Friday, May 29, 2009

Everything Tastes Better Outside

We are SO into the bbq thing right now. My plan is to bbq at least 2-3 times a week and eat outside as much as possible this summer. AND since it's asparagus season I'm going to share a yummy recipe with all you asparagus lovers.

Grilled Asparagus:

Wash and dry asparagus. Place in ziploc bag and coat with olive oil. Sprinkle with a generous amount of Johnny's seasoning salt. Seal and shake until evenly coated. Grill on one side for about 5 minutes or until desired doneness. (We like it a little blackened and crisp-tender.)

We've had this about twice a week since we get tons of asparagus from Nick's farm. The kids love it.

Another favorite of ours in grilled onions. If you like onions on your hamburgers try brushing them with Zesty Italian dressing and then grilling them. DELICIOUS.

We've also been doing different kabobs-- chipotle beef with tomatoes and onions, zesty italian chicken, and I want to try teriyaki chicken with pineapple and chicken marinated in caesar dressing and sprinkled with parmesean to be served on salad. For some reason everything tastes better when it's cooked outside!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Park and Preschool

Hunter Graduated from Pre-School. He is no longer a preschooler-- he's a prekidnergartner since he's now enrolled for their pre-K program next year. (It's an important clarification, aparently.) To celebrate they had a ice cream party at the park on Friday and then a small ceremony yesterday.

This was his last chance to play with his friends at school. I don't know what I'm going to do with him all summer. I brought McKay along and he had a great time too. It was PERFECT weather.

Everyone got ice cream and they sang happy birthday to all the summer b-day kids.

The boys wanted to walk around the docks and look at the river. We ended up staying for about three hours. They just didn't want to go home!

This is "the gang." Hunter will miss these guys!

Hunter loves Miss Teddy and Miss Felicia.

The kids enjoyed the park so much on Friday they wanted to take their daddy back and have a picnic. We played and played. The weather is absolutely perfect this time of year.

As soon as we pulled out our picnic the seagulls descended. The boys had a good time chasing and feeding them. Until one of them stole Hunters sandwich right off the table! This was Hunters reaction!

We are looking for many more summer days like this.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Cruise

Okay, I'm FINALLY getting to the cruise pictures---only a month late! There's just been too much going on this month. My last THING was Monday in Spokane with MusicFest, and I REALLY wasn't expecting to do well this year since I was out of town all last week. I was hoping that I wouldn't sing until later in the week, but my age group was scheduled on MONDAY this year. PLUS, the minute I got back to the mainland my allergies attacked and I developed a sinus infection. I was bummed because I thought there was no way I would do well, but miracle of miracles happened, and I brought home another gold medal to put beside the one I got last year. The gold medal is nice, but I'm mostly just glad that it's OVER. They asked me to do the radio thing again, but I'm not going to this year. I'm pooped.

When I left Gonzaga I stopped at Omar and Tiffany's house for a few hours, and then they took me out to Applebees to celebrate. I really love that they moved to Spokane. I'm sure I'll be headed up there a lot this summer.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the cruise.... (see how scatterbrained I've become?) This blog is my scrapbook/journal so this might get lengthy. Feel free to skim. It won't hurt my feelings one bit.

This was our pretty boat. Our home for 7 days and 6 nights. So shiny...

This was the group. They had photographers all over the place so we got a family picture done. It was fun to get dressed up at night and go to fancy dinners. Okay I thought it was fun, Jason thought it was a pain. He's so handsome though...

The best part of a cruise is probably the food. It was amazing and there is just so MUCH of it. (Especially when Jason ordered ALL the desserts everynight.) This is our waiter Manuel from the Philippines. He was awesome but brought us too much food.

Another plus for cruises is the entertainment. Some of the shows were good, some were average, but one night we had an AMAZING show and it was the night Tony Tillman performed. If you don't know who he is he is a singer and dancer that used to have a show in Vegas. He was hilarious, entertaining, and most importantly...CLEAN! We really wanted to meet him but didn't think that would happen until our last night on the boat. We decided to hit the buffet ONE last time at about midnight and there he was, getting coffee. I was too embarassed to say anything to him but my Dad wasn't! He went right up to him and brought him back to our table. He sat with us for about 45 minutes and discussed every topic imaginable with us. His sister is an opera star so he chatted with me about that for awhile and then let us all snap pictures with him. It was easily the coolest thing that happened on the boat.

On our sea days I met up with my mom and sis for high tea in the afternoons. It was some good girl time and gave Jason and Brandon a chance to bond. (We found them laying on the bed together watching basketball when we returned.)

I'm mad I didn't get a picture of our room steward! His name is Dragos and he's from Romania and I don't think we'll ever forget him. (Let's just say he's been forever immortalized by our impressions of him.) The funny thing is that Anjuli and Brandon had a different room steward, (Thanacorn from Thailand, or corndog as we called him), and they weren't nearly as thrilled with him as we were with Dragos. Dragos knew how to make towel animals like this elephant. (Hey Anj, remember this? -- "Yes I make the swan." Oh Dragos. I wanted to bring him home.) Thanacorn made no such animals, and it was a sore spot with Anjuli and Brandon that they got no towel animals, because that's one of the fun things on a cruise!

Their distain for Corny only got worse when I happened to use their bathroom one day and noticed their hand towels looked like this:

When ours looked like this:
I guess they don't teach towel folding in Thailand.

The Ladies...

Our Men

Ochos Rios, Jamaica
This is at the famous Dunns River Falls. You actually climb a waterfall and it was surprisingly the most fun I'd ever had.

Then we spent the afternoon at Dophin Cove and just relaxed. This man NEEDED a vacation!

Lots of pirate themes in the Carribean. We were able to get some fun pictures and piratey stuff for our boys.

Georgtown, Grand Cayman
We swam with the stingrays here but alas, I failed to purchase a waterproof camera so no pics. Sadness. We were tempted to open a checking account here just so we could say something like, "Yes, we'll have that transfered to our account in the Caymans..."

Cozumel, Mexico
Way cute town, and Jason got to use his Spanish. (Oh wait, he uses it everyday as a cop back home.)

Snorkeling. He's never looked so sexy...

Oh wait...

No, definitely here...

He absolutely HAD to stop and talk to every cop we saw, on every island we went to. I rolled my eyes until I realized they LOVED talking to him. Must be a cop thing that transcends nationality. I don't get it.

Princess Cays, Bahamas
This was pretty much a beach party for the entire ship. It was probably my favorite snorkeling and was just fun to hang out with the fam.

Phew! See why I'm so tired? I need a vacation after all that vacation! (Please don't slap me the next time you see me.)