Monday, September 29, 2008

The Hooplah

Yes, we finally told Hunter it was his birthday. His preschool teachers let me come in on Friday to bring treats and they had a little celebration for him. He looks sad in these pictures because he got shy about all the attention and wouldn't smile, but he WAS happy!

When we got home I let him have the mini "pre-party" cake I made because I didn't want him to wait any longer. (When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday all he said was "birthday cake!"

A few hours later we drove to Grandma and Grandpa's house to stay the night. Jason met us there and then on Saturday we had a little birthday party for him. He was so excited!

Finally he got to blow out the candles on his REAL birthday cake!
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He got some great presents this year! His favorites included a police helicopter from my parents, a SWAT team play set from the Sorensons, a Halloween shirt that lights up from Craig and Angie, a rocket launcher from Anjuli and Brandon, a Nasa spacecraft set that he picked out of a catalog himself, and a jungle safari view master from Jason's parents.
Hunter had a great 4th birthday. We love you Hunter!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hunter is 4!

Today is Hunter's 4th birthday, but shhhhh....don't tell him! We're not going to celebrate today so if I tell him it's his birthday he'll want cake and presents and hooplah. So, we're not going to mention the b-word until tomorrow. I'm going to take treats to pre-school tomorrow and then we'll pull out the hooplah when Jason comes home for the weekend. He definitely KNOWS his birthday is this week. For the entire month of September he has talked about his upcoming birthday, made me play all the birthday songs for him out of the primary book, and practiced saying "I'm 4!" and holding up 4 fingers.
I can't believe how much I LOVE this boy!

I never posted the pictures from Jason's birthday, so here's him with the boys and cake. Hunter was more excited about the cake than Jason--he wanted to practice blowing out the candles for his own birthday.
That night we went out to dinner with his parents and his brother Craig, his wife Angie, and their cute baby Jack. We went to this new barbeque place called Famous Daves and it was SO good. Then they all came back to the house for a hilarious game of Apples to Apples. I should have taken more pictures!
Speaking of "shoulda taken pictures", Jason finally snapped some shots at the academy! (Sorry, this post is all over the place.)
They are practicing finger printing here. (I don't know the names of the guys he's with...I guess I should have asked, but I think this guy has a weird nick-name, like Shuga or something.)

Sobriety testing!
And I think this is some team-strengthening excercise....??? Ok, I'm a horrible narrator because I really don't know how to explain these pictures well. Maybe next time I'll make Jason do it.

Anyway. Jason hit his half-way mark in the academy, so we're almost there! I guess he's in for some rough stuff though. He's having a hard time with his child abuse class and today he is supposed to get pepper sprayed in the face and then attacked. Yikes!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Standards Night

My blogging is going to suffer this week because I'm very busy until Wednesday night is over. Our ward has put me in charge of Standards Night which was moved from October to next week because our ward is splitting! (So sad!) Not only are we losing many, many good families but I only had two and a half weeks to put together this very complicated and difficult musical program. We are doing Jenny Phillips Steadfast and Immovable which is so, so good. (I added a clip of one of the songs -- Mercies.)

Anyway, we had our dress rehearsal last night and it is going to be great, but there are still a million things to do like programs, seating arrangements, getting the music into folders, getting the video squared away (which means finding a man who understands technology to project 2 video clips onto a huge screen), meet with a couple more soloists, find someone to conduct, and many more details that are too numerous to mention. Not to mention that I haven't the faintest idea what I'm going to do with my kids that night. I've done many productions like this with youth before, but this time I promised myself I would enjoy it and NOT STRESS OUT. So this is me not stressing or being a perfectionist. Because the one thing I've learned, is that after all I can do, the Lord ALWAYS steps in and takes care of the rest. So I have faith. It's going to be great!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tag From 2 Weeks Ago

I should be blogging about Jason's birthday but unfortunately I don't have the pictures I need because he took the camera to Seattle before I could get them into my computer. (He keeps taking the camera and forgetting to take pictures!) SO. I'm finally getting to a tag I received right when I got back from my trip. It's kind of a mean tag. You are supposed to take pictures of different things immediately--no straightening up or wiping the kids noses or anything. I was a good girl and took the pictures right away, but remember this is the NIGHT I got back so I'm going to be deleting these pictures later.

1. Kitchen Sink: Needs to be polished with some Bar Keepers Friend but at least there's only one dish in it. (I can't stand dishes in the sink.)
2. Toilet: They never said which one, so this is the guest bathroom.
3. Laundry Room: Jason was the last one to do laundry here...
4. The Fridge: About half of this got thrown away...
5. What is your spouse/kids doing right now?
It was about 11 pm when I did this so both the kids were in bed and of course Jason was in Seattle. So I went and snapped pics of the kids sleeping. They were both sound asleep but the noise and flash of the camera startled both of them. Hunter actually sat up in his sleep and then laid back down. McKay just jerked quickly and then was still again. It was kind of funny.

6. Your favorite shoes: The shoes on the right are my MOST comfortable shoes. See how they have taken on the shape of my toes? I love them but they are falling apart so I replaced them with the shoes on the left which are much cuter, but not nearly as comfy. So, I really need to get rid of the shoes on the right, but I can't make myself!
7. Your favorite room: This is my bedroom floor. I LOVE my bedroom. It is truly my sanctuary and has calm, refreshing colors and Monet prints in it. If the rest of my house is a disaster area, my room usually looks good anyway. However, this is what it looks like when you start to unpack from a 2 week trip.
8. Your dream vacation: See posts from last week, add my husband, and subtract my kids.
9. The Closet: Whoops. I forgot to do this one. And Jason has the camera so...Oh well. It's mostly my stuff with a tiny corner in it for his stuff. Use your imagination.

10. Self-Portrait: The meanest one! At least I got a nice tan in Hawaii. I'm actually talking to Jason on the phone when the camera went off, so I guess I got him in here as well!
I'm going to tag Lisa, Becca, Kirsten, and Megan--mostly since I haven't seen the house she just moved into! Love you girls! Don't cheat!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jason is 29!!!

The best dad in the world...
My best friend...
And all around fantastic guy! Happy Birthday Baby!!!! I love you!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I felt so bad for McKay when we left Hunter at pre-school that I took him to the park and gave him some one-on-one. He got over it pretty quick, as you can see. This is the cheesy smile he gives me everytime I pull out the camera.

I'll be sad when it gets too cold to do this! Until then, I hope for many more moments like these.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Friday was Hunters first day of preschool. He was very excited and couldn't wait to go. He goes Monday, Wed, Fri for 2 1/2 hours and I think I enjoy those hours as much as he does! Now I understand why all you other moms love it when your kids are in school! I'm irritated with myself though, that the first crafty thing I tried to do for my school child was kind of a bust. We were encouraged to decorate our child's bag so I bought some cute iron-ons to put on it. Well, I didn't realize that the bag wasn't quite iron proof. I accidentally melted one of the handles off and had to hot glue it back on. It is fully functional, but looks pretty disfigured. Well, maybe next year.

His teacher warned the us that there might be some tears when it was time for the parents to leave the first day. Well, we did have tears. And screaming. And kicking. But not from Hunter. Hunter pushed me out the door and told me to go home. McKay, however, had a FIT. I don't know if he thought we were going to stay, or if he was upset that Hunter was staying, but he had a major tantrum. Hunter loved it, and was very happy when I came to pick him up.

(Sidenote: His teacher pulled me aside today when I picked him because apparently, Hunter has been returning to class from the bathroom without his pants. Whoops. I was just SLIGHTLY embarrassed!)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Part 7-- The End!

Yes, I've finally reached the final post of this long series. I've been trying to do it quickly since I've got other things to blog about, like Hunters first day of school. Hopefully I'll get to that this weekend. These are mostly left over pictures that I hadn't gotten to yet. Enjoy.

We had a great time with my parents. The boys love them so much and we owe them BIG TIME for this trip.

This is Hunter in front of his banana tree. This tree is outside the front door of the condo and everyday Hunter would check to see if they were yellow enough to eat.

The boys liked playing with my sarongs so one night I wrapped them up in them and made them pose for me. You know, just to torture my husband. (He FREAKS when the boys want to wear my shoes or makeup so I can't wait for the reaction.)
They decided to use these paint cans as bongo drums. Very native, I thought.
Love this face.
Lava fields from the last time the volcano erupted. We thought they were cool to look at but would be scary to hike through. We stayed in the car.
Awwwwwww..... I can almost hear my sister's eyes rolling. Not only did I dress the kids alike--again--I took WAY too many pictures of them!

Gotta love Hilo Hattie and their enormous selection of mini aloha outfits. I brought home quite a few. Well, that's definitely not all the pictures I have, but they pretty much cover the trip. (If you thought you were going to see a picture of me in a swim suit, boy were YOU wrong. And lucky. =)