Sunday, June 28, 2009

Coincidence? I Think Not.

So.... we got doorbell ditched last night.

I feel very, very old at 2:30 am.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Feel Old

What is it with teenagers today?

I thought I liked teens. I teach voice lessons to mostly teens and I'm the Laurel advisor to the sweetest 16 & 17 yr old girls in the world. I like THOSE teens.

But I'm tired of the teenagers that live across the street and their teenage ATTITUDE.

I went across the street to ask the lovely teenage girl whose shorts are three sizes too short and sunglasses are three sizes too big for her face if she would PLEASE turn down her rap music in the afternoons because my kids are trying to nap. She slammed the door of her car, tossed an "Okay" over her shoulder without so much as looking at me and I can guarantee there was an eyeroll under those sunglasses.

What I realized that night as I lay in bed, was that I should have asked her to turn down her music everytime she entered the neighborhood, because just as I was about to fall asleep at 10:30 pm I felt the familiar vibrating of the house as she turned her car onto our street. In a burst of anger I threw my robe on, flipped on the porch light and stood in the doorway with a hand on my hip, glaring at her as she got out of her car. If she saw me she didn't acknowledge it, and I wasn't about to shout across the street. I just watched her saunter in her house and vowed that I would speak to her mother later.

I've never felt so much like an old granny in all my life.

I'd already had small glimpses of this feeling in dealing with her younger brother from time to time. He and a group of his buddies ride their scooters EVERY night in their driveway, in the middle of the street, and when they don't know I'm looking, in OUR driveway. Their little gang has gone from annoying to irritating to maddening in just a few weeks. I like to spend my evenings in the front yard weeding, cutting flowers, or walking around the block, but now I dread having to be outside and deal with these kids. I was disgusted by their language so I crossed the street one day and asked them to refrain from cussing around our house. The kid said "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought I was at school", which doesn't sound that bad except that it was laced with heavy sarcasm and mockery and followed by snickers from his friends.
A few days later there were a bunch of crushed soda cans on my lawn. The exact soda cans they were holding the night before.

Old. I felt old.

The last straw was last night as I was checking on Hunter before going to bed. I heard laughing outside and peeked out his window to see a group of teens in a circle on the corner and a few on my lawn. I flipped on the porch light and ONCE AGAIN dressed only in my robe scolded them for making noise outside my slumbering kids windows. I was embarassed about my appearance so I didn't wait for their reaction-- I just stormed inside and turned the light off. When I checked the window again they were gone, but now I fear I'm the OLD crabby housewife with nothing to do on a Friday night whose house is going to get egged.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Prodigal Camera has Returned

Today I got a package in the mail---a wonderful, wonderful package! My camera has returned from the camera hospital (aka Canon Repair Shop) and I no longer feel like I'm missing an appendage. Now that it's properly functioning I'll spill about what actually happened. I dropped it. Yes, this is the second camera I've broken by doing that. I was on the back patio talking on the phone and clumsy me let it slip out of my hands and fall onto the hard cement. When I turned it on the screen showed nothing but static and I knew it was ruined. I felt sick all day and even cried. Luckily the nice man who worked at Canon told me to send it in and they'd find out if it was a lost cause or not. It was a little spendy to get it fixed but definitely not what it would have cost to replace it. They returned it to me WAY faster than I expected and now all is right with the world.

I've missed many photo opportunites this last week and have been wanting to blog about things but didn't because I didn't have a camera. Today I made up for it by carrying it around (wrist strap properly in use) and catching up on what I could. Here's some random stuff that's been on my mind.

These flowers are a few days old but I've been bringing bouquet after bouquet like this out of my yard for a few weeks now. Flowers just make me happy. They brighten up the house and smell good. The best part is that they were free. =) (Now, if only I could get the same results with vegetables. I planted some tomatoes this's hoping.)

I wasn't going to teach Hunter piano until he turned 5, but that's only 3 months away and I have an entire summer ahead of us that I'm trying to fill with educational activities. He already knew the names of the keys so one day I was at the music store and just decided to pick up a beginner book for him. He got really excited and as soon as we went home we started our first lesson. He's picking it up quickly and I felt a significant thrill when we played our first duet. I can't believe it. I FINALLY get to start teaching music lessons to my own kids!

He doesn't even complain when I ask him to practice. (I wonder how long that will last.)

