Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

I learned a few things this Easter.
#1. Hunter is terrified.....of peeps. I made this cake with peeps around it (it's suppose to look like a sunflower) and he FREAKED out. I tried to tell him it was a marshmallow and tasted like candy and he told me it was NOT a marshmallow or anything like candy. I found myself trying to convince him to eat it. Suddenly I realized I was chasing my three year old around with a peep and begging him to eat it. I gave up when he crouched in a corner and started bawling. NOT my best moment...

#2. Babies are more adorable with bunny ears. (Even though they rip them off every chance they get.)
#3. Hunter doesn't trust Jason. He was happy to show him the eggs he found in the Easter egg hunt until Jason started to reach for one. Hunter ripped his bucket out of Jason's hands and said "Mine! Don't touch Daddy!" (He then handed the bucket to ME for safe keeping.)

#4. Duck, duck, goose is a game that's only fun when you get picked! Hunter and all his cousins played while we hid eggs. He didn't want to stay put and wait for someone to pick him. He got up and ran almost every time! Finally his cousin Collin had to help him learn how to play correctly!

Obviously we had a fun weekend. We went to Royal City to visit the inlaws and get together with the whole Gilbert clan. Hunter enjoyed having all his cousins to play with and to stay at Grandmas house. Unfortunately we had to come home a little earlier than we wanted because I had to sing at a funeral this morning, and I needed to meet with my pianist. I was SO nervous for this performance because I sang MY song...the one I wrote. Luckily it went well and now I feel validated, like it's a REAL song because now I've performed it. (I know that makes NO sense.) Anyway, I sweat bullets over this funeral all weekend and now it's over! I feel like I can finally relax...and now I REALLY need to clean my house.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Kids are Funny Part 2

McKay's middle teeth finally grew in! For about a month he looked like a little vampire since his fangs came in first and just kept growing. Don't you love his facial expressions? He must have a flair for the dramatic...I wonder where he gets that?

Jason took this picture of Hunter and it's too funny not to share.
Hunter's favorite things to say lately: Why?
Knock it off Mommy.
You're going to make me cry!
Dang it!
Oh my goodness!
Me: "Hunter, what are you doing?"
Hunter: "I'm just loving you Mommy."
That really melted my heart until I realized he was in the process of sneaking Easter candy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Kids are Funny

The last two days have been insane! I am glad I'm not a single mom because I sure felt like one, and I don't like it! Jason had to work late the last two nights and I had orchestra rehearsal and a concert, and voice students who showed up late, and babysitters I forgot to pick up, and Hunter missing the toilet 5 minutes before I had to leave, and McDonalds for lunch/frozen pizza for dinner, and my other babysitter getting sick, and my house is a wreck, etc etc etc (I could go on). So today, I am RESTING. I'm just playing with my kids and not changing out of my sweats.
I'm so glad I am taking it easy because I really needed to just focus on them and give them a happy mommy who isn't too rushed to just wrestle with them. It's made me realize how darn funny they are. They love to build caves and tunnels with every pillow and cushion in the house. Their favorite spot is under the piano. (Usually while I'm playing it.)

McKay wants to sing and play like Mommy! Imitation is flattery, right? Maybe I'll have at least one musical child. (Hunter usually puts his hand over my mouth and tells me to be quiet.)
McKay is in that stage where he pulls everything out of my kitchen cupboards. Hunter has decided to help him. I can't keep up with these mess-makers!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My celebrity sister....

Well, many of you saw her on TV on Monday, but for those who didn't, my sister won the showcase on The Price is Right. She won a couch, a hot tub, a bedroom set, and enough sun screen to last a lifetime. It's too bad she lost $10,000 because she guessed the price of nasal spray incorrectly but hey, who thought nasal spray could be so expensive? Anyway, congratulations Anjuli and by the way....can I borrow some sun screen?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tagged -- 5 Random Things About Me

Ok, here's some pretty random stuff:

#1. Jason likes my hair curly so I try, I really do. Usually it looks
like this (refer to pictures) where it gets all big and bunchy in the
back because I sleep on it wet. Then by the end of the day it's a
mess because the front part starts to get straight again. The only
time it looks good is when I put it up
all fancy like, but who has time for that?
#2. As you can also see from the picture, I am wearing a wrist brace. The last cortizone shot I got didn't work very well and so I have to wear this brace to keep from straining it more. The worst is I have to wear it at night too!

#3. I don't think this is a secret, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be 5 inches taller. It would be so nice not to be confused with the Young Women in the ward. It would be nice to be able to dance with Jason without getting a crick in my neck. I would love to be able to stand next to him and hug him around the neck instead of having my face buried in his chest. Anyway, if I had one wish, that is what I would wish for. (Big sigh........moving on.)

#4. Hunter makes me laugh! He's at the stage where he just says funny things. Last night I was folding his laundry and putting it away and he came up and grabbed his pile of underwear, hugged it like a teddy bear and said, "Oh! My underwear! Thank you Mommy!" I guess that's what they call being appreciated.

#5. Should I be concerned that the highlight of my day so far is when I came out of the bathroom and Hunter clapped his hands and shouted, "You went potty all by yourself! Great job Mommy!"
Anyway, time to tag someone......Alisa!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sprinkles Cupcakes

All I have to say is thank you Anjuli! My wonderful sister got me cupcake mix for Christmas, and not just any cupcake mix. Sprinkles cupcake mix. I hadn't used it yet because I've been trying to be good and not eat things like cupcakes, but they just kept taunting me every time I opened the pantry. So today I finally made them and they are of course, delicious. (There's no fat in them either!) Anyway, if you haven't heard of Sprinkles cupcakes they are famous in Hollywood and hopefully Anjuli will take me when I go to visit her in April. We're also going to hit some other famous food spots, like Pinkberry frozen yogurt and Pinks hotdogs. (I will definetly not be good THAT week!)

*********ALSO!!!!! Watch her tomorrow (Monday) on THE PRICE IS RIGHT. She was on it and she wins big! It's on CBS at 10:00 am pacific time. *********