Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hooray for Hunter

Hunter has finally filled up his potty chart with stickers and earned his DVD! Potty training has been off and on for him but he has finally done it. In fact he hardly needs my help. It's wonderful! We celebrated by letting him watch his DVD tonight (Aladdin) but he fell asleep in the middle of it! Anyway, here are the kids new pictures. I'm shocked we got some good ones because they were HORRIBLE during the shoot. Hunter wouldn't smile and McKay wouldn't hold still! But of course they turned out and of course I spent too much money on them.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

In Remembrance...

It's funny that I've been writing a lot about my horses lately, because on Tuesday my beautiful Marky died. She was my first horse, and she was probably the smartest, most graceful, sensitive animal I've ever come across. Don't feel too bad, she lived a good life. She was 24 yrs old, which in horse years is pretty old. She probably taught me more about riding than any teacher I ever had, and she was by far my favorite horse. She was a champion, a comedian, a mother, and a good friend. I will miss her.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tags Galore

Since I'm still feeling romantical, (it's my own made up word, ok?) I'll start with the one about my the love of my life.

What is His Name? Jason David Gilbert

How Long Have You Been Together? We've been married almost six years, and dated for almost a year before that.

How Long Did You Date? Approximately 5 months before we got engaged, and then were engaged for 6 months. 6 LONG months. (I don't recommend it.)

How Old is He? He is 28 years old. Perfect age. Mature, yet still young and studly.

Where Did You Meet? At my apartment at BYU. His roommate was dating my roommate and he had seen a picture of me previously. He had come along to hit on me.

What Was the First Thing You Said to Him? "Who are you?"

Where was Your First Date? Red Robin with my friends for my roommates birthday.

Who Kissed Who First? He will argue to the contrary, but it was him. I went in for a hug, and he kissed me. He STILL says that I was going for a kiss too, but it was only a day after I met him for heavens sake!

Who Proposed? He did. And it was humiliating! He had a cop (his cousin's husband) pull us over and test us for drunk driving! He pretended to get busted for alchohol and that we were about to get arrested. I was almost beside myself when the cop made me get out of the car and walk behind the car to see Jason kneeling with roses and my ring. I almost said NO I was so mad. The WORST thing is that the police car caught the whole thing on tape so that I can relive my embarrassment over and over.

Where Were You Married? Idaho Falls Temple on June 14, 2002

Where was the Honeymoon? Monterey and Yellowstone

How Many Kids Do You Have? 2 beautiful boys

Who Eats More? Uhhh...probably me. He eats like one meal a day and I snack a lot.

Who is Taller? Lets see....I'm like 5 foot nothing and he's normal. Hmmm....

Who Sings Better? Ha ha ha ha ha ha........

Who is Smarter? Depends. When it comes to common sense....HIM

Whose Temper is Worse? Usually mine. Unless Michigan or the Seahawks are losing....

Who Does the Laundry? Theoretically me. But usually he needs clothes before I've gotten around to it and he ends up doing his own.

Who Sleeps on the Right Side of the Bed? He does. Unless my side has a scary window by it.....

Who Pays the Bills? I do.

Who Mows the Lawn? He does. I tried a few times but he does it in about half the time. It's fun for about the first 10 minutes and then I'm bored. (We have a freakishly large yard being on the corner and all.)

Who Does the Dishes? I do but he definetly helps out. (After a few dirty looks.)

Who Cooks Dinner? Me. But he's the king of Sunday morning breakfast.

Who Drives? He does. He says he can't relax if I'm driving. Something about being a crazy California driver....

Who is More Stubborn? That would be me. I'm working on it!

Who is the First to Admit When They are Wrong? Him. After I make him! J/K. Actually he's pretty easy going and humble. I'm starting to sound pretty lucky, aren't I?

Who Has More Friends? He does! Everyone loves him. He makes friends with anyone, anywhere. He's definetly teaching me how to be more personable.

Whose Parents Do you See the Most? Jason's parents live an hour away so we see them a lot. In fact we are surrounded by a lot of his family. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins.....they're all around us! The Gilberts are a very close family and I'm lucky to be a part of them.

Have You Ever Broken the Law with This Person? Ever heard of Bonnie and Clyde.....well, if I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Do You Trust This Person? Absolutely. Unless he goes shopping without me.

Where do You See Each Other in 15 Years? Consoling each other because our son will be about to leave on a mission. We'll still be living in Washington, we'll have some horses, and hopefully have time for a second (or third) honeymoon. I'm sure he'll look just as great as he does today (the men in his family age well) and I'll still be fighting 20 yr old girls off him.

WOW, I really am lucky to have snagged this guy. The truth is, I feel that way all the time, I just don't tell him enough.

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Valentines...

I'm so lucky to have three men in my life that I love so much. Valentines Day was wonderful yesterday. I really got into the spirit because I had preschool here and we had a party. Of course Hunter thought the balloons meant it was a birthday party and he kept asking when he was going to get to blow candles out on a cake!

Grandma sent the boys new clothes. Thanks Mom!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Alright, time to think hard. Hmmm...

#1. TEN YEARS AGO... I was 16. Enough said? I got my first car and started dating. Drama, drama, drama. I began singing in Encore (an LDS youth performance group), met my best friend BECCA, and started showing my horses all over California. I got serious about my voice and flute lessons and quit piano, (big mistake).

#2. 5 THINGS ON MY "TO DO" LIST... Get the boys hair cut, send out the baby gifts I have sitting on my kitchen table, clean the master bathroom, make sugar cookies for preschool tomorrow, steam veggies for more pureeing =).

#3. SNACKS I ENJOY... Croissants from Costco with melted chocolate (ahh...reminds me of France), french bread with baked brie (again, France), tortilla chips with pico de gallo and mashed avocado (I could live on this), Captain Crunch (sometimes I eat like a 5 year old), milk chocolate dipped in peanut butter (chocolate again? oh yes.)

#4. 3 Bad Habits...I clear my throat obnoxiously, I pick at my split ends, and after I sing a solo I ask Jason about 50 times, "Are you sure I sounded alright?" What's he going to say, "no"? He's not an idiot.

#5. If I Suddenly Became a Billionaire...Jason and I would drop everything and buy a cattle ranch and a bunch of horses.

#6. Places I've Lived...Fresno Ca, Jackson Hole Wy, Provo Ut, France (Paris, Nice), Royal City Wa, Kennewick Wa, West Richland Wa.

#7. Jobs I've Had...Retail: Coldwater Creek, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hallmark. Waitress and Hostess at a country club in Jackson, administrative assistant at Wayne-Dalton. Teaching: piano, voice, horseback riding. Property rental manager for my dad.

#8. Things People Don't Know About Me... When I was younger I wanted to become a veternarian until I realized I couldn't handle blood. I was obsessed with animals. When we lived in Jackson we had horses, dogs, cats, a goat, a rabbit, a raccoon we found and raised, and two ferrets that we ended up taking back to California with us.
Right after Jason and I were married we managed a ranch in Big Piney, Wy. We watered hay and took down old cattle fences. I learned how to drive a tractor and we rode horses every evening.
Lately I've become obsessed with composing music. Mostly I've been creating new arrangements of some hymns, (I hate singing the boring ones.) I just finished "If You Could Hie to Kolob" and I'm pretty proud of it.
I'm currently working on my fathers biography.

Thats all folks. I tag Megan and Becca!

Monday, February 11, 2008

They Match!

Though I frequently dress my boys in matching outfits, this was a total accident. Jason dressed McKay and I dressed Hunter not knowing that they would both be wearing green vests. I didn't even realize it until people at church started making comments.