Monday, April 28, 2008

Career Change

Jason always looks a little scruffy now...especially since he's unemployed. That's right, he's not working right now but that will soon change and he'll have to look sharp everyday. I haven't posted anything about this yet because I wanted to make sure nothing fell through, and mostly because I didn't want to jinx it, but some of you know anyway. Jason will be entering the police academy on June 16, will be gone for four months, and then will come home to begin his career in law enforcement. This has been a LONG process of applications, interviews, background checks, polygraph tests, a psychiatric test, medical exam, physical and written tests but he has finally passed everything and gotten hired. This has consumed a lot of our life lately but it's over and we're finally ready to talk about it and answer questions because we actually have some solid answers! So here are my responses to the most common questions I get:

1. "Wait! Didn't he already have a good job?"
Ummm...yeah. (Sigh) He did. As far as money goes that is. In fact he will be taking a pay cut. But he wasn't happy and I need a happy husband. He's actually wanted to be a police officer for several years but I said "no way" in the beginning so he didn't seriously consider it. Police officers need a lot of support from their spouse so it wasn't an option until I was on board.

2. "What changed your mind?"
Jason's persistence was a main factor. If this wasn't something he really wanted to do he would have dropped it a few years ago. Plus Jason's best friend is a police officer and I have gotten to know him and his family very well over the last few years. He has been helping Jason through this whole process and helping me to see what the job is really like and how his family handles it. His wife has become a good friend and I've felt more at ease since we've gotten to know them.

3. "Aren't you scared for him?"
Not really. The funny thing is there are two things that would make my husband happy: to be a police officer or to be a farmer. Guess which one is actually the more dangerous job? That's right, farming is more dangerous, and he's already lived through that! Not to mention the fact that police officers are VERY well trained and we don't live in a very dangerous area. Let's be clear though, I'm not taking this for granted. I'm sure I'll still kiss him every time he leaves for work and pray for him every night.

4. "Doesn't having a gun in your house make you nervous?"
Well we already have a gun in our house since my husband is an avid hunter. (Yes, there are antlers on my wall.) We will have more guns since he has to have a work weapon as well as a backup gun. (Not to mention what else he'll eventually aquire since most police officers like to collect guns and enter shooting competitions and what not.) We will be getting a gun safe and start being even more careful than we already are.

5. "So what will you do while he's away for four months?"
Survive. I will probably drop orchestra for awhile and maybe a few voice students and vocal competitions but we'll see. I'll probably hire a lawn care service and rely on my friends a little more. I might go stay with my family or his family for a little while and go visit him as much as I can. He'll be in Seattle which is a three hour drive so he'll come home once in awhile too. It could be worse. I'm not pregnant and I won't have to drive over the pass to Seattle in the winter and he'll be home just in time for the holidays.

6. "What is he doing until June?"
Finishing school. He's still going for that degree even though it's in agriculture. His last day of school is just a few days before he enters the academy. He can hardly wait to go, he's so excited. He's been going on ride-a-longs, watching cop and swat team shows, and brushing up on the police academy movies (which I think are just dumb, but he laughs his head off).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

O Where Have All My Brain Cells Gone?

I don't know what's wrong with me lately. It's like I have no brain the last few days. Monday night I had orchestra, Tuesday night I had book club (I actually read the book), and I completly forgot to go to either. I didn't have anything else going on, I just forgot. Then yesterday I was cooking rice and forgot about it until I smelled something burning. I looked up and there was smoke in the air. I ran out of my room and found the rice completely burned and the bottom of the saucepan black. It took hours to get the smoke out of the house. Then last night I was making frosting for a cake, needing to make cream cheese frosting but made buttercream instead. I didn't even realize it until I was all finished. I never mess up food!!! Well...almost never. (Don't ask Jason about the first time I cooked for him.)
I think it's because I've been so preoccupied with getting McKay to take decent naps during the day. Ever since I got back from LA his sleep schedule has been messed up and he's been wanting to take 3 short naps instead of one good one. I'm having a hard time getting him back on track and it's messing me all up. He's not rested after his naps and then he's grumpy and clingy all day. Help! What do I do? I've tried to put him down for one afternoon nap but he wakes up after about 45 minutes. I get him a drink, then put him back down hoping he'll go back to sleep. After a half hour of screaming I finally give up and take him out of his crib. This worked for Hunter, so I'm frustrated. Anyway, advice is welcome. Also...does anyone know how to get the black stuff off the bottom of a saucepan?