Yesterday, after Hunter and I proudly performed our duet for him, Jason started complaining. "How come he can play piano so well but he doesn't do sports?" I got kind of irritated. I explained to my husband, (and I can't believe he didn't realize this), that if he wanted his sons to do sports then HE was going to have to do something about it. It was obvious that this hadn't occurred to him. So today when I finished teaching I went outside to find this:

I don't know who was having more fun. And the great thing about Hunter is that he learns quickly. He was following Jason's instructions and hit the ball more often than not.

Another thing we did today was turn the crib into a toddler bed for McKay. I tried to keep him in it as long as possible, but he was starting to try to climb out. He sleeps in a real bed at both his grandparents and on an air matress when we have company, so he was ready for the change. The boys got really excited about it and spent the next hour climbing in and out of it and pretending to go to sleep. I guess tonight we'll see if he actually stays in it...


Friday, June 19, 2009


The weather has been hovering around 80 degrees so we spent quite a bit of time outside yesterday. The boys shot each other with water guns while I mowed the lawn and then we walked to the park and used the swings. I didn't go to the gym but I made it up by playing tag with Hunter and pushing Kay around the block a few times while Hunter pedaled his bike like a crazy person. (He almost tipped over twice by hitting the curb.)

It felt good to be outside so when I finished the lawn I decided to tackle the weeds. I have a weird relationship with weeds. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is pull weeds, but once I get going it can be quite satisfying. There's just something about ripping something you want gone out by the roots and getting it out of your way. (So many metaphors spinning around in my head right now. Anyway.)

You know, those little vine-like weeds that grow in between rocks and take the patience of Job to pull out? They'd taken over the flower bed by my front door without me noticing so I pulled out my garden pad to sit on and settled in. Then the sweetest thing happened. Hunter announced that he wanted to help and put another garden pad next to mine. We pulled weeds together for awhile, just talking and laughing. I'm so grateful for such a sweet boy who tells me he loves me 100 times a day and loves to help out. I hope I remember these times when he's a teenager and doesn't want to talk to me at all!

This morning I woke up to pouring rain and was so grateful we got all that yard work done yesterday. If things dry out we might pull some more weeds tonight. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lucky Number 7

Happy Anniversary to Us.
7 pictures for 7 years:

If I knew back then what I knew today--- I would have dragged him to the altar even faster! I love you honey--- happy # 7!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Random Stuff

So much to blog about but no pictures! Sorry about that, my camera is on sick leave. I feel pretty naked without a camera, but I'm trying to survive. (I don't want to talk about what happened or it might make me cry again.) Anyway, I was able to get this last picture of the boys enjoying our new summer toy --- a kitchen sink. It's very cool and even has a button to push that turns the water on and off. We've started putting them in their swimming suits when they play with it though because naturally they get soaked from head to toe if they even look at water.

Last week was spent cleaning my house, rearranging furniture and driving my students nuts in preparation for my end of the year voice recital on Saturday. I filled my living room with folding chairs, got rid of the boys for the night, and had a wonderful program where I was pretty pleased with each performance. It's extremely satisfying to watch these kids progress during the year and be able to put on a show for their parents. I was able to chat with each parent over refreshments and say goodbye to a few students who are either moving or taking the summer off. It didn't go too long and none of them had a breakdown (even though there were threats of breakdowns) about performing, so generally it was a success.

THEN, on Monday I drove to Spokane to meet my new nephew Gabriel Andrew Husein. He's adorable and SO good and tiny and only made me the slightest bit baby hungry. (I'll have to get a picture from my parents to post later. Heavy sigh.) I spent the day helping out a little while my hubs stayed in Tri-Cities and looked after our boys all day even though he worked graveyard the night before. What a guy.

It's nice when Jason's home. I save all our fun summery stuff for the few days he has off. We grill, take the kids to the park, go for walks, and play in the kids pool. (PLUS he mopped the kitchen floor while I was at the gym this morning. So nice.) This afternoon we will attend our ward end-of-school picnic and then he has to go back to his nocturnal crime fighting for a few days. I'll be so happy when he's off graveyard shift.

Well, I feel caught up even though I am grieving the lack of pictures. Hopefully my camera will be functioning again soon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stranger Rhymes with Ranger

Yesterday Jason had to go to a child abduction class and he came home a little paranoid. It's understandable after listening to 6 hours of horror stories that he would be.

So at dinner he said to Hunter: "You know not to talk to strangers, right?" Hunter replied in absolute seriousness: "How about SPACE RANGERS?"

It was obvious that he really wanted to be able to talk to a space ranger if the opportunity ever presented itself.

And by the way-- he calls asparagus, "spagarius." It's adorable.