing with his old teachers who used to yell and scream at him. Full circle and what not....

Saturday before the show we hit downtown Seattle (which automatically put Jason in a bad mood when he saw the traffic and crowds) and did a little shopping at Pike's Place Market. We had to check out the seafood, flowers, and bring home some of our favorite honey and jams.

Jason doesn't look happy in this picture because he was looking at all the Salmon and cursing his last unsuccessful fishing trip. (Never fear...Monday he went again and brought home a huge one.)
My only request (besides dragging him to the show) was that we eat at Cheesecake Factory (we don't have one of those either). We did and it was good and I was a happy camper.

All in all a fabulous weekend. (Special thanks to Jason's mom for watching the boys!)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Disney Land

For Hunters birthday we went to Disney Land and California Adventure. Jason was able to fly down and be with us for one day and then had to fly back for work, but Hunter and I stayed and played a little longer.

He REALLY wanted to see Mickey Mouse and he got his wish!

I think 5 years old is the perfect time to go to Disney Land. He was just tall enough and just brave enough to go on lots of rides and have lots of fun. It was 2 days of heaven for him.

His favorite ride was Big Thunder Mountain. He told me he wanted to scream on it like the "other kids" he heard screaming. Boy did he. All three times we went on it he screamed and giggled his head off. The best part was just spending time with him. I remember thinking over and over: "This kid is awesome!"
We stayed at Anjuli's house in Pasadena and Friday before we headed to the park she made Hunter a special birthday breakfast of waffles with whip cream and berries. She also gave him a present and a special Elmo cupcake.
Besides going to Disney Land we were able to spend a few days with Anjuli and Brandon going to church and hanging out. (Look at her pregnant belly starting to pop!)
We had a great time with them and they helped us make sure Hunter had a birthday he would never forget! (And that we'll never be able to top.)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Anjuli!

Happy Birthday to my little sister....

Who got taller than me!

We've had a great year of fun with Anj and now she's 25 and expecting a baby in March.

Congratulations and have a great birthday girl!