Monday, April 21, 2008

GQ Boys

After Hunter got ready for church Sunday morning he started walking around the house with his hands in his pockets and this brooding look on his face. We thought he looked a little GQ so we took some pics, but now that I look at them he just looks kinda sad. We chalked it up to the fact he is still not loving sunbeams and wasn't too excited to go to church. (By the way, we were doing everything humanly possible to make him smile...and this is what we got.)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

An Ode to Spring

I LOVE that spring is here, and so does my yard. My favorite flowers blossom in the spring and last year I missed them because I was having a baby. I felt a little gyped by that so today I took my camera outside to capture the first blossoms. (Well, almost the first blossoms. I didn't get any pictures of my flowering plum tree! Next year...)This is probably my favorite flower-- a bleeding heart. I keep it in a pot next to my front door but the flowers only last a few weeks.
I love lilacs! I have four bushes and they are all next to each other on one side of the house. The smell is HEAVENLY. Again, these blossoms only last a few weeks.

This is my little apple tree. It's 2 or 3 years old and will probably start producing a good amount of apples this year. (Last year we got two.)
The church as seen from our yard. I'll have to do a special post someday about the benefits of living next door to the chapel. (Esp. with a newborn who has reflux!)
Jason after his long walk to get the mail. (Across the street and four houses down. Whatever happened to each house having its own mailbox?)
Yay! Hunter is old enough to take over watering my pots for me. (Although he got as much water on the ground as he did on the plants.)
Hunter loves spring too. He followed a bee around for 5 minutes watching it jump from flower to flower. I explained what it was doing and for the rest of the day he talked about it. He kept saying that the bee sat on the flowers and then went home to make honey. He even asked me where its mom was. Then we watched kids walking home from school past our house. One of them ran past us and he told me that he was probably in trouble. He then shouted at the kid, "Don't get in trouble!" He helped me pull weeds, dug in the dirt, threw rocks, rode his trike, followed ants, and ran to his hearts content. I had to drag him back inside.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hunter Humor and more

My kids are funny...have I mentioned that? Jason and Hunter were bantering today and Jason called Hunter by his full name "Hunter Jason Gilbert!" Hunter, without missing a beat shouted, "Jason Daddy Gilbert!"
McKay is walking about 90% of the time now. I've been trying to get good pictures of it, but this is what I've got. I've got some funny video, but I don't know how to get that on here. (I need help!)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

McKay's Pictures

Here are McKay's one year pictures. Yes, he's that cute in real life.
By the way, the overalls he's wearing were Jason's when he was a baby. Thanks for the sailor outfit Lisa and Donald! Anyway, here are some little factoids about my "Kay Kay":
Words: mama, daddy, wow, ball, yah!
Number of teeth: 6
Mobility: 50% walking and 50% crawling (when he wants to get there fast! Probably the fastest crawler there ever was!)
Sleep?: Bed at 8, up at 6:30, one nap a day.
Favorite foods: yogurt, cheese, broccoli
Hobbies: wrestling and ramming into you with his hard head! Hiding in caves of pillows that Hunter builds. He also loves attention...from anyone, even strangers! He's definetly my social butterfly. People at stores always stop to talk to him because he's so outgoing...and adorable! (See below =)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Southern CAL

I'm back from my trip to L.A. to visit my Sis. It was great except for the fact that I missed my family like crazy! Thank you wonderful husband for letting me go and taking care of the kids and everything at home! You're amazing!
Anyway, here are some of the hightlights...

Inn N' Out! One of the things I really miss about California! (Don't worry Donald, I thought of you.)

The Huntington Library and Gardens--GORGEOUS! The gardens actually rivaled Buchart Gardens in Victoria, and I never thought I'd say that. The Chinese garden was new and one of the best, but my favorite was the cactus garden.
We had "high tea" in the tea room, (we had lemonade)and it was delicious. We felt fancy.
Anjuli needs to watch where she sits! OUCH!
Sunday night we drove to Irvine to visit Omar and his family. We took a walk on Newport Beach at sunset. It was beautiful and very picturesque.

It was so fun playing with Xander and Isabella, but it made me miss my babies!
Thanks for letting me come and stay with you Anjuli and Brandon! You showed me a great time (and even better food)! Anjuli, thanks for taking me to see the temple, cooking me breakfast Sunday morning, standing in a long line for cupcakes, and letting me drag you all over Disneyland. Brandon, thanks for your eggs, dinner Saturday night, and most of all, for letting me borrow your wife for a few days. We really needed some sister time!
It was great to see Omar's family. I can't wait until they move to Spokane!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

McKays Birthday!

Today is McKays 1st Birthday! What a wondeful year with such a wonderful baby! He's such a cuddly and happy little thing, and I just love him to pieces. Here's some pics from his party on Monday. We celebrated early since my Mom and Grandma were here.

Thank you family for all the gifts! He loves them all! (Hunter stole his helicopter from Aunt Anjuli but I'll make sure he gets some play time with it too!) He loves his drums too but I'm not sure I'll love them after awhile!

Well, thank goodness he's one because I'm off to Pasadena to visit Anjuli tomorrow and he's finally weaned! I'm free! Now I can enjoy my vacation without worrying about his feedings. I can hardly contain my excitement. A trip by myself to see my sis! I'll blog all about it when I get back